Affiliate Marketing – Secrets to Good Content


The ability to create good content for a website is very important if you are into affiliate Cremarketing using a WordPress website or blog as the Content Management System that you employ to create convincing content with which to reach out to your target audience.

As we say in this business Content is King, and it’s not too much of a stretch to say that the ability to write good website content is the bejeweled crown that sits on the head of the king.

Knowing just how to write good affiliate marketing content is definitely one of the best-kept affiliate marketing secrets, and time spent learning how to properly master the art has the potential to give you huge returns in affiliate sales and profits.  Plus the respect of tons of satisfied customers.



Why is Good Website Content so Important?

Google Loves You For It.

First of all good content is important if you want Google to send you any organic traffic.  With every Google update that occurs Google gets more stringent in regards to its policies and its’ focus on websites having high quality content.

The better the quality of the content that you consistently post on your website or blog, the better your websites’ ranking and status in the eyes of Google’s powerful algorithms.  So make sure when you write that you are writing high-quality, original content.

Google will love you for it.

Great for Customer Experience

The next reason we have to cite in support of good quality content are the readers who will actually be reading the content that you write.  With Google raising the bar in terms of Good customer expreiencecontent creation, internet users have learnt to expect more from web content creators than they did say 10 years ago.

If you’re not providing the quality of content that they are looking for or not properly addressing the questions asked in the users web search query.

Then that user is going to move on.  Clicking the next link in the SERPs to continue on in their quest to find the information they need, and you will have lost out on the possibility of a potential sale or whatever other types of conversion you seek.

Another consideration in regards to your users is your websites’ visitor retention rate.  What this term refers to is the number of visitors who return to your website after their first visit.  This is important as a lot of visitors don’t actually take action on their very first visit.

Sometimes it takes subsequent visits for you to get that conversion, and the quality of your content is what will get a visitor interested initially, and also what will keep them coming back for more later on.

Therefore you should strive to create good content in order to enhance your site visitors customer experience while they’re browsing your site.

It Builds Your Authority Marketing Status

Authority marketing is a fairly new term that refers to leveraging your skills, experience knowledge to achieve a sort of leadership status within your chosen niche market.

When you are seen to be an authority in a given niche market it means you are seen as an expert or leader in that niche and people will begin to look to you for solutions to their queries within that particular niche.

The content that you post on your website or blog is an important factor in your rise to Authority Marketer status.  So make sure it is consistently of the highest quality you can manage.

Quality Content Generates More Backlinks

If you create good content for a website and you are consistent at it.  Other web publishers and web administrators will begin to take notice  If your content is complimentary or is aligned to what they are interested in and provides value for them or their audience they may want to link to your content from their website.




Once they do this the newly created link will count as a backlink for your website.  This becomes beneficial to you because Backlinks help to improve your website’s ranking in the search engines and it also helps by generating referral traffic to your website.

A referral visitor is one who follows such a link from the referring website back to your site.

How to Write Good Content

Plan Before Writing

There are somethings that you have to decide on before you actually even think of putting pen to paper.  Or should i say before you put fingers to keyboard?  These are things that you need to be absolutely clear on before you start to write so that your article will provide good value to your targeted audience as well as other readers who may come across it.

Here are some of the considerations that you need to make before you start to write.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Knowing about the demographics of your target audience is important to ensure that your efforts aren’t being wasted.  These are the people who are going to read your articles.  When you know who your target audience is, it makes it a little easier to write for them as you are better able to get an understanding of their needs.

As a result, it is easier to create content that satisfies these needs.

Decide On Your Goal

Take a few minutes to think about the goal you want to define for this post you are about to write.  What is the end result that you would like to achieve with the post?

Are you writing intending to ultimately sell a product?  Is the objective to get people to take a step that you define in a Call To Action, or Is your intention simply to share some valuable information to improve your authority ranking among your audience?


Writing Content - Define Your Goals


Whatever your chosen goal is, make sure you have it clearly defined in your head before you actually start writing, as knowing your desired end result even before you begin makes it much easier to craft your wording to ultimately steer your audience towards that result.

Choose Your Keyword

Do your keyword research before you start your writing.  Keywords are still very relevant for SEO purposes, but you shouldn’t spend too much time in researching tons of long-tail keywords for instance.

