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You’re most likely here because you’re wondering how you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

Well I am going to show you 7 top secret ways that you can leverage to earn yourself thousands of dollars in income using your Wealthy Affiliate Membership.

But before we go on.  If you’re not a member of Wealthy Affiliate yet.  You need to become one now.

The truth about Wealthy Affiliate

Here’s a really quick definition of just what is Wealthy Affiliate and what we are all about.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online community and training platform.

Started in 2005 with the aim of training internet marketers and other online business entrepreneurs how to earn online.

As well as providing total support after training to help Wealthy Affiliate community members to expand their businesses and become authority figures in their chosen areas online.

Currently there are close to 1.5 million WA members worldwide.  This total includes both Premium and Free members making WA the largest network of affiliate marketers and other online entrepreneurs anywhere in the world.

This is truly a community worthy of anyone who would like to earn an income online.

So please complete this one task for me now and let’s move on to those secrets to making money online here at WA.

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Make sure to complete the profile and remember to write down your sign in details, so you have them for future use.

When done.  Come back here and continue on below to learn how you can make money online by using what we teach you and also by using the very platform itself to help you to make money.

6 Most secret ways to make money with Wealthy Affiliate


Make money by creating and selling websites

Hang on a minute.  I know right now you must be thinking this one couldn’t be for you because you know absolutely nothing about creating a website.

Believe me.  I know the feeling as before I came to WA I knew nothing at all about creating websites with WordPress either.  Absolutely nothing.  But the first one I created was as easy as ABC.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate you will be trained on how to build a website and how to generate top class content for that website.

To begin creating the websites that you are going to eventually sell you need to decide on a niche.

In simple terms a niche refers to the market that you will be building the website to target.  It can also be a little more targeted as it could focus on a particular demographic of that market.

For example, your overall general market could be people who like to have dogs as pets.  While your definitive niche out of that larger market could be Teens who have dogs as pets.

Another example could be diets for women as a definitive niche which would be a part of the overall market Weight Loss & Diet.

So how to choose a niche is one of the first lessons you will learn from the training.

Next you will create the website, and at Wealthy Affiliate the proprietary software we use called SiteRubix will generate a WordPress website for you in only 30 seconds.  All you have to do is tell it what you want the website to be named.

The next steps will be to populate your site with content and then get traffic to it.  No worries there either because you get training on how to successfully complete these steps as well.

Finally you are going to sell the website on a suitable marketplace for profit.  Some websites have sold for over thirty thousand US dollars making the seller quite a pretty penny.

Take a look at this report for example

Create & Sell Websites

Making and selling websites definitely is one of the real ways to earn money online and I think you’re going to love it.

Make money from the Jaxxy Affiliate Program

It is my opinion that Jaaxy is the best online SEO keyword research tool available today and it has been made available for us here at Wealthy affiliate to use as part of our arsenal that we use for content creation.

But Jaaxy means much more to us here at WA.

Yes Jaaxy also represents another method to make money at Wealthy Affiliate.

Another stream of income for WA members as there is a Jaaxy affiliate program from which we can earn recurring commissions simply by referring people to the premium membership of this very useful tool.

For doing this task you will earn recurring Jaaxy affiliate commissions for every person you refer who becomes a premium member.  The commissions you earn are as follows.

$20 per month recurring income for every Pro member who registers with the monthly plan.

$200 per year recurring income for every Pro member who registers with the annual plan.

$40 per month recurring income for every Enterprise member who registers with the monthly plan.

$400 per year recurring income for every Enterprise member who registers with the annual plan.

Jaaxy affiliate program commissions


Make money by creating training for other WA members

After you’ve been a Premium member at WA for at least 3 months you are allowed to create trainings for other members of the community under the concept of open education.

You can share your knowledge of specific areas of the training course that you have totally mastered yourself and feel others might benefit from your understanding.

You can also share knowledge that you have picked up outside of Wealthy Affiliate that you believe would be beneficial to the other community members in terms of helping them to learn new ideas that can help to improve their businesses.

The Wealthy Affiliate community is one of sharing and helping each other and the payment that you receive for trainings that you create to help other members is a way to reward you for your efforts to pay it forward.

There are certain factors that help to rank your training within the community.  These factors include.

The number of views your material receives

The number of likes it receives

The number of people who have completed the entire training module you created

Make money building and / or maintaining websites for others.

Take advantage of your Premium WA allocation of 50 website hosting.  As a premium member you are allowed to have 25 websites with domain names that you have purchased.

Whether purchased here at WA or from one of the domain name registrars such as NameCheap or HostGator.  You are also allowed to have 25 free websites created with SiteRubix.

Remember Siterubix is the website builder that is used to create the stunning websites for Wealthy Affiliate members.

This means that as a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate you have the capability to create a total of 50 websites and hosting for that number of sites as well.

With that amount of resources at your disposal you should be able to create and manage a few small business websites for small businesses in your area.  Thus providing another stream of income.  Another way to make money from Wealthy Affiliate for you.

Make money when persons purchase domains

Apart from churning out stunning websites upon request, SiteRubix also has the capability to churn out a stream of dollars for you as well.

You see SiteRubix also has it’s own program for you to make money from Wealthy Affiliate.  That’s the SiteRubix affiliate program.

With this program you can invite interested persons to create a free website on the platform.  After they’ve experienced the magic of SiteRubix they can then purchase their very own domain name right from the platform.

