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If you are a blogger, Social media writer or any other type of web content writer, then you are most likely already aware of the importance of content marketing with keywords.  Even so, you should allow me to introduce you to the best Keyword Research tool available today!  Click on the image below for the best Keyword tool for SEO.

Content marketing with keywords - The best keywords tool
Those of you, on the other hand, who are new to the concepts of keywords, SEO, SERP, or content marketing, should definitely continue reading.

What in blue blazes are Keywords?

One could say they are the keys to organic traffic from Google, Yahoo or Bing search engines.  The term keyword refers to the different words and phrases or even short sentences that an internet user will type into a search engine to find what they are looking for.

So, for example, a keyword could be “apple strudel” or “How do I make apple strudel?”

How could something like apple strudel be the key to any sort of marketing?

Actually, keywords are very important for SEO.  They are effectively what links what a user types into the search engine (called a search query) with the content on your website.  The same content that you have placed there to answer the question asked in the search query or fill the need expressed by the query.

Using the search query above “How do I make apple strudel?” as an example.  If I typed that into, say Google search.  I would get results similar to those in the image below.

Content marketing with keywords - Example of the results of proper content marketing

As you can see Google returned results based on the search query I entered.  The webpages that you see here displayed in the SERP (search engine results page) all have SEO optimized keywords in their content.

This means that they all have the words “apple strudel” (without the quotes “” of course), “how do I make apple strudel” or some other variation of these keywords included in the article.

Google’s advanced search algorithms took the search query that was input.  Scoured the internet and finally matched the search query with the relevant content on these pages.

Listing the website it deems to be most relevant of all in the number 1 position on the page and the other results continuing on in order of relevance to the query.

I believe you now have a basic understanding of keywords and can see why content marketing with keywords for SEO is so important.

Let’s build on that.

How to find the best keywords to rank for

When you write web content for your website or blog.  You have to give consideration to what keyword you are going to use to give your article the best chance to achieve top page rankings in the SERPs.

Content marketing with keywords - Find Keywords with Jaaxy Keyword Tool

In order to do this, you should undertake some keyword research.  This just means doing a bit of research to determine what is the best keyword to use.  Can be a daunting and somewhat confusing task sometimes, but not with the method I will show you.

My method is the easiest way to carry out this research and find the golden nugget keywords that are going to generate lots of organic traffic to your website.

Ok, right now you might be asking.

What is organic traffic?

The term organic traffic refers to the visitors to your website that have found it via typing a search query into a search engine.

That is traffic that does not come from a paid ad or some kind of referral from another website not owned by you.

Now back to the matter of research for a keyword.  Before you even start to think of starting this research, you need to have an idea of what you want to write about in the particular piece of web content.

Whether it is going to be a blog post or an article or whatever other form of web content.  After you’ve got that all decided in your mind we can move to research.

Get 30 free keyword searches on the best keyword search platform ever.  Type your first search in the search box below.


Dealing with keyword research

Continuing on with our article.  The first thing you should do now is Brainstorm it.


Brainstorming is where you come up with initial starter keywords.  Going back to our example before.  Let’s say you have a website that was devoted to tantalizingly tasty pastry.  We’ll call this website

Come to think of it.  That’s a great website name.  Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?

So you come up with the bright idea of writing an article to sell your grandmom’s recipe for the tastiest apple strudel you can remember ever having.  You think it’s a great idea and will make you some money, but you know people need to hear about it first.  So you start researching for keywords.  You start by brainstorming basic keywords.

From this, you should arrive at a list of possible base words that are related to what you want to write about, including apple strudel.

These are your brainstormed basic words for research.  To help with your brainstorming try to think of what a searcher might type into the search query to find the answer to what he or she is searching for on the internet.

Now you have your base list.  Next, you Select keywords from that list.

Let’s look at “apple strudel” for instance.  Is that a good keyword?.

Let’s see.

Content marketing with keywords - Using Jaaxy Keyword Tool Example

No, I don’t think it is.

Even though I don’t think it’s a really bad search term.  It’s not really good either.  Look closely at the image.  You will see that the QSR (that means Quoted Search Results) indicates that there are 215 competing websites already ranked in Google for that.  That’s a lot.

Apple strudel cake is better, with only 72 competing websites.  Even though the traffic is much less it is easier to rank for.

You go through the rest of your base list in this way.  Choosing 3 to 4 of the better ones from the lot.

