3dCart Affiliate Program Review

Are you looking for affiliate programs that pay top dollar? Well, no need to go further. Read through this 3dcart affiliate program review and see the interesting things I found out about this program that pays you 300 percent commissions.

This is one of the few high paying affiliate marketing programs out there. So, come with me and look over my shoulder as I find out all about this and see if you and I can make some serious money online with this opportunity.

What is 3dcart?

3d-Cart is one of the top 5 complete eCommerce software solutions and also the leading eCommerce software for SEO that’s available on the internet today.  This Software as a service (SAAS) solution is cloud-based and provides support for businesses of all sizes from around the world.

Customers who use this software are enabled to conceptualize, build, and launch online eCommerce stores, They are provided with hundreds of usable features that they can use to sell products, accept their payments and fulfill their customer’s orders efficiently and quickly, right out of the box. Making it a great solution to start and run any online business.

In order to make the most efficient use of this eCommerce software solution, I recommend that newcomers to the arena of online business first learn all there is to know about doing business online before getting started with the 3dCart eCommerce software solution to further increase their chances of incredible success when they open their online store.

For the training you need for success there is only one place online, and I am recommending that you get started with the introductory training course right now before you get the 3d-cart software or do anything else.

3dCart Affiliate Program Review - Free Introductory Online Business Course

3dCart company information

The company was started in 1997 under the name InfoMart 2000. InfoMart actually began as a High School side project started by Gonzalo Gil. In 2004 Gil’s friend Jimmy Rodriguez came on board and the two men rebranded the fledgling company, renaming it from InfoMart 2000 to the name it currently has today, 3dCart.

The company headquarters are located at the following address.

6691 Nob Hill Rd, Tamarac, FL 33321, USA.

This is the hub from which the company’s operations are run. The 7 member top executive team here is led by founder and CEO Gonzalo Gil along with Chief Operating Officer Jimmy Rodriguez and 5 other top executives responsible for everything from Information Technology to Sales.

With the executive team at the helm, the company boldly states that it is Results Oriented, Reliable, Customer Focused, and Responsive.  With a vision that includes a commitment to doing whatever it takes to help merchants prosper in eCommerce while continuing to innovate and expand the eCommerce software solution in an effort to help every client realize their dreams as entrepreneurs.

One aspect of this commitment is strengthening the online security to protect customer privacy as we can see in the following quote from the founder himself.

3dCart Affiliate Program Review - Founders Quote

The company is also committed to giving back to the South Florida community in every way that it can and does so through 3d Cart Cares.  Supporting local charities such as Feeding South Florida and Women in Distress of Broward County, Florida.

How does the 3dCart affiliate marketing program work?

The 3dCart affiliate program represents an opportunity for online entrepreneurs to earn an additional income by promoting the 3d Cart software as a service solution and its’ related apps and services.  The program is managed by the Shareasale affiliate network.

So this means that in order to sign up for the 3d Cart affiliate program you have the option of filling out an affiliate sign up form on the 3d cart website itself and then going to sign up on Shareasale as well.

Or if you are already registered as a Publisher with the Shareasale network you can log in to your account there.  Then find 3d Cart from the list of merchants and register for the program right there on Shareasale.

There is also a partner program available which is separate from the affiliate program.  This pays a 25% recurring income.  This additional program is a good fit for webmasters or companies such as design and marketing agencies, payment providers and resellers, just as long as they work directly with the clients they will be referring.

3dCart affiliate program commission

As an affiliate, you will earn a share of each sale that you generate for the company.  They pay a whopping 300% commission on each sale generated.  This is, however, a one time commission, meaning that you only receive the one payment for each customer you bring to the company who purchases the services.

This one-time commission payment can be quite substantial though, considering that the company has pricing plans ranging from $19 to $999 per month.

3dCart Affiliate Program Review - 300 Percent Commissions

When I came upon this information in my research, I immediately began to wonder just how much money can you make with the 3d Cart affiliate program, and frankly I was amazed.  So you do the math.  Remember that you will be paid a one-time payment that is 300% of $19 if somebody purchases the lowest priced product by way of your affiliate link.

Then consider what your commission will be like if you generate 1 sale of the most expensive product which is priced at $999.  Do the math, We are talking about 300% of $999 here.  That’s a huge commission.

Aside from the commissions paid for sales generated, the company also pays a $2 commission for every valid lead generated by affiliates and a further $2.80 EPC (that’s earnings per click).  The affiliate program also uses a 120 day tracking cookie.

