You are an Affiliate Marketing Warrior

“Warriors do not win victories by beating their heads against walls, but by overtaking the walls. Warriors jump over walls; they don’t demolish them”ninja affiliate marketer

Quote from Carlos Castenada

As an affiliate marketer, you are not a warrior in a physical battle, but you are still a warrior Your fight is not against a physical enemy coming to maim and kill you.

No, your fight is against all the hurdles and walls that stand in the way of you achieving affiliate marketing success.

Obstacles you must surmount in order to become the super affiliate that all affiliate marketing beginners strive to become.

To aid you in your journey to success I’m giving you the best affiliate marketing tips. Yes, the ones that truly the hidden secrets of the super affiliate.

Read through the tips given below, use them to jump over the walls in affiliate marketing and I hope to one day read of your successes as you make your way to the top in your business.

Ninja Affiliate Marketing Tips

Tip #1

Choose niche and product very carefully

Newbie affiliate marketers should be careful when choosing a niche and a product to promote in that niche.

Remember once you make your selection of niche and product, then create a website and start marketing to a particular audience it is not easy to change. You’re basically locked into your selection.

The only way to change at that time might just be to do the process all over again with a new niche website and the new product you’ve opted to change to.

An expensive proposition even if you are lucky enough that it does not require an investment of additional capital, but only an investment in time and effort

So make sure to choose a niche and a product that you have an interest in. Preferable something that you have a great passion for or expertise in.

Keep your marketing efforts focused on that target niche and its attendant audience.

The more passion you have for your product or expertise in your chosen niche, the faster you can become an authority in that niche.

Keep affiliate marketing on target

Tip # 2

Know your product and audience

Top affiliate marketers will spend the time necessary to research their target audience. They will have identified their ideal customer and narrowed their focus down to 1 to 3 areas of their customers’ needs concerning the particular niche.

This kind of targeted audience focus is one of the weapons of super affiliates and if done properly can bring you a lot of visitors who are ready for what you have.

To help you to do this you can use Google’s Keyword Planner page. This Google tool will help you to learn the keywords that your target audience is likely to use when they search for your product and similar ones on the internet.

To use the tool click on discover new keywords. Then type in a keyword relevant to your niche and watch what happens.

For example, I did a search using the search term pet food dispenser and here below is a little snapshot from the loads of results I received.

How to know your audience

Now that you can see the keywords people are using to search for your item online you can then use those exact keywords yourself when you write about the product. So that your stuff is so much easier to find when people search.

In regards to your product, you again have to do some research into what you are about to promote to your audience.

You need to carefully pick the particular product to select the one(s) that offer the best value to your audience members.

As you aim to provide the best for your audience, you may even have to try these products yourself. This way you can verify whether the product does what it is supposed to or not.

Tip # 3

Pre-qualify your visitors

A pre-qualified website visitor is someone who is not just coming to your site now because they accidentally stumbled upon it.

No, pre-qualified visitors are those who have received a bit of an introduction to what you have to offer them and are coming to your website to learn more and possibly to get whatever you are offering.

These visitors represent much more targeted website traffic than visitors who come without any form of pre-qualification. Also, they are easier to convert as they already have a prior interest in what you have on offer.

prequalify website traffic

One of the things that you can do to pre-qualify the visitors to your website is to use social media posts

Write a very short and interesting introduction to the product you have to offer, and place your website link to the exact page where you speak about your offer. Remember to include a picture as well.

You can place such introductory posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can also post to Instagram but in that case, all you can post is the picture.

Tip # 4

Make a list

Not a shopping list, but an email list. The email list is a very important tool known to top affiliate marketers and network marketers alike.

When you create an email list you can reach many people at once as long as they have subscribed to your email list. The bigger the list you can create, the more persons you can reach simultaneously.

It really cannot be stated enough just how important it is for affiliate marketers to begin to build an email list as soon as possible.

There’s a saying that goes “the money is in the list”. When you’ve created and grown your email list to a substantial amount of subscribers you will find out just why the saying is true.

Here are some methods that you can use whenever you are ready to start creating your own email list.

Ideally, you should be ready right now.

Affiliate marketing email list

One way to start your list is to put a subscribe box or form on your website. In a similar way to how we hit the subscribe button on Youtube to subscribe to a channel we like. So will your users use the form to subscribe to receive your content.

The actual creation of the form itself doesn’t have to be a big deal at all. There are WordPress plugins out there such as WPForms that make it easy to create your form. It’s also easy to manage as well.

When someone subscribes using your form their email info is saved in WordPress itself. Allowing you to quickly retrieve it from the WordPress Dashboard.

Another variation of this email capture method involves giving away affiliate marketing freebies.

This is where you simply sweeten the pot a bit for your prospective subscriber. You can give away things like an ebook, a free course, etc. In exchange, they leave you their email address.