What about “how do I make apple strudel”

Content marketing with keywords - Jaaxy results

The results are way better here.  The QSR couldn’t be any better.  The AVG (number of searches per month) and the traffic are kinda low though.  But even so, It’s a good keyword for ranking on page 1 on the search engines.

Would be even better to use “how to make a apple strudel” though.  It’s not 100% grammatically correct but it stands to get a lot more organic traffic and with only 4 websites to contend with it is a cinch to get on page 1.

Additional steps and an important resource

Now that you have some great keywords.  There is one additional step that you can take before you begin writing that killer content for grandmom’s apple strudel recipe.

You can only take this step if you have the resources to get it done as I do, but you will see that it’s really important to the whole idea of content marketing with keywords for SEO.

Analyzing the webpages on page 1 of the SERPs

This is a really game-changing component of my number 1 recommended keyword generation and research platform.

To try out this platform for yourself.  Totally free, no obligation, no credit card.  Just start searching below.  We give you 30 searches free.


Continuing on with our analysis.

Content marketing with keywords - Competitor Analysis

Looking at the image above you can see that the website analysis feature of the tool gives you some important data on the webpages that are on page 1.  Most importantly it tells you:

The total word count of the articles

Total number of links on the page (a sum of all internal and external links)

The number of backlinks on the page

An Alexa ranking for the website.  If it has one

Whether the page has Adsense advertisements on it or not

It also gives you the Meta Description for the page and the Meta Keywords plus keyword density.

That’s a lot of useful information.  You are now armed with lots of detailed, relevant info that you can use to write a better article than some of those listed there in order to achieve that coveted ranking.

Content marketing with keywords - A ton of information

If someone were to ask me what is keyword research for SEO?  I would definitely tell them that this is it.  This is the easiest way I’ve found to do it.  The easiest method of keyword research.

And the tool that makes this process so remarkably easy to do is called Jaaxy.


The Jaaxy platform was created by 2 very experienced online entrepreneurs who are internet marketers themselves.  That’s why there are so many great features built in that were designed to benefit all internet marketers.

Content marketing with keywords - Jaaxy Built By Marketers

If you haven’t already clicked on one of those links to take a test drive with Jaaxy’s 30 free searches.  You should really do so now.

Do you want to learn a bit more about Jaaxy’s features?  Well, you can learn more when you read “Why I think Jaaxy is number 1”.

Other things to consider for good content marketing with keywords for SEO

Social media networks

Organic traffic has the potential to drive literally tons of traffic to whatever you are offering, and that’s all well and good.  But why not incorporate other elements into your marketing strategy.

The Social Media networks are one such element that can also drive lots of traffic your way.

Consider this. There are over 3.4 billion Social Media users worldwide at this time in 2019.  That’s according to this report.

Content Marketing with Keywords - Free 10 lesson course - Online Business & Content writing

Imagine if it were possible for you to reach just a millionth of this huge number.  That would still be 348,000 people, my friend.

Now I’m not saying that you will reach that number of people with your marketing.  But then it’s not impossible.  You’d be the apple strudel multi-millionaire.  Haven’t you ever seen a Youtube channel with over 1 million views?  That’s a form of content marketing too.  Using video.

I said all that to say.

Get on Social Media

Join Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  And open a Youtube account too.

Now, this might sound overwhelming right now.  But you don’t have to get on them all at once.  Choose one or two to start with.  But get started.

Learn how to create a Pinterest Business Account

Learn how to create a Twitter Business Account

Learn how to create an Instagram Business Account

Another great network that you will get a whole lot of benefit from is the network at Wealthy Affiliate.  I like to call it the Wealthy Affiliate University.

Wealthy Affiliates Online Entrepreneur Certification

This is a top class resource for learning about content marketing and affiliate marketing in general.  It’s the best online affiliate marketing training platform that you can find anywhere.   There’s also a very helpful, informative community that you will be a part of as well.  Take a look at the Free Starter Course for yourself.  When you do.  I will come to show you around and answer any questions you may have.

Here are the Free Course topics.  Just click the image and take about 30 seconds to create your account to access the course.  See you on the inside.

Now we write

Content Marketing with Keywords - Free 10 lesson course - Online Business & Content writing
Create a concept of your content

Another step to take towards getting your apple strudel recipe out there for the world to see is to create a concept of what you want to write in your content.

Create a framework.  Write out the headings and subheadings you want to have.  From this framework, you can write content to populate each heading.  Decide on your title.  Incorporate one of your keywords in the title.  This will now serve as your main keyword.

