Affiliate marketing successes – Will you be a success too?

When you hear about Affiliate Marketing success stories it’s usually about the uber-successful affiliate marketers.  Those ones at the top of the affiliate heap so to speak.  People like Pat Flynn, John Chow or Neil Patel.  These are the names you hear most often.

But did you know that there are affiliate marketers and other online business owners around the world today who are achieving wonderful levels of success?  Yes, there are.  These people might not yet be at the levels of a Pat Flynn or Neil Patel, but they are out there earning a substantial income from their online businesses.

Earning enough to live the laptop lifestyle, take care of all expenses and do whatever they wish.  They are “financially free”

Doesn’t that term financially free just have a great ring to it.  I mean, wouldn’t you want to be financially free, and able to do whatever you want to do?  Whether that’s traveling the world, or whatever else you want to do.

World travel is exactly the dream that this young man from Kenya is living right now.  Check him out.

Click the link to the video below.  His name is Frederick Marwa.

Successful online business

He’s enjoying himself around the world, but he’s also making good money doing it, and you can learn just how to do the same, but first, you need to get yourself some training.  If you are going to achieve success you are going to need training.

Click this link to check out a free 10 lesson course to get you started.

Now let’s take a look at a few of these online entrepreneurs who are quietly making money online, away from all the hype.  These are people that i follow and learn from as we are all a part of the same online community.  The same community where you find the training that I just recommended that you check out.

Just for information.  All these people started out as complete newbies who knew nothing at all about internet business.  If that’s your situation right now, then I can tell you that with the training you can have the same results.

Successful affiliate marketers that I know of

Online Business Success - 1K Per day

So the first successful online business person we will look at is this guy I call Nate.  He’s been in the community for a few years now making his money online, and he does this full-time.  He started some time ago while he was spending some time in China and he definitely knows what it feels like to be making $1,000.00 per day.

Apart from making that kind of money each day from his affiliate marketing efforts he has sold websites for $30K and $40K a pop.  One great feature of our community at Wealthy Affiliate is that the members freely share their success secrets with one another so everybody can grow their business and increase their successes.

Would you like to read more about Nate?  If your answer is yes then just click the image above to be taken to the full story about making $1,000.00 and more per day.

Successful female affiliate marketer

Our second success story comes to us from a graceful little lady.  She joined the community sometime in 2016 and has diligently followed what she learned in the training she received.  Now she is an accomplished marketer, moving from strength to strength and now conducts her own training within the community and without.

Her income has also grown as each year goes by.  She will be the first one to tell you of the help and support she has received, and that if she can do it, anyone can.

Continue reading the story of this amazing lady by clicking on the picture above.

He made over 51k from one program online

Our next story comes from another Wealthy Affiliate member named Garen.  Apart from making money with affiliate marketing this guy also has learned about SEO and WordPress.  Making money with these skills as well.

Click the image above to read what he has to say about how he made over $51K from just one affiliate marketing program.

Affiliate marketing successes - Million dollar business

When BB started out with the Wealthy Affiliate training he had absolutely no idea that he was starting a business that would grow and blossom into a million-dollar earner.

Would you believe that he found Wealthy Affiliate quite by accident?  He has shared the story about how this happened and has continued to share the story of how he progressed from this accidental start at WA to the success he has achieved now.  This story is chronicled in 91 blog posts that he has shared with us within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

As he says in the image above, he never really expected to build a million-dollar company, but he did it.  Click the image above to read the full story of this internet business owner’s success.

Affiliate marketing success - 8K plus in 1 month

This guys claim to fame is that he tries everything and then he writes to tell us whether the stuff he tries is worth our time or not.  For providing such a noble service he earns some serious affiliate commissions from the affiliate networks, and I’m sure a lot of respect from the masses online as well.

This is also the person who was responsible for accidentally introducing BB, the man with that million-dollar business mentioned above to Wealthy Affiliate.  Because of the nature of affiliate marketing, he was probably fast asleep while the other guy was reading his content as at the time one was living and working in Taiwan while the other was living in the USA.

Living the laptop lifestyle.

Click here to see more about how he made almost $9K in May 2019


Affiliate Marketing Success Story - he Made $100K In One Week

Our next online success story is simply amazing.  Jer is a very young man, just in his early twenties and yet he is already on his way to becoming a millionaire.  This young man lives in Singapore, so his native language isn’t even English.  Yet he is killing it in the English marketplace.