Of course, here you’re going to find a few cheeky visitors who will enter a false email just to try to get that freebie.

To counter this we set the system up to send the freebie to the email address provided. For this, you are going to need a system that sends emails for you automatically. Such systems are available and there are paid and free versions.

One such email management system is offered by Sumo. Using this tool you can set automated welcome emails to respond to your subscribers and you can also send follow up email messages.


Tip # 5

Follow the leader

Have you noticed how successful some affiliate marketers are?  They’re always the ones who can show earnings proofs covering thousands of dollars in earnings per month.

They’re the ones with tens of thousands of visitors coming to their site each month.  It’s obvious these people are doing something right.

Do you think maybe if you did similar things to what they’re doing you might achieve a level Folow successful Affiliate Marketersof success yourself?

The answer to that is yes.  So find yourself a successful affiliate marketer or two to follow who are in the same niche as you are.

One way to do this is to type the keywords you want to use into Google Search and see which websites appear in the top three positions in the search results.

Look at these three websites.  Read the posts that ranked for the keyword to get a feel of how good they are.  Note how many times the keyword appears on their page.

Check the word count for the posts.  You can do this by copying and pasting the content from each page into Word-Counter and it will give you the word count of the page.

Then when you write your post for this keyword aim to make it as good or if possible even better than these posts you’ve researched.

Do not copy the posts.  Write your unique content in your own words.  The search engines love high quality, unique content and will reward you for it.  Content is King.  There is real truth in that saying.

Tip # 6

Learn the business

Affiliate marketing is not the kind of business that you can make a decision to start today and immediately get it right, then start to make money tomorrow.

Nope!  If you are looking for immediate financial gratification, then I must advise you to slowly back away from affiliate marketing.  This is not that business.

Affiliate Marketing Training Course

You have to learn affiliate marketing in order to be successful.  There is just no workaround or shortcut.  You have to learn the affiliate marketing business.

How to learn affiliate marketing

There are lots of affiliate marketing courses out there for both beginner marketers and those who have been in the business for a little while.  Some of these courses are good and some are a waste of money.

However, the best way to learn the craft and get the top affiliate marketing tips is to learn directly from a successful affiliate marketer.

So just how do we do this?  It’s not like there’s a successful affiliate marketer around every corner.

One thing you could do is reach out to the Affiliate Marketing gurus like Neil Patel, Charles Ngo, and others to see if they could provide mentorship, but the truth is these people are most likely so very busy that they couldn’t afford to do that.

Maybe you can find a great affiliate marketing training course from one of these guys instead.

However, if you do find something like that it’s likely going to cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars and you still wouldn’t get 1 on 1 mentoring.

A learning community of Affiliates

Another way to learn affiliate marketing is to join a community, a group or a forum where there are successful affiliate marketers that you can interact with.  A place where you can ask questions and learn about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketers

This would be better than just taking a course that you complete in a few days and then it’s over.

When you join a community like I describe you have the opportunity to continue to learn and receive mentor ship as long as you remain a member of that group or community.

The only nurturing community of marketers like this that I know of is to be found at the online affiliate marketing university to be found here.

The community there provides everything that affiliate marketers will need to succeed in their business.

There is comprehensive affiliate marketing training available.  As well as a mentoring community where one can ask any question and get the best answers.

There are tons of secret affiliate marketing tips shared by top affiliate marketers.

You get free websites with hosting as well.  Built for you in the blink of an eye to your specifications.

With all that on offer, the only sensible thing to do right now is to click the link I gave you and go to the community.  Then sign up for free to check out for yourself how this can help you with your affiliate marketing.

Tip # 7

Be a helper, not a seller

Don’t try to make your affiliate marketing business all about selling this, selling that, sell, sell, sell, sell…….

That definitely won’t work and will get you nowhere.  Leaving you frustrated and ready to quit.

Instead concentrate your efforts on helping people to get what they want, and / or need.  Concentrate on offering value to your website visitors.

stop selling start helping

If you offer value to people, then they are likely to buy from you if you happen to have what they want.

An affiliate marketer should strive to create detailed reviews of the products or services that they choose to promote.

High quality content detailing the benefits of the product and also any disadvantages will be highly appreciated by your visitors.

If you have your personal experience with the product, then write about it.  Give your visitors the details about how you found it beneficial to yourself or those around you.

Just make sure it’s a factual account and not just some made up fantasy.

After you’ve provided helpful, informative content then you can unobtrusively direct the visitor to where they can find the product they seek.  With your affiliate link embedded of course.

Tip # 8

Fire your SEO

If you intend to rely on organic traffic as one of your primary means of getting visitors to your online offerings, then this will be one of the most important top secret affiliate marketing tips for you.

You must learn to SEO effectively, as mastery of this art can mean the difference between a slight trickle of traffic and a flood of traffic flowing continuously to your website.

