The internet has become the world’s biggest business place and affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money in this space.  There are roughly about 11 different areas or categories in affiliate marketing that one can choose to become involved in.

For those who want to make money, online affiliate marketing represents the perfect place to start.  Whether you just want to make a few extra dollars on a part-time basis to help with paying the bills or you want to make it your full-time business and generate a substantial income allowing you to live the laptop lifestyle.

But, in order to be super successful in the future and generate the really big bucks, affiliate marketing beginners need a super affiliate mindset.  That’s something they will have to cultivate and we’re going to talk about that in a bit.  Before we get into how to develop that affiliate success mindset though, let’s take a moment to look at what affiliate marketing really is.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing method that is used to promote the products of another person or company.  The marketers who do the promotion of such affiliate products are known as affiliates for that product.

This method of marketing is performance-based and affiliates are paid commissions on sales that arise when a customer clicks on a link from the affiliate’s website which takes them to the company’s website where they then purchase the affiliate product, or in some cases purchase any product.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money without having to create your own products and contrary to some beliefs buying by way of an affiliate marketers links does not increase the cost of the product to the consumer in any way at all.

The super affiliate

There is no concrete definition for what is a super affiliate, but one thing that can be agreed upon just by looking at the name itself is that the super affiliate must be an affiliate who is at the top of his affiliate marketing program.  My personal belief about who makes the cut as a super affiliate for an affiliate program is an affiliate marketer who is within the top 8% of affiliates for that program.

Super affiliates will usually be the ones that are earning a minimum of $15,000 per month consistently without fail.  They create a significant amount of profits for the products or services they represent and are usually so far ahead of the majority of other affiliates as to seem impossible to catch.

Super Affiliate Mindset

The super affiliate mindset

What is a mindset?  A mindset is basically the collection of thoughts, assumptions, attitudes, beliefs, precepts, and methodology that one holds towards a particular person or thing.

So the super affiliate mindset is the mindset that the super affiliates possess and this plays a big part in why they are able to achieve much greater success than the normal affiliate marketer.  This is the mindset that affiliate marketing beginners should try to cultivate within themselves for the utmost success in their online business.

Characteristics of this fixed mindset for success

Super affiliates think long term.  They are constantly looking at the big picture and are more focused on marketing techniques that will bring them substantial income in the long term than on techniques that will bring a little quick money now.

They treat their business like a business.  Yes, you can have a modicum of success if you decide to look at your affiliate business as if it is a part-time thing or even a hobby to just make some money within your spare time.  However, taking this perspective will never lead to the kinds of success that a super affiliate will achieve.  Nope, not even close.

The truth is your affiliate marketing business needs the same kind of hard work that you would put into your physical, brick and mortar business for it to be successful.  There is no free ride to wealth anywhere out there unless you come into some kind of inheritance from the death of a rich family member or win the lottery.  Your businesses will require work to achieve large scale success and the super affiliate knows this.

Super affiliate vision is laser-focused.  Ever watched Superman?  See that laser-focused x-ray vision which produces that beam of energy that can burn through anything?

Well, that’s how laser-focused a super affiliate is.  Super focused on the projects, tasks, and processes that bring them success.  They do not easily get distracted by the latest shiny new program or product that appears promising instant wealth and prosperity.  No, they remain laser-focused on their set goals and targets.

The super affiliate NEVER sells anything.  No.  Instead, they go overboard to offer the best solutions to a problem.   They know that solutions are what their audience is looking for.  They can understand the fears, doubts, hesitancy, and skepticism of the online masses in the face of someone who is blatantly trying to sell them things.

so they don’t sell you anything.  They provide you with all of the necessary information on the very best solution to your problem, and naturally, they tell you just where you can get that solution if you decide you need it.  Then it’s entirely up to you to go out and buy the darned thing if you want to see results.

A super affiliate loves to list.  Most, if not all seasoned affiliate marketers know that that there’s gold in a subscriber opt-in email list and also that they should all try to grow such a list.  However, to their detriment, many just do not do that.  Not the super affiliate though.  They understand the importance of growing a huge email list and they do just that.

