An intro to Affiliate Marketing

For quite some time now affiliate marketing has presented quite an opportunity for netizens and Webpreneurs who want to make  I believe that this is still the case.  In fact i would go as far as to state that affiliate marketing is still the best way to make money online for beginners to online business.

No matter if that beginner is from Jamaica, the United States, Australia or whichever other country across the world.  This is the best way for any beginner to online business to start to make some money.

For those who are not familiar with the term affiliate marketing.  Lets take a look at what this term means.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is where you partner with a company or a merchant to sell their product or services.  As a reward for doing this you earn a commission on each item sold as a result of your efforts.

Affiliate Marketing Terms

As an affiliate marketer your job is basically connecting a companies products with the persons who really need it.

There are a lot of companies out there that use this method as a means to improve their marketing and sales efforts.  So it is very likely that you will be able to find a few that offer products or services which are in line with the focus of your business.  Or your niche as we call it in affiliate marketing.

Why do i consider affiliate marketing to be good for beginners?

As i mentioned before, affiliate marketing is not the only way to make money on the internet, but with that said here are some of the reasons why i make the statement that i consider it to be the best method for beginners to get started making money online.

Work from anywhere.  As an affiliate marketer you can basically work from anywhere you are.  That means anywhere in the world.  You can work from anywhere country that you live in.  or if you’re travelling overseas you can work.

All you need is a working computer, a good internet connection and of course somewhere to put your feet up with a glass of your favorite beverage beside you.

Earn money 24/7.  Even while sleeping.  With a successful affiliate marketing business you will be able to earn money virtually 24 hours a day.

How is this possible?

Well an affiliate marketing business is after all an internet based business and the internet is available every minute of the day, and night, worldwide.  The websites of the companies whose products you promote are also always available.  Well except for the rare occasion when a site goes down for maintenance or something like that.

So this basically means your affiliate business is always open.  As long as your affiliate website is online.

Let’s say you are an affiliate marketer in Jamaica.  You go to bed at 8:00 pm Jamaican time, but your website of course is still up and running.  Maybe while you’re fast asleep someone in Australia visits the site and decides to follow your affiliate link and make a purchase.  You will get paid for that even though you were fast asleep when the purchase was made.

Cool isn’t it?

Little or no start up costs   As a beginner to making money online it would be best in my opinion to start with an opportunity that doesn’t cost a  whole lot yet has the potential to make you a substantial amount of money.  Affiliate marketing is just that opportunity

No need to create a product or a service.  Because as an affiliate marketer you get to sell other peoples products and services, you do not need to spend the time or money to conceptualize and create your own products to sell online.

You also don’t have to store or warehouse a product inventory, or employ people to do these things or take care of other logistical matters such as shipping etc.

Affiliate marketing beginners


How can beginners get started

Before you get started as an affiliate marketer there are a few things that you should make sure you understand so that you start off on the right footing.

Affiliate marketing is not a get rich scheme.  Let’s start with this fact.  Yes afiliate marketing is the best way to make money online for beginners.  Also the easiest and quickest to get started, but please do not expect to start as an affiliate marketer and immediately start to get showered with thousands of dollars in affiliate comissions.

Yes, there may be one or two persons who experience this, but most of the times it takes time and a lot of work to achieve a substantial full time residential income.  So come to the table right from the start expecting to do some work to build your business into something successful.  Your online business is no diferent in this regard than a brick and mortar business.

You have to put in some work to grow and succeed.

Stick to products you love  It is much easier to be an affiliate for the company that makes products that you love, as opposed to products that you don’t have a liking for.

You will find that you have much more enthusiasm and interest in promoting these products that you are favorable to as opposed to a product or products that you have no love or passion for.

Join a community  Now you might ask.  Why should i be doing that?  Well as a newbie to online business if you just dive in on your own you are going to make mistakes.  Very costly ones too that may even doom your business.  You need to learn the ropes in order to succeed.

There is no question about this. And what better place to learn all there is to know about how to be a success at affiliate marketing than a community of marketers who are already successful at this business.

Marketers who will share their experiences, share what they have learnt, share methods and strategies that work, and most importantly show you exactly what to do to be successful and make you aware of the pitfalls and boobytraps that you need to avoid.

Affiliate Marketing Experts Share with Beginners

Beginners Steps

Step 1.

The very first step and also the most important step that you should take right now as a beginner is to join a community of affiliate marketers and other online business people.  Doing this before anything else ensures that you will have a reputable knowledge base as well as training and support from the very start of your online journey.

This is very important for your success online.

I have done extensive research into the few such communities that are available and as a result i found 1 community that was literally head and shoulders above the rest in terms of training, support, community and the success of its members..

The community is named Wealthy Affiliate and i recommend that you take the first step to getting started by joining this community now.

To take this action click the Join Now button below.

Join Wealthy Affiliates

Step 2.

If you haven’t already completed the process in its entirety, Follow the steps to complete your profile, start the affiliate marketing training, follow a few of the community members including some of the top 100 and start familiarizing yourself with your dashboard.

Step 3

Take the necessary steps and continue on with your training in the community.   Along the way you will be taught how to setup your first website, how to choose a niche and do keyword research, how to get traffic coming to your site for free, how to write high quality, compelling content that turns your website visitors into willing buyers.

By the end of the course you will have your website or websites up and running, ready for business.  You will also learn how to select products to promote.  There is a platform within the community where you can research and select from almost 600 million affiliate marketing products that are available for us to earn from.

After you become a part of this community you are going to very quickly see that everything you need to succeed is there.  All in one place

The community, the training, the support and everything else you will find at WA provides everything you need for success online.

With WA you are home, and the only way to possibly fail here is not to get started at all.

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate








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