Also, the search engines do not put as much emphasis on keywords as they once did.  The emphasis is now on good quality content.  The better the quality of your content.  The better ranking that you are rewarded with from Google

So find a good keyword for the content that you intend to write.  Then when you write make sure your content flows effortlessly and seamlessly around that keyword.

Important Features of Good Content

Here are the features that you need to incorporate into your content to provide value for your audience.

An Interesting Headline

Writing a good headline is one of the most important steps to take to create good content for a website.  Your headline is the very first point of contact for your prospective audience and represents your first chance to grab their attention and entice them to read your article or post.

These days there are so many informational offerings on the internet that the average person on the internet will read roughly 80% of the headlines that he comes across, but will only continue on to read the content of 20% of the articles relating to those headlines.


How to write content headlines


Therefore your headline needs to be able to grab the attention of your reader from the very instant it is seen.

Here are some examples of different types of attention-grabbing headlines

Best of Headlines

This headline type is good to use because it resonates with what users search for online.  It’s natural for internet users to use the word “Best” or “Best of”  when they type a search query.

Frankly, if i see a web search result promising that the linked website will provide me with information about the best of whatever it is that i’m searching for.  Then that’s going to be the one that i click on.

List Headlines

Internet users love lists.  There’s no question about this.  List headlines tell your audience exactly what they can expect to find if they do decide to read your article.  And of course the bigger the list number you state in your title the more the perceived value of your article to your audience.

What do you think?  Wouldn’t you give precedence to an article that promises 10 ways to make money online with affiliate marketing as opposed to one that only promises you 5 ways to earn money online?

How To Headlines

Millions of searches are done online by persons wanting to learn how to do this or how to do that.  This is one of the most popular search queries because people are always looking to find ways to acquire new skills, learn to do something new, find out how to fix something or how to improve on something they already have.

Therefore crafting headlines around this search term is a really good idea to attract traffic to your content.

Informative, useful & engaging content

The members of your target audience are searching online primarily because they need information on some topic or an answer to some burning questions that they have.

When they click on your link and visit your website it is because they feel that the content you have on your site will be able to satisfy that need for information or answer that question.

Therefore it’s imperative that you provide content that is not only relevant to their search query but also very useful, informative and important as well.  It should be able to help and educate by offering a few valuable takeaways that people can do something with when they finish reading.


Engaging Content


Also noteworthy here is the fact that you should strive to educate or inform your readers, not appear to be trying to sell them something.  This might sound strange, but even if your intent is really to sell.  It should not be apparent from your content.  Just provide the best content that you possibly can.

If you inform them and in so doing gain their trust and respect then they are most likely to buy from you.  See the section below relating to Call To Action.

When you write content, be mindful to keep your readers in mind at all times.  What you are writing is for them.  As you write you should be thinking about what they want.  As well as why they want it and what benefits you can tell them about that the product or service can realistically deliver to them.


Subheadings within your content is another important and necessary feature.  One of the changes that the internet seems to have brought to our worldwide society over the years is a marked decrease in the attention span of internet users.

Absolutely nobody is going to sit and read what’s on a screen that has huge blocks of text for us to read.  Trying to read that can feel like a humongous chore for your poor visitor.

Oh no we are simply going to bounce and move on to the next search result.  Hopefully, that will be more pleasant to the eyes.

To get around this hurdle.  You the content author has to use subheadings, bullets and also images to break up the text and reduce the monotony your readers will feel if they are faced with huge chunks of text to read.

ideally, your content shouldn’t go more than 2 or 3 short paragraphs without something thrown in to break it up.  Ideally, i would say aim to break up your text with a subheading every 150 – 200 words that you write.

Another very important thing to mention here is that you need to make sure that your subheadings have meaning that is relevant to what you are writing.  As we mentioned earlier most of us online won’t spend time to read huge chunks of text.  However, some people take it even further.  These people will simply scan the headings and subheadings and decide on which ones they want to look at.  Therefore both your headings and subheadings need to be really relevant.

Appealing Graphics

As mentioned earlier.  Graphics will help you to negate the monotony of reading large blocks of text, but aside from that they also serve other purposes.

Before i go on let me just say that images here do not just refer to pictures.  No, images in your blog posts can include things like infographics, screenshots, tables, images that you create yourself and more.

When you add graphics to your post it makes it more visually appealing to your users thereby increasing the user experience quotient of your site.  If your site has no images some users may just up and leave without reading anything, simply because they find it unappealing.