This means that if a visitor from your site makes a purchase within 120 days of their first visit you will still be credited with the sale because the 3dCart tracking cookie has kept a track of your lead over the period.  This ensures that you get credited for that sale.

Management of this affiliate program by Shareasale means that affiliates can count on complete transparency, 3rd party tracking, real-time reporting and monthly checks for commissions earned.

Who can join the 3dCart affiliate program?

There is no cost to join this program, but of course, it would be expected that persons who apply to become affiliates would have an understanding of how to promote products online and have an interest in eCommerce and the related products for this niche.  Having a following on Social Media could also help persons who are interested in signing up for 3d cart.

Basically, this high paying online affiliate program is open to:


A blog is basically an online journal or an informational website and serves as a platform where a writer or group of writers can share their views, their recommendations, and even their personal life journeys.  The Blogger is the person who has that blog, or who regularly writes material for blogs.

3dCart Affiliate Program Review - Blogger

Therefore as an affiliate, a blogger would be writing content about the 3d Cart products making readers of the blog aware of the benefits that the eCommerce solution could offer them and their business.


An Influencer is a person who has a sizeable following of people usually on Social Media where an Influencer has the most effect.  But Influencers are really authority figures so in some cases and certain situations one can find an Influencer offline as well

The Influencers following of people tend to believe and listen attentively to what they say.  These people (the followers) will usually be loyal to the Influencer and will shape their interests, opinions, and actions on the basis of what the individual who is the Influencer does, thinks and believes at any given time.  In effect copying what the Influencer does and doing what the Influencer says.


Promoters are tasked with demonstrating the effectiveness or usability of a product and providing information regarding the products and services that they are promoting.  All this is done with the aim of convincing their prospective customers to purchase the product or services they promote.

When this is done online, the online promoter will use the internet including social media to create public awareness for the products, sometimes even offering free services or free items where applicable to help to draw attention to their promotional efforts.

So if you belong to one of the 3 categories listed above, even if you have just recently started out and do not yet consider yourself to be well established, then you are a match for this affiliate marketing business opportunity.

Marketing tools for 3d Cart

The company provides a set of marketing tools that you can use to help you to promote the eCommerce solution and related products.

As an affiliate, you will be given access to free sandbox accounts that interested companies or individuals can use to review the software.  There are also automated funnels that were developed specifically for your prospective audience, promotional tools, blogs, video tutorials and webinars available for your use.

You will also be able to link to the company blog to reference articles and posts written by the company’s content authors that can help you with your promotional efforts.

How to withdraw money from 3d Cart

Once you have completed registration as an affiliate, you will be able to withdraw the funds that you earn from your commissions from Shareasale by utilizing checks, direct deposit, or wire transfers to your bank account.

These are the 3 methods that are currently in use as they do not use Paypal, Payza or any other of the popular online payment systems.

3dCart complaints

In my research, I haven’t found very many complaints against 3d cart. There aren’t any complaints regarding the affiliate marketing program as far as I could see. However, I did come across a few complaints regarding the customer service aspect of their business and 2 having to do with some features of the product.

3dCart Affiliate Program Review - 3d Cart Complaints

Here’s a quick summary of what I found.

5 reports about the customer service, saying that they wouldn’t pick up calls and unwillingness to handle a refund during the 30-day money-back-guarantee period. 1 of these was finally resolved by support in favor of the customer.

1 report of lengthy delays in getting domain name registration and web hosting setup, and 1 report regarding multiple outages for websites hosted with the company.

These complaints mentioned above were found on the Better Business Bureau website, there was another complaint found, this time with a few follow-up messages listed on the Complaints Board website.  This one was also in regards to customer service, with the complainant making the claim that the customer service received from the company was the worst they’ve ever encountered.

What’s good and what’s bad about this affiliate program?

Now that we’ve gone over this company’s affiliate marketing program in detail we have enough information to summarize the pros and the cons of the business opportunity that they present to affiliate marketers, bloggers, influencers and promoters.  So in summary, let’s look at.

The good stuff AKA the Pros

Good product to promote – The 3d Cart eCommerce software solution is one of the best and most popular that one can find online right now.  Providing multiple features for eCommerce store owners and also providing domain registration and website hosting as well.

High affiliate commissions – With per sale commission of 300% on products, this program undoubtedly pays one of the highest percentage commissions of those programs currently available online.

Reliable affiliate payments – Having Shareasale managing the tracking of affiliate earnings and the payment of affiliate commissions means that affiliates do not have much to worry about when it comes to receiving their payments when they make a request to withdraw from their available balances.