For the benefit of the affiliate marketing beginners who will read this, an email subscriber list is a listing of the email addresses of all the people who have subscribed to your email subscriber list.

You can’t just grab people’s emails from anywhere to grow this list.  Your subscribers have to opt into your list.  The easiest way to get them to do this is by offering value to them in exchange for them giving you their email address, and the list is important because you can then email this list from time to time to offer value or introduce them to solutions to the issues they may be having.

Your email list allows you to build important relationships with your customers, enabling you to position yourself as an authority figure in your chosen niche.

As a beginner, if you aspire to real success as an affiliate marketer then you should begin growing a email list as soon as you possibly can and constantly continue to enlarge and maintain it.  This is an important component of the super affiliate mindset.

Affiliate Marketing Training

Super affiliates want the best training.  They know that they are in a very lucrative profession where they need very specialized training to achieve the highest levels of success.  If you intend to reach the upper levels of this profession then you have to be trained.  At the elite levels in this business, one has to know exactly what they are doing.

How to get the best placements in the search engines, how to choose the best product for them to promote, how to test and refine the results of their marketing efforts, how to start and manage a profitable campaign, how to create their own profitable affiliate products, how to test and track opt-in rates, reversal rates and more.

Affiliates at the top of their game are constantly learning and improving their skills just like any other super successful professional in other fields.

These professionals never quit. They are not successful 100% with every campaign that they run.  Of course, some campaigns are going to fail and maybe even fail badly and like everybody else negative thoughts will come to the forefront of their mind.  But these people always beat back these negatives, they always pick themselves up and move on again.

Like the inventor Thomas Edison who failed at least 1,000 times before inventing the lightbulb, they learn from their mistakes and move on.  Never giving in to negative thoughts like quitting and other such things.  They always forge on.  That is the mindset of the most successful affiliate marketers.

Also, the mindset that we must adopt when we aim to climb the ladder of success in affiliate marketing with our sights laser-focused on the glory to be found at the top.

How to cultivate a super affiliate mindset

Some people are lucky enough to have a success mindset naturally or probably fostered through the teachings of their parents or mentors or even through the situations to which they have been exposed while growing up.  However, most of us are not that lucky.

Therefore, if we are determined to achieve success we have to train our minds to think in a particular way and we have to develop the habits, attitudes, beliefs, and methodologies related to a super affiliate mindset.  Here are some fundamental changes that we will have to make

Treat your business right.  If you have been treating your business like a hobby or a part-time thing that you do then you need to stop right there, in your tracks and turn around.  Your affiliate marketing business is quite capable of generating a very substantial income.  For it to do this though you need to wrap your mind around the idea that this thing you’re doing online is your business, your career, your source of income.

Begin to treat it as such.  Consistently put in the requisite work that it needs to grow and blossom.  If you do that, it will be very kind to you.

Learn what your business needs.  Commit your mind to the idea of learning all you can about affiliate marketing.  commit to learning something new every single day.  This business like everything else in our world is constantly changing, constantly evolving.

Strive to learn from others who are more successful than you are in the business.  If you can, ask about their strategies, techniques that work for them.  Naturally, some won’t willingly tell you their secrets but there is one place where you can learn a lot.  A place that has trained a lot of successful affiliate marketers over the years.

If you truly want to achieve success with affiliate marketing then i suggest you visit that place online right now, become a member and learn all you possibly can from them.  Click to start lessons now.

Stay on top of the game.  Eat, sleep and dream affiliate marketing.  Make it your aim to constantly test your methods and hone them for better results.  Learn all you can about the markets and your particular audience, all you can about the products that you, in turn, will educate and inform your audience about.

Learn what you need to know to become an expert, an authority in your niche.  Then continue learning.


Stand out from the pack.  Super affiliates always stand out from the regular affiliate crowd.  As a budding super affiliate, you need to come up with innovative ways to do this.  One way that you could look at is providing a quality bonus for purchasers who click through and purchase their items through your affiliate link.

Try to make the bonus you give related to the initial item the purchaser was interested in.

