Did you know that there are WordPress affiliates, and that you can earn money online with WordPress?  Do you have a blog or website that’s built on the WordPress platform?

I do and I absolutely love it, and i’ve even found a way that i use to create a new WordPress website in only 40 seconds or so.

That’s lightning fast.  I will tell you how i create them so fast later on in this post, but for right now before i do anything else i just want to tell you how you can make up to $300 for each person that you refer to WordPress.com.

Plus in addition to what you will earn from WordPress, you also can earn 20% additional commissions on 2 other great products that work superbly with WordPress.

These are things that everybody is going to want one or both of because they really help to put any online business into hyper-drive.

Anyways, let’s not wait a minute longer.  Let me tell you about WordPress.com and it’s affiliate program.

The WordPress Affiliate program

I take it that everybody who is searching for anything online would have heard of the WordPress platform, but just in case someone reads this who hasn’t.  Let me just say this.

WordPress is the website building platform that is used most often for the creation of a website or a blog.  In slightly technical terms it is a Content Management System (CMS).

What this means basically is that it is based on software that allows you to create, organize, edit and publish your content to the internet.

It is also considered to be Open Source (sorry, more jargon there).  What  that term means is that anyone can edit or modify this software to suit their own purposes, but for me personally i think it’s quite fine just as it is now.  Over 60 million people worldwide currently use WordPress to build website for business and for blogs as well.

When WordPress just started out in 2003, it was nothing more than a platform for bloggers to create their blogs on.  It didn’t support any other type of website.

Today things are so much different.  Right now you can build:

Business websites and E-commerce Stores



Forums and Social Networks

Membership Sites

.This new functionality has created the need for a sea of tools to help enhance and power all the different site types mentioned above.  These are what we call plugins, and i’m going to tell you just how you can earn good money from these as well as from the WordPress affiliate program..

How to earn money as a WordPress affiliate

Before we go any further let’s make something clear here.

There are actually 2 WordPress websites out there online.  Yes, there are actually 2 and sometimes this confuses people.

The first of these is WordPress.org where you go to download the free WordPress software that you are going to need when you intend to go off and create a website on your own with your own domain name whether it’s going to be a .com, .net, .org etc. domain.

Then there’s WordPress.com where software linked to WordPress will create the website for you and with the premium memberships you will have web hosting for your website taken care of for you, and a method to make money with the website also included in the package.

Plus lots of other great features as well, and you get all this for just $5, $8 or $25 per month depending on the package you choose.

So the website you’re going to be earning money from is WordPress.com

Your job as an affiliate

What you are going to have to do as an affiliate of this program is to promote WordPress.com on your blogs, your websites or on the social media platforms that you use.  That’s all you have to do.  Tell people about the number 1 platform for creating websites or blogs, and also tell them about the WooCommerce plugin and the JetPack plugin for WordPress.

These are the 3 products that you have at your fingertips as a WordPress.com affiliate.  What this means is that you are also a part of the JetPack affiliate program and a WooCommerce affiliate too.  As a WordPress affiliate, you get access to all 3 affiliate programs with just 1 affiliate account.

Now i’m going to tell you a bit about the JetPack plugin and the WooCommerce plugin as i’ve already told you about the WordPress product.  But before we go there take a look at this graphic below, showing the features of the different premium plans available to those you refer.

Wordpress Premium Offerings - Affiliate Outpost

The JetPack plugin

This plugin is an important plugin for you to have on your website or blog.  It is like an all in one toolkit for your website.  Within this plugin is basically all you need to secure and grow your website

With it you can customize your site with free themes  and image tools.  You can grow your website traffic with social sharing etc., and you can bolster the security on your website with secure log in technology and protection against malicious attacks.

Other nifty things that JetPack will enable you to do are:

Centralize your management for multiple websites – If you run multiple websites JetPack enables you to manage them all from one interface.  This means you will be able to update all the themes and all the plugins running on these different sites from one sign on.  One interface controls everything.

Enhanced Search Engine Optimization – The Jetpack plugin helps to enhance your websites SEO with the Photon feature.  What this feature does is increase website speed by optimizing the image load times for the site.

It also helps SEO with its automatic Sitemap creator feature which generates a proper sitemap for the Google web bots that crawl your site in order to properly index it for Google search.

Automatic Backups – Your site is safe with JetPack’s automatic daily backup feature.  This protects the hard work that you have put into your sites content from loss.

In all Jetpack provides a total of 45 features that your referrals will love.  To see a complete list of all 45 features go to this webpage

Affiliates earn 20% of all sales that are generated in the first year that the person you refer is active.  After that first year you stop earning on that referral.