4-month tracking cookie – Typically tracking cookies last around 30 days, sometimes even less, especially when the 3dCart Affiliate Program Review - Approvedproduct is one with high commissions.  Therefore working with a tracking cookie that stays valid for such a long time gives a measure of confidence to this company’s affiliates as they can count on a prospective customer being tracked on the merchant’s site and getting credited for the purchase made by this customer within the period in which that cookie is active.

Lots of promotional materials – Materials to help with the promotion of an affiliate product are of utmost importance to the success of affiliates.  This company provides a lot of such materials that will help its’ affiliates with their marketing.

The bad stuff AKA the Cons

Doesn’t use Paypal or other popular payment processors – Paypal is the payment processor of choice for many affiliate marketers and the fact that this payment option is not offered here presents a slight drawback as the methods listed for payment tend to attract larger fees than would need to be paid if one were to use Paypal or another online processor.

There have been some complaints – Working with a company that has a great reputation for products and support is something that is sought after by online marketers, who do not want to align themselves with a company that is not reputable as this can, in turn, bring the marketer into disrepute as well.  Damaging their credibility and also their authority within their niche.

Although the complaints seen for this company seem to have been few and mostly made years ago, one still has to take them into consideration when deciding whether or not to affiliate themselves with the company.

Is 3d Cart legit?

In my opinion, based on my findings as I was doing the research for this affiliate marketing opportunity review, I have to say yes, it definitely is legitimate.  This company is popular in the eCommerce industry and has been providing good quality eCommerce store cart solution among other things for many years.  Many online businesses currently use their services.

These include many small eCommerce websites and also larger companies including Walmart.

And of course, as we have seen in this review they also offer a great program for affiliate marketers who wish to get involved.  The product is good, and the commissions are even greater.  So there’s no reason not to sign up and promote for this company.


Now that we’ve reached the end of our 3dCart affiliate program review I hope that you have been able to come to a conclusion regarding whether this would be a program that you think would fit you as an affiliate marketer or not.  It would be an absolutely perfect fit for someone who already has an eCommerce store or has it in their intention to open their own store.

It would also be good for someone who is already involved in or favors getting into a niche that is related to eCommerce or other similar areas.

However, if you are interested in other niche areas or you do not think that this particular affiliate program would be a good fit for you, then there are a lot of other available programs that you can look at to find something that fits your chosen niche.

3dcart affiliate program review - available affiliate programs

A good place to find a huge selection of affiliate programs covering basically every niche area is the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  Once you are a member of the community here you will have access to all available affiliate program opportunities.

In addition to your choice of lucrative affiliate programs, you will also benefit from the most comprehensive internet business training available online.  This training will take you from complete beginner to online business, guide you through the selection of a profitable niche, business website creation and all the way through to making a profitable income from your niche business.

There are still even more very useful features of this community that will aid your business.  Included in this is reliable, secure website hosting for a total of up to 10 websites, SSL security and the best support team you will find anywhere online.

It’s all covered right there.  Everything you need to achieve success in your business.  Whatever that online business may be.  You can take a look at what’s on offer right now for free.  No obligations.  Click here to begin by looking at the available affiliate marketing programs.  All in one place.

In parting, if you’ve found this article to be informative and helpful then please share it with others via social media, email or whatever other methods you have at your disposal.  Let’s get the word out about the affiliate marketing programs and training mentioned here.

3dCart Affiliate program


Company Profile


3dCart Products


Affiliate Commissions


Tracking Cookie


Program Management



  • Good Product
  • High Commissions
  • Reliable Payments
  • Good Promotional Materials


  • Doesn't use Paypal
  • Some Customer Complaints
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Ann · at 7:49

I have opened my own blog recently! And I’m super excited about it! I have started to see a rise in traffic!

I’m not monetizing my site right now but since people have literally begun to flood to my site (I honestly don’t know what’s happening because I feel I’m not a very good writer yet), I’ve decided to search out for affiliate programs. I’m glad that Amazon is available in my state. But I’ll also join 3dcart. Not having PayPal is no issue for me!

Faheem · at 6:42

At first, I thought that it couldn’t be real, the 300% percent commission. But then I realized that their business model is based on subscription. Still, really neat program. Personally, I’m not sure if those negative customer reviews are legit.  I mean, it just doesn’t seem to fit with the profile of the site. They have quality products and a good affiliate program, doesn’t make sense that their employees would be so bad.

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