Images can also help with things like your website SEO because you can add titles, descriptions and ALT tags to them.  These then become searchable in the search engines when your article is posted online.

Powerful Call To Action

This one is another very important feature to include when you are aiming to create good content for a website.  This is what you will actually use to notify your visitors of the exact action that you want them to take.  This is where you direct them towards the goal of your post.

The Call To Action that you use must make it clear to the visitor exactly what action you want them to take.  Some visitors will actually expect to see your call to action after they have finished reading your content, and without it they will be at a loss as to what to do next.  If a CTA is not present the visitor will simply leave the page.

You can actually have more than one CTA on a page, but i would recommend no more than 2 CTA’s on a single blog post.  Placement is also important as you do not want to place your CTA too early on your post.  The ideal places to put your Call To Action is in the middle of the post or at the end of the post.

Preference should be given to placement at the end of the post as the reader will at that time have been through the entire article that you wrote, but for longer articles, you can also put the CTA in the middle as well.

If your goal is to sell.  Try to be subtle with it.  Instead of a CTA that says “Buy Now”, try something a little more subtle.  For instance, you could use a CTA that says “View the product” or “Learn More”.  Something like that.

Relevant Internal Links

An internal link is a link that provides a connection from the current page on your website to another page on your site.
Having internal links like that helps your visitors to navigate your site properly.


Internal Linking


They are also important for your sites SEO because they help the search engine bots to crawl and index your website.  What happens there is that the bot will move from page to page along the internal links indexing the pages as it goes along.  This will ultimately result in more organic traffic being sent from the search engines to your site.

However, if your site does not these internal links then the bots cannot crawl through in this way and your pages will not be indexed.

Final Thoughts


My final word to you today is an appeal to be entirely honest and truthful when you write your content for your visitors.  It is a bit of a sin in Affiliate Marketing when an affiliate writes about a product that they have never tried, and have no interest or experience in.  Yet they write extolling the numerous virtues of this product that they do not know anything about.

Be honest and straightforward.  Tell your audience that you do not have any personal experience with that particular product.

There you have it.  This concludes my post on how to create good content for a website.  I hope you will be able to use what we have discussed here to create the best quality website content for your audience.

Please let me know what you think about the article using the comments section below.  And take a look also at what i honestly believe is the best way to make money online today.

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Thank you.


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Michael · at 2:10

Hi Donald,

I just read your article on creating the best content possible for your affiliate site, and I have to say that you covered all the bases very well.  I liked the part about using Best, List, and How to headlines to grab the attention of readers.

The importance of internal links was also unknown to me before reading your post.

There were so many valuable tips and tricks in this article that I kind of want to print it off and use it as a reference!

One question I had was, should the subheadings be kind of derivative, so that readers know what the content is about if they are skimming through?

I also wanted to ask, do you zero in on very specific target markets when choosing an audience?  Or do you try to keep things more general? 

Thank you so much for all the effort you must have put into compiling this top notch post!



Faheem · at 1:56

Nice call to action at the end of your article. Always practice what you preach 🙂
I agree with the points you made. You pretty much touched on all the important areas to do with writing quality content.
It essentially boils down to knowing who your audience is, knowing what they want, and delivering what they want in the most efficient and appealing way.

Patricia · at 1:54

Thank you for all the info in this article. It clearly makes a lot of important points that creators need to consider. I know that I have often written content without planning on what the call to action should be or what the best headline would be. I have recently come to realize the importance of keyword research beforehand as well. Writers often write for themselves without planning and researching enough first. Thanks for the pointers and reminders that I could do better! 

Enrique · at 1:47

Google changes constantly. SEO is not the same as it was 10 years ago. For instance, many people say that metatags are not relevant anymore since search engines don’t use them. That was unthinkable in the past.

Regarding customer experience, it’s imperative that we provide the best one possible. In this aspect, speed is important. If our sites are not fast enough, people will leave. Most experts agree your site shouldn’t take more than 3 seconds to load. Otherwise, people will leave.

The amount and frequency of posts is another topic for debate. While some people say you have to post 2-3 posts per week, others say there’s not a minimum number of posts you have to reach. 

I can’t say anything about backlinks since I haven’t tried them yet. However, it’s my understanding they’re not as effective as they used to be. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

You provided an excellent list of suggestions for post headlines. I’ll bookmark it for future reference. Thanks for sharing.

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