Never stop giving value.  You need to be consistently giving value to those who visit your business.  Give as much value as you can in the content on your website.  Don’t make the site about trying to make a sale.  Instead, try to be as helpful as possible to your visitors.  Try to answer the questions they have and direct them to what they need to solve the problems that they are having.

Offer them a free gift when they visit (in exchange for their email address of course) and as mentioned earlier you can even offer one if they decide to purchase a product using your link.

if possible use the products you promote so that you can share your truthful personal experiences as a user of the product you are sharing with others.

Grow your lists every day.  It cannot be stressed enough just how important your list of subscribers is to your business.  Content is the lifeblood and your email lists represent some of the veins and arteries through which that content will flow.  Your email list is your own personal warm market for your business.

Using it you can generate many affiliate sales and upsells.  It is truly an important tool in the arsenal of the super affiliate, and as an affiliate marketing beginner, you need to start your own list as soon as possible.

Adopt the mindset of the super affiliates and work hard at your business every day.  Success will come to those who are dedicated, persistent and focused on their goals.One secret of affiliate success
Please remember to learn all you can from here.  Also, share this post with all those who are interested in making money online and leave your comments in the comment section below.

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MrBiizy · at 8:56

Hello Don. Thank you for sharing this post to help us beginners to cultivate a super affiliate mindset. After reading through this post, I must say that I have a super affiliate mindset because I have had most of the characters of a super affiliate that you have listed and expanded on. I have always wanted the best trainings and I go for them, I am diligent, I want to grow a list because I have read severally that the money is in the list and I want to treat my online business like a real life offline business. Although I have not launched my website yet, I have all of these in mind and I am opened to learn more great stuffs and embrace new and amazing suggestions.

I want to be a super affiliate.


    Scribe · at 9:17

    You sound like you are on the right track my friend. Please, get that website launched and come back to these comments to let me know how you are doing in the future.

Shanta Rahman · at 8:30

Thank you so much for sharing with us such a beautiful article. I work online for a long time, but I have very little idea about affiliate marketing. To start affiliate marketing I really need a super mantle, I think I have it .Affiliate marketing is one of the areas that the Internet is known to work on .And I think it’s the best place to make money .I want to join here as a field of my business and do something good in the future .Affiliate marketing is a marketing method that promotes the product of a person or company, and Ras, a marketer who promotes the product, is known as an affiliate of the product. Super Affiliate Mentalism is actually thinking ideas, ideas, beliefs, beliefs, etc. Features that you have beautifully illustrated. A really great article is not possible to work on affiliate marketing if this mind is not set up. I read your article today.In fact, if you have to have a steady mindset to work here then something good can be done. I will definitely follow the tips you give and hope you can work well in Affiliate Marketing and collect your article for the future, and I will also be delivering this article to your friends.

    Scribe · at 9:14

    Thank you Shanta, and yes please follow the tips given to help your affiliate marketing business along.

Alex Rubio · at 8:22

Hi there Don,

I am so glad that I’ve found your website. Perfect timing haha. I just started my online business approximately one month ago, so I am a beginner and I really needed to read something related to the very well known word ‘mindset’.

I am that type of person who truly believes that we are our only competition in this world and by creating the right mindset you can achieve everything you want. I can tell from my personal experience that ‘first, you create the thoughts. Then the thoughts create you’.

I really loved your post and I’m definitely going to bookmark your website. Keep up the good work!

    Scribe · at 9:10

    ‘First, you create the thoughts. Then the thoughts create you’. Definitely so Alex. I’m happy to be of help, Please make use of the ideas and strategies mentioned in the article to guide you in your journey towards Super Affiliate status.

Feji ben · at 8:20

Hello there,thanks for this awesome article or would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.I must say that you have done a great job on this one as it is very interesting and informative too, affiliate marketing is a very wildly recognised style of business with a lot  of people already in it so I would people with a super strong mind to get into this line of affiliate business.thanks once more

    Scribe · at 9:05

    I’m happy that the article was of help to you Feji. Thanks for your comment and you can look for more good articles from this site.

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