You benefit from this purchase whenever they decide to make it in the form of a commission on the sale of the domain name that they purchase.  Providing you another income stream.

Check it out for yourself below.  Type any desired website name into the search window and the system will check it’s availability.  If it’s free, click Build My Website and the system will build out that website for you faster than you can count 1 to 10.

Create and sell online courses to make money

Are you an expert in some sort of vocation.  Or do you have expertise in some area that people might be interested in.  Then creating an online course could be a great idea for you.  Use the techniques that you learn at WA to drive traffic to your online course.

Interact with other community members who have successfully created online courses and sold them.  We are all here to help each other.

If you decide to host your cost on your own website, then SiteRubix is ready and waiting to spin up your website for you.

Check out this article on Creating Online Courses for Beginners.

Make money from selling affiliate products

You receive excellent training on the WA platform that will allow you to be able to sell any affiliate product successfully.  Many of the community members are currently earning thousands of dollars each and every month with online businesses in this area.

There are also many affiliate merchants whose products you can sell on your websites.  Some of these include Amazon, ClickBank, Walmart, Target among many others.

Affiliate Marketing is a huge industry worth billions of US dollars each year and it is growing exponentially each year as new companies globally move to this online method to generate sales for their products.

WA now makes it very easy to join these programs by providing access to them right from the platform.  This means you can just choose the merchant you want to register with as an affiliate marketer and go through the process right there.  Easy as 1,2,3.

Understanding Affiliate Programs


Make money with the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program

This is the last of the 7 ways to make money with Wealthy Affiliates that I’m going to talk about.  There may be other ways that I’m yet to learn of.

But my promise to you my readers is that whenever new ways to make money with this online business training platform are made available to us.

I will update this post with those new ways to make money online as bonuses content to the 7 methods that are already here.

Now let me tell you about making money with the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program.

I’ve left this one for last simply because it’s not so much of a secret as those i mentioned before.  This is a way that both free and premium members of Wealthy Affiliate can earn a substantial affiliate income from telling people about the WA systems and training.

In fact this is the only way that free members at WA can make money apart from setting up the 2 free websites they are given and making money from those via the sale of affiliate products etc.

Usually promotion of this WA affiliate program is done by way of written content telling people about the program, the training, the community, the support etc. that is available for people who want to start their own profitable online business utilizing the training they will receive.

Members even have the ability to offer a 7 day free trial of the WA platform, the training and everything within the community.

I remember my own 7 day trial period.  It was in one word, amazing.  I saw first hand the training provided, i tested out the Site Support, chatted with members of the community, and after all that i was really impressed.

So much so that i just signed up right on that 7th day of the trial and it has been great ever since.

I just related that tidbit about my story to say that the WA affiliate program works and people just like me, and you are liking the training, the community and just everything there is about WA.  I believe you will too.

As a WA affiliate who is a free member you will earn:

$4 on the initial $19 monthly membership fee paid by a new Premium member who upgrades within the first 7 days

$11.25 recurrung income on subsequent $47 monthly membership fees

$54.00 recurring income on a 6 month membership fee of $243.00

$87.50 recurring income on annual membership fees of $359 per annum

As a WA affiliate who is a Premium member you will earn:

$8 on the initial $19 monthly membership fee paid by a new Premium member who upgrades within the first 7 days

$22.50 recurrung income on subsequent $47 monthly membership fees

$108.00 recurring income on a 6 month membership fee of $243.00

$175.00 recurring income on annual membership fees of $359 per annum

There we have it.  Seven available ways to earn money online with this platform.  Seven available streams of income for member at WA.  I hope this post has helped to answer any questions you may have had about how you can make money online with WA.

Now there really is nothing that could be holding you back from becoming a member of the community.

So take the next logical step.  Click the button below to Join Wealthy Affiliate now.

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Gaurav Gaur · at 8:36

Hi, Donald.
Thanks for sharing your information on the seven secrets of making money with the Wealthy Affiliate. It was a breeze to go through the effective ways we can use to make money even as free member. As I became Premium member within the same month of joining Wealthy Affiliate , I earned my first income through the training  I created after learning from same platform and it was on the Valentine’s Day – last year. So Yes, things really work here.
Warm Regards,
Gaurav Gaur

Queen · at 8:27

Waow! pretty great ideas on how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

I have heard a lot about this training platform and leant it is all about affiliate marketing and building online business, but learning of these several ways I can get to make money using their services is pretty awesome.

With every or even one of these ideas I can see myself paying my way through the training and making me some good money here.

This is worth giving a try. Thanks for sharing.


Feji ben · at 8:05

Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this awesome article  I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.i have been on the WA platform  for a very long time and I totally agree with you one can make a lot of money with jaxxy affiliate program all you need to do is to get a specific amount of affiliate under you.

Harish · at 8:04

Hello, Your guide on wealthy affiliate is very helpful for beginners like me. I recently joined wealthy affiliate and want to know the ways of earning. Your blog helped me a lot. Now I published my on website and soon I will start making some awesome money. You are doing an awesome work by sharing such useful info. I learn a lot from your guide.

Rodarrick · at 7:58

Wealthy affiliate is a gold mine and I am grateful that I got this opportunity finally. This is in all honesty an awesome platform. I joined it a few months ago though but I must confess that, this has been a delight. Seeing that I can actually earn on the platform without having to necessarily face the training and building specifically is a plus. Thanks

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