When he came to Wealthy Affiliate he had quit college and was working in a restaurant washing dishes and doing other restaurant related stuff.  He also had no idea at all about how to do any kind of business online  But one thing he did know was that he did not want to stay at that level.

At Wealthy Affiliate, he threw himself into the training, and whenever he came upon an obstacle he would come to the community and ask for help finding a solution.  Trust me he’s asked a ton of questions.  But you know what?  Community members never tired of his questions and there was always an answer and a solution to the problems.

That’s the kind of community that we’re a part of, and if you should decide to join us, that will be your experience too.

Take a look for yourself.  See a few of the questions Jer was asking a couple of years ago.  Notice that there were always responses.

Early questions from a successful affiliate marketer

It’s no surprise that he became successful, and he’s moving on to higher heights this year.  You can do this too, and maybe even more.  If Jer can do it.  We all can.  Imagine yourself making $100K in the space of one week.  That would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

Click the image above to read how he managed to do that in such a short time.


Unassuming guy makes over 1 million with affiliate marketing

Ed is the kinda guy who likes to stay in the shadows at Wealthy Affiliate, but whenever he does come out into the light he always has some amazing insights, ideas, and training to help other members achieve even more success with their online business ventures.

Here he is sharing a bit of his story with us.  Can you believe the guy actually made 1 Million dollars with affiliate marketing?

Yes, you can because this guy is a real straight shooter.  From what I’ve seen of him he always tells it like it is.

So click the image above to have him tell you exactly how he made a million online, and how you can do the exact same thing too.

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David nelson · at 3:29

To a certain level I can be counted as a successful affiliate marketer, although I still have a long way to go but my current affiliate income is enough to take care of my bills.

The main reason or motivation behind my success was an affiliate marketing success story like the ones In your article article.  As i was reading that earlier success story I was moved to quit my job and take the plunge to dive into affiliate marketing, and I must tell you that it has really paid off.




Tanvir Ahmed · at 2:19

Thank you so much for sharing such a great article among us. Honestly, I enjoyed this post very much. Here you discuss the success stories of affiliate marketing. Affiliates can be one of the best ways to earn online. Affiliate popularity is increasing day by day. These stories have inspired me. Stories will be effective in my life. I hope this information works for everyone. Thanks for presenting it beautifully. I’m so impressed. I think this article is useful for everyone.
I want everyone in the world to know about affiliate marketing success stories.
Lastly, I would like to share this post on my social media so everyone can know the affiliate marketing success stories. Thanks

Nimrodngy · at 2:16

Thanks a lot for sharing with us this amazing article about such motivating affiliate marketing success stories.
I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for almost 2 years now and this was the best decision I have made so far.
I want to tell you that many other people on the platform are talking about thess success stories.
For me Wealthy Affiliate is the place where I learned how to be a successful online entrepreneur and earn money from home. I recommend everyone to register as a member of the Wealthy Affiliate learning community and start this journey to success!

Abir · at 2:08

Thank you very much for sharing this article about Affiliate marketing with us. It’s my dream to be a affiliate marketer. I was thinking about how to become a affiliate marketer, how start, how to be success. Now i have learned a lot about affiliate marketing by this post, & the free 10 lesson course is really effective… 

Thanks again for sharing this informative article…                   

Md. Asraful Islam · at 2:05

Thank you so much for having such a great article.The main theme of this article is the success story in affiliate marketing.I am successful in affiliate marketing today, but behind this success is the contribution of the entire wealthy affiliate community. At first, I was a little hesitant to get into this kind of online business, but later on after i had actually started to do it, I didn’t have to look back.

Today I have been in affiliate marketing for awhile and succeeding because of the many different types of training from the wealthy Affiliate platform.

I loved reading your article as it was very interesting.  I would also like to share it with my Facebook group if you give me permission.

Shanta Rahman · at 2:03

First of all, many thanks to you for this inspiring post. Your article is really informative and I gained a lot of knowledge from reading.  It is also chock full of ideas as well as quite useful .

I have been working in the online world for a long time and I am very impressed with the successes of a lot of the affiliate marketers and other successful people working in cyberspace.  Personally, I learnt affiliate marketing through the Wealthy Affiliate website and that site has provided me with a lot of tutorial videos to learn how to work online.  As well as providing many tools to take my website to the top because of all that I am currently successful .

Your article is great news for newcomers.  So I would like to pass your article on to my friends and they will be very happy and may also share their own experiences in online business with you.  Let me know if it is ok to share your article on my social media?

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