Write your content

Now that you know what you are writing about (a tasty apple strudel recipe) and you have your short list of about 3 or 4 keywords, plus your framework.  It’s time to write the article.

Write content under each heading and subheading.  Populate each with relevant content to the heading and the article in general.

Try to have a conversational tone as if you are speaking to a friend or acquaintance.  You don’t want your article to sound like a textbook or an academic paper.

Incorporate your keywords in your content – Include your keywords in the content as you write.  If possible use your main keyword in a heading in your article and at least 2 more times in every 1000 words.  Space them as evenly as possible in the text.  For example one after every 300 words.

Your use of the secondary keywords should depend on the length of your article.  For instance, you can use 1 of these once in an article of up to 1000 words.  More in longer articles.

Publish your content

When you’ve finished writing and checking your article for grammatical errors and punctuation and are satisfied.  It’s time to now publish to the internet.

Final Note

I hope you’ve found this article both helpful and informative.  In case you’d like to hear my story of how I found out about the online community of marketers and entrepreneurs I mentioned earlier.

That has been helping me along my own journey.  You can read about that very interesting introduction in my post “How I found out about Wealthy Affiliate

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Leon · at 10:49

Getting organic traffic is something that everyone wants. I’m a content writer and I know the importance of keyword. In fact, I use Jaaxy for most of my keyword research. When we place less emphasis on this term, we may not really do well with search engines rankings especially Google.

There are several factors we have to bear in mind about keywords of which you’ve listed like having a grammatically correct keyword, not too much competition, and lots. You’ve said well of this and I also have learnt some things new to me. This will definitely help people to know the importance of keywords.

Parveen · at 10:13

Hey, I enjoy your guide very much while reading on content marketing with keywords. Keyword reach content play an important role in ranking I understand it now. Now I will also use Jaxxy to find better keyword for writing good content that will rank faster in search engine.  

The Jaaxy platform was created by Kyle and Carson very experienced online entrepreneurs who are internet marketers themselves that the reason for Jaxxy success. Keep the grate work up.

MrBiizy · at 9:30

Without SEO skills, it’s impossible to build a business online. As a matter of fact, if SEO is not taken seriously, there will be a lot of struggles which could lead to frustration and abandonment of projects. That’s one of the reasons I am taking this very serious. Keywords are very crucial in this matter and should be followed with the right approach just as you have shared in this guide. I find Wealthy Affiliate very helpful in getting along with everything as a newbie moving forward and I am very certain that things can only get better.

Paolo · at 8:57

I have been slowly discovering how important are keywords. Organic traffic is a very good way to get people to view our content. But we need good SEO to drive that traffic to our website. I have learnt keywords play an important role here. So I’d like the best Keyword research tool available. I’m glad I can test this keyword you suggest completely free. Thanks for this  post.

Abagatan · at 8:45

Thank you for sharing this post. It made me understand more about what is content marketing and keyword research.

You mentioned a keyword tool which is Jaaxy owned by Wealthy Affiliate. Although we can have Google keyword tool Jaaxy has different features that the Google keyword tool cannot do.

It will suggest an option of choices especially in dealing with competition, existing and non-existent domains, not so much with the traffic because in the long run that can be grown through website promotion.

Thank you for Wealthy Affiliate because Jaaxy is part of the premium membership package that can be benefited without limit.

Feji ben · at 8:19

One very important that that must be dealt with before or during SEO is the keywords as that have the most important work to do.not until now I had little knowledge on this but this article has exposwd me to alot about SEO.thanks slot for sharing this very vital information with us

Kozakiv · at 8:18

People like to have as much information as possible about what interests them at all times. They want to be as confident as possible about the decisions they have made, even if there are as few decisions as clicking on a post. Introducing the numbers, helping another person get more information about what will be read in the text, which will certainly contribute to her decision to click.

Harish · at 8:16

Hey, Your guide on content marketing with keywords are very important for everyone. It helped me to understand many new things and the power of content marketing. Now I also find the reason for not ranking in search engines. Yes, we have to do content marketing in proper way to get awesome results. Your guide helped me lot to understand about it. Really keywords plays an important role. Now I am using Jaxxy tool for better keywords.

Stephanie · at 8:16

When I first started my website, I had no idea what keywords were. No matter how many videos I watched I just couldn’t understand the meaning and the importance it has when it comes to your content. I really appreciate that simple and short definition of what a keyword is. 

Jaaxy really is an amazing tool when it comes to research. I have tried other research tools on the web, but nothing compares to how precise Jaaxy is. 

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