Jetpack Premium Pricing

The WooCommerce plugin

What is this WooCommerce plugin – Woocommerce is an open source plugin developed for WordPress sites.  This plugin was designed for small to large sized online business websites and it transforms such websites into a fully functioning e-commerce website.

Thereby allowing the site to include an online store where you can list your products for sale and use one of 100+ available payment gateways to receive payments for your items in store.

Here is an example of a website that uses the WooCommerce plugin in its day to day business

Example Woocommerce Site

WooCommerce is a widely used plugin and has a very high ranking among WordPress sites with items to sell.  I was surprised to learn sometime ago that even the world renowned digital product marketplace known as ClickBank utilizes WooCommerce for the sale of its digital products.

Of the 3 products that you have to promote as a WordPress affiliate in my opinion this might just be the most important single component.

A couple WooCommerce features

Works with a countless amount of WordPress themes – The plugin works with a lot of themes including each years default wordpress themes and many of the popular themes worldwide.

Place your products and checkouts on any page at all on your website.  Using shortcodes you can put your products on blog posts or even on landing pages.

Customer feedback – You can show your customers feedback directly on the products page.

Unlimited Inventory – Sell as many products as you have in your inventory.  With unlimited potential your limits are defined totally by the capacity of your own inventory.

Digital or physical – Sell either digital products or physical products  Or if you’ve got both in your inventory.  Not a problem.  Sell them both in your store.

Lots of built in payment processor options – Choose the payment processor that you want to work with.  Lots of options available such as Paypal, Stripe, Credit cards, Bank transfers and cold hard cash (upon delivery)

Shipping – Set your shipping rates and the customer will see them at checkout.  You can also specify free shipping for whichever products you choose.

Customer and Guest Checkout options – Allow customers to create an account for your shop or allow them to checkout as a guest.  Their choice.

Inventory and Order Management – Keep track of your inventory.  See what’s left in stock.  Also manage your orders by marking items you’ve shipped, managing the fulfillment process etc.

There are many more features.  What i mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg.  Intended to give you a bit of a feel regarding how powerful this e-commerce plugin is.

As a WooCommerce affiliate you earn 20% of whatever money your referrals spend during the first year using the WooCommerce plugin.

Ok, i remember promising you to tell you a bit about that system i use to create a WordPress website in just 40 seconds.  Remember i mentioned that near the start of the article.

Well the secret to being able to do that is this community that i’m a part of online.  The community is made up of a whole lot of online business people and newbies to the techniques used for making money online.  We help each other out and provide intensive training to help people who are new to Internet.

That super fast website builder that i referred to earlier in this post is a tool created for us in the community.  It’s also accessible to others outside the community for a monthly fee.

And yes i wasn’t kidding when i said it only takes about 40 seconds to build you a great looking website.  If you’re seeking to build yourself a website, or are interested in learning about how you can do business online successfully please click the SiteRubix link in the Sidebar to the right hand side of this very post.

In Conclusion

When i first heard of the WordPress Affiliate Program i was just a bit shocked.  Simply because of the fact that i hadn’t heard of it before, and i can tell you.  At that time i was spending a great deal of time searching on the internet for good opportunities etc.

In my opinion the WordPress platform is simply the best web content creation and management system available today.  I use it for every website and i am also familiar with the JetPack plugin and the WooCommerce on as well.  Having used them both on at least one of my WordPress websites.

Therefore as far as i am concerned all 3 products in this affiliate package are absolute winners and all are worth the effort it takes for you to promote them for affiliate profits.

So take the next step.  Sign up as an affiliate and start promoting this offer and making money as a WordPress.com affiliate.

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Perryline · at 7:28

This is a mindblowing article and it is so important everyone has a view on this topic. WordPress is such an amazing way to earn real money. I have been an affiliate member for so long now and made alot money promoting wordpress. This affiliate program is literally the best I have encountered. But remember this isn’t a get rich early scheme you have to work hard to earn more commission. Thank you for sharing this amazing post for everyone 

Chimmhogevagreenesnr · at 4:49

Hello there! Thanks for taking out time to write on this. Though I’m a newbie in Affiliate marketing but I’ve never regretted been here. For me, WordPress is one of the easiest blogging platforms to set up and use. Especially for beginners like me  who have passion for a particular topic or niche and might want to blog about it.

Juliet · at 4:46

Your article was full of information about wordpress and it was in details. You did a nice job by explaining some terms and acronyms, especially for thos  who are novices in that area and for enlightening us on the two wordpress websites which is not conversant with many people. Thumbs up 

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