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Do you have any questions about Affiliate Marketing?  If so maybe your questions rank among the 30 most common questions on affiliate marketing that are frequently asked by those just learning about this marketing system and even by those who have already been introduced to it at some level or other.

It is quite common to see people asking these questions in an effort to learn about affiliate marketing before coming to a decision whether to become an affiliate marketer or not.

In this post we will look at these common affiliate marketing questions.

Questions related to What is Affiliate Marketing.


The first question on our list is possibly the most obvious.  That’s the question of:

1.  What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing by definiton is a type of marketing arrangement whereby an online retailer of goods or services contracts with marketers who may be website owners or social media influencers etc. These marketers will then drive traffic to the business websites and each time a sale is generated from that traffic a commission is paid to the affiliate meaning that the marketer responsible for the sale earns a commission from the sale.

Affiliate Marketing is a performance based marketing method whereby affiliates only get paid for results generated.

2.  What are the advantages of Affiliate marketing?

This is another one of the most common questions on Affiliate Marketing.  One advantage is that there is basically no expertise required for affiliate marketers to get started.  Once you know how to find your way around on the internet and have a computer to use with a live internet connection you can get started.  You don’t even need to have money to start as i happen to know of ways that you can start as an affiliate with $0.

Drop me a message in the comments section below this post and i will tell you more about that.

There is no need to design and create your own products for sale.  You avoid all of the headache, worries and expenses that are a part of the product design and creation process.

You also do not need to carry a stock of products.  All products are stored by the retalier you are affiliated with.

3.  What is an Affiliate network?

An affiliate marketing network is an organization or group of companies that is formed to act as an intermediary between the merchants who provide the affiliate products for sale and the publishers who promote / advertise those same products for sale.

The network plays the part of a middle man with the companies who require affiliates on one side and the affiliate marketers on the other.

Affiliate marketers benefit from joining such a network because they get access to sometimes hundreds of available affiliate merchant companies (depending on the network they join) without having to take a lot of time to seek them out online.

It is also easier to to get accepted into the programs at some of these companies through such a network than to search for and attempt join them by yourself.

4.  Is Affiliate Marketing a Get Rich Scheme

The answer to this question is a very definite No.  Far from it.  Some programs to be found online may promise you uncountable riches in no time at all.  Kinda like in the blink of an eye.

Don’t buy into the hype and the promises of instant riches.  That’s all it is.  Hype.  A pipe dream that will just disappear in front of your eyes leaving you bewildered and hurting in the pocketbook.

An Affiliate Marketing business is something that you are definitely going to have to work at.  It takes time and effort.  Be warned too that sometimes it takes at least a good 6 months before you begin to even earn your first dime.

Those among us who are really successful Affiliate Marketers.  I mean the ones who currently earn 6 figure incomes have been at it for years.  Constantly honing their skills, experimenting with and perfecting new techniques, new methods to get to the levels of success that they currently enjoy.

Questions related to how to do Affiliate Marketing.


5.  Can i do Affiliate Marketing while working a 9 – 5 job?

Yes you can.  As a matter of fact a large percentage of people involved in this business actually start off this way.  Testing the waters and learning about their new affiliate marketing business as they go along while keeping the income from their full time job.

No marketer should make the leap to leave their jobs and go into full time marketing until their business is constantly making an income that in my opinion is at least twice the income that’s coming from that relatively safe, reliable 9 – 5.

6.  How many Affiliate Programs should i do at the same time?

Sometimes new affiliates will conclude that the more programs that they join, the better for them.  Usually the thought process involves the idea that the more programs you join, or the more products that you promote will automatically mean that you earn more money.

In truth, it is better to start off with promoting just one or two products when you are new to this business.  This approach will ensure that you do not get overwhelmed as you learn more about the business and what forms of marketing to use for your promotion of the products.

7.  What are the top Affiliate Marketing niches in 2019?

This is another common question on Affiliate Marketing.  One that gets asked quite a lot actually as everyone who comes new to this business wants to know which niche to concentrate on in order to get the best start and make the most money online.

Choosing a niche is not simply about finding a list of niches and randomly choosing one though.  There’s money to be made in almost any niche that you can think of.  Once you have enough of an audience who have an interest in that particular niche and you are promoting affiliate products related to that niche, you can be successful in it.

A very good idea to employ when you are trying to decide on a niche for yourself is to take into consideration the things you are passionate about, the things you love to do and things you are very knowledgeable about.  Chances are there is an audience out there who would be interested in what you have to say about the thing you are most passionate about or most knowledgeable about.

With that said.  Here are some top affiliate niches for you to consider from 2019 onwards

Working From Home niches

Health and Fitness niches

Online Marketing niches

Make Money Online niches

Dating and Relationship niches

Pets niches

Gaming niches

Self Help niches

There is a good possibility of finding a profitable niche with low competition from those in the list above.

8.  Where can i learn Affiliate Marketing?

At the moment there are a few programs online that make the claim that they teach people how to do affiliate marketing.  Each of these programs have their own value, but i found some of them to be full of outdated material and therefore not all that relevant today.

Others do not provide a good user experience or the platforms are hard to navigate.  Still others are lacking in support for the person trying to learn this business.

I have tried a few of them and have found one that i believe provides everything that one needs to learn to do affiliate marketing.  There is also very good support, the material is great and there is a very accessible community of your peers in affiliate marketing including the very founders of the platform.

This community is responsible for turning out many top affiliate marketers and it continues to do so in 2019.

You should take a look at them yourself.  Follow this link and click on the University image to sign up for 7 days access to the community and one of the affiliate courses to see for yourself.

Or click here to read a little about my own journey to this community.

9.  Can i make a career of Affiliate Marketing?

This is another common question that is sometimes asked.  And the answer here is a definite Yes.

There is definitely money to be made with this type of business, and we are talking about a money making opportunity that is available worldwide.  No matter where you are on the globe, you can make a career as an affiliate.

There are persons in the community that i mentioned above who have made a career of this and it is now the only thing that they do on a full time basis.  One young man just recently announced that his business was now at the stage where he is making $100,000 per month from his efforts in his online affiliate business.


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