Here’s what you can do right now to start learning the secrets of SEO.:

Ask questions of the affiliate marketing community I told you about in tip # 6.  There’s a lot of serious SEO savvy marketers there too who will be willing to help you out.

Learn to SEO

Follow the blogs of master SEO experts.  Subscribe to their newsletters.  They will be chock full of actionable tips and strategies that you can apply right now.

Start with Brian Dean & Neil Patel.

The affiliate marketing community plus those 2 should be all you need.

Turn your SEO on

Here are a few pointers to crank up your SEO engine:

Use images in your posts

Find or create relevant images and use them in your posts.

Research has shown that articles and posts that utilize relevant images that match the text of the article will get more views than those that do not use images.

There are millions of free to use images available on the internet and I would recommend that you try the free stock photos websites like and to find the images you need.

Free stock photos

You can also create your images using  All you need to do is create a free account and then you can create your masterpieces.

Make sure to resize larger images before you upload them to your website though because larger images will hurt your webpages load time.

Use Alt (means alternative) text with your images too.  This provides better user experience and also helps to tell the search engine bots what the image is about.  Again improving your site SEO.

Think mobile first

Since July 1, 2019, Google has begun to use its mobile first algorithms to index new websites instead of using the ones for desktops.

This means that new websites will have to rank primarily for visitors who access the website using mobile phones and tablets instead of those who visit via desktop.

As a result, your website needs to be optimized for mobile traffic.

Here are ways to achieve this.

Use the AMP plugin

AMP refers to Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages initiative.

This is a method that Google has provided that allows us to create mobile friendly versions of our website pages.  Thereby creating pages that are automatically optimized for mobile users.

AMP is supposed to make webpage load times up to 85% faster on mobile devices.  This will equate to almost instantaneous load times on your mobile.

If you want to use this method to amp up your website’s mobile load times you can get the plugin by adding it from your WordPress dashboard.

To do this log in to WordPress.  Then click on Plugins – Add New

Affiliate Marketing Tips - AMP

Type Amp for WordPress in the search window and select Amp for WordPress as seen in the image above.  Then click on Install Now.

After you have AMP installed the next thing you need to do is click on Appearance  >  AMP.  Doing this opens the AMP customization page.  From there you click on Design.

From the Design page, you will be able to customize the way your WordPress AMP pages will display.  After you’ve finished customizing simply click Publish to save the changes.

Choose a Mobile Friendly Theme

Some of the WordPress themes today are being made mobile friendly straight out of the box.  Once you have one of these themes installed on your website it makes it much easier to create mobile friendly pages.

See below for some mobile friendly WordPress themes that are also freely available for use.


Portum Business





Tip # 9

Cut the bounce

It’s important to get your visitors to stay on your webpage for longer, but the web browsing population of today has an ever shortening attention span.  That means you have to find ways to keep them reading.

A website content creator has to devise ways to keep the reader interested and on the page.  Especially first time visitors who have not yet begun to see your content as valuable, trustworthy and important.

To help you to achieve this there are a few ninja marketing tips that you can follow.

Such as:

Using words or phrases that pique your visitor’s interest in what you have to say next.

Here are some examples of such phrases

But there’s a catch

Here’s the deal

How can you actually use this

That’s not all

The best part

What’s the real story?

Why does this matter?

All of these will result in your visitors wanting to see what you have to say next.

Reduce high bounce rate

Tip # 10

Minimum intro

Don’t spend too much time on the introduction to your blog post or article.  It may drive off some of your visitors if you spend too much time on a long preamble before getting into the meat of your post.

Ideally, your introduction should not be more than 8 or 9 sentences long.

Tip # 11

Begin above the fold

Start your content above the fold.  What I mean here is that your visitors should be able to start reading your content as soon as the page loads.

The beginning of your content should be right there visible without the user having to scroll.

If you are going to use a picture at the beginning of your article, then do not use one that is so large that none of your content can be seen above the fold when the page loads.

This little trick helps you to capture your readers’ attention immediately as they load your page.

Tip # 12

3 Sentence maximum

When you are writing your high quality web content you must consider your readers and the user experience that you are providing for them.  Therefore, you need to make your content as easy to read as possible.

One key factor here is to break your content up into smaller, bite sized chunks so to speak.  This makes your content much easier to read than if it were in larger chunks of text.

SEO for Content Writing

Final Word

It has been my pleasure sharing the above tips with you.  I hope they can be of assistance to you as you learn more about affiliate marketing and all its little nuances and related techniques.

I encourage you to take my advice and learn all you can regarding this business model as it is one wherein you can achieve quite a level of success using it to operate your own online business.

It is also a truly global opportunity, that’s available virtually anywhere around the world.

If you’ve found this post helpful, then please pass it on to others who may find it informative and useful.  Share it via Twitter, Facebook or whatever other platform.  Just pass on the knowledge.

Wishing you all the best in your endeavors.   Have a wonderful day.


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