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Do you like writing?  Even a little bit.

Are you that person who has a love for writing?  Do you enjoy putting pen to paper?  Or rather in today’s digital age, it’s not so much the pen anymore, it’s more a matter of putting fingers to the keyboard, but i think you catch my drift.

Well, if you are that person and you know that you would be able to write a coherent article with a minimum of say 750 to 1000 words or more, roughly 3 times a week, then i want to let you in on a little secret.

And that secret is.

You can earn money by writing articles that help people to find what they are looking for online.  As a matter of fact you can earn quite a lot of money this way.  I am earning money online and i personally know people who have been making thousands of US dollars online every month.  As a matter of fact i know one guy who even made $100K US in a week.

All from basically helping other people to find what they want online.

You can do this too.  I mean start your own online business where you help others and earn a substantial online income.

And in case you’re wondering.

No, this is not some sort of Multi-Level Marketing business, and no, you won’t be selling anything at all.  No badgering of friends, relatives, and acquaintances to buy stuff.

Finally, this is not some scam of any sort.

Oh, one more thing.  This is not some get rich scheme, and it certainly is not some way for one to get free money.

Nope, with this opportunity, you are going to have to work.  The good thing is that if you like writing even a little bit then it will be work that you enjoy, and work that will be very profitable for you.

and, there’s the added bonus of it being your very own business online..

Now that we’ve briefly stated everything that this opportunity is not.  Let’s take a look at what it is.

What is this business?

It’s what i like to call an online niche web business.  In a nutshell, what this means is a business that is geared towards fulfilling a need that is being felt by a particular group of people online.  There are so many such niche groups, each with their particular set of needs to fill.

Of course, being an online business that need is basically going to be for some sort of information.

start an information business

Your business is going to be all about providing that information to these people in need.

And where will this information come from?  From you my friend.  I am sure that you have something that you really like doing. Something that you do well.  We all do.

Or maybe you’re really good at whatever you do for work.  Whatever that work is.  If you’ve been doing it for some time, then you automatically have some expertise in it that you can share with others.

Whatever it is.  You’d be surprised at how many people would appreciate hearing about it.

It could also be that you’ve got a special hobby or interest.  Maybe you’ve got a beloved pet and can share some knowledge on what that pet likes and how you take care of it.

The possibilities are endless in terms of what information you can share with others to help them accomplish something or teach them how to do something else.

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Learn to write to help others

Everything has a product associated with it

No matter what people seek to find on the internet, there are products associated with it.  Products that people will be more than willing to buy in order to fill that need they have.  All that’s needed is someone to point them to that particular thing that does what they are wanting it to do.

That’s where you come in.


Let’s look at a few examples of how you could be providing high-quality informational content for a grateful audience.

Example Number 1

For this first example, we will assume that you are a Jamaican who loves playing dominoes as a hobby and you are damned good at it.

Do you know that there are a lot of people worldwide who have an interest in our game but just cannot play it.  Heck, i’m not even good at it and i’m a Jamaican myself.  These people would love if there was an expert who could give them pointers on how to play the game and what strategies to employ.

You could write articles giving pointers on gameplay.  You could create videos during actual domino games and provide those as well with your articles.

You could also point your readers to where they can find dominoes, domino tables, domino t-shirts and other merchandise to purchase and we will teach you exactly how you can earn a decent income from doing just that.Jamaica affiliate marketing domino merchandise

Example Number 2

Let’s assume you are someone that has lots of experience with ways to make money online and it’s something that you’re all fired up and passionate about teaching others how to do.  You could be writing to show people all over the world about the ways that they themselves can employ to make money legitimately online.

You could teach them what to do before getting started, how to create a website for their business, how to get traffic (both free and paid traffic), and what i mean by traffic is internet visitors who will come to read the information you are providing and follow on the recommendations that you make.  Also, you can show them how to make money from Google and other advertising companies.

Now, you may be wondering.  How would i make money by showing people how to do these things?  Well, think about it for a moment.  As i said before

“Everything has a product associated with it.”        Click To Tweet.

For instance, domain names have to be bought for websites, and so does website hosting (you will be taught about these terms in your training).  Recommend the hosting and domain name services that you believe to be the best ones to the people who read what you write.  You can sign on with these services and they will pay you a commission for these recommendations when members of your audience follow through.

Some people will require mentoring.  Offer one on one mentorship giving these people direct access to you where you can give them individualized attention and help them to be successful in their businesses.

These are just 2 possible ways that you could monetize your business in order to earn on the idea given in example 2.

Let us show you how to start and run your own online business

The two examples mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how one can make money with their own business on the internet.  Here are another 2 quick mentions.

Start an online business offering your professional services.  What do you do as a job?  Are you an accountant, a secretary, a teacher, a graphic designer, a computer programmer, a customer service rep, a transcriber, a legal services expert.

These, and many more all represent services that you can offer online in your own business.  Working on your own time.  You can do this both on a part-time as well as a full-time basis.

Open an eCommerce store online.  This is another lucrative business that you can run online.  If you’re a creative person you can create and sell your own stuff in your store.  If you don’t want the hassle of creating your own items you can sell stuff from other people and lots of companies as well as an affiliate, where you make a percentage of all sales that are generated from your store.

Whichever business you decide on we’ve got you covered

Whichever legitimate business model you decide to choose to do online i know of one place where you will be absolutely covered.

This place is a community of online business people and entrepreneurs and it is designed to help you to succeed in your own online business.  You are going to find that every detail of what you are going to need to succeed online is covered.  Among other things you will be provided with:

Awesome Training

As a premium member of this online community, you are provided with all the training you need to succeed.  The training you receive will take you from being a complete novice to internet business right through to the level of experienced, successful online business owner.

Get Training For Online Business

Learn about things like niche audiences, SEO, Keywords, Plugins, using social media to enhance your success, Affiliate marketing, how to write high-quality content and so much more.

Stunning Websites

Create as many websites as you like.  If you need to you can run up to 25 websites complete with your own premium domain name, plus 25 other free sites provided straight from the platform.  Hosting and maintenance for your websites will be absolutely free as a premium member and you don’t have to worry about site maintenance and backups.

All that will be provided for you free.

Another thing.  When it comes to website creation there’s no need to worry.  Just provide the name you want to use for your website and choose from one of the thousands of awesome website themes available.  After that, the system creates your brand new website in the time it takes you to blink.

All you have to do is write some killer articles for your website.  Or if you’re about an E-commerce store or a professional services site just put on the products you want to sell or the relevant information about the professional services you have on offer.

The training and other community members will make it as easy as A-B-C.

Helpful Community

You’re going to join the most helpful and informative community that is online today.  This is a massive community of affiliate marketers and other online business persons.  Members come from all corners of the globe and we all willingly share our knowledge and experiences to help one another to become successful and avoid any pitfalls along the way to success.

The community is also a very friendly place and lots of friendships are built here that will last far into the future.

Are you aware that one of the most difficult hurdles to building a business online is the ability to get help just when you need it?  Another source of distress comes from feeling all alone at those times when things get rough along the way.  You may live in a house filled with people, but yet none of them understand the intricacies of doing business online.

Not in our community though.  I have found that help is always within 5 minutes away.  You get stuck with a particularly annoying problem regarding some aspect of your business or there’s an aspect of your training that you just can’t quite get.  Just put it out in the community and within minutes you will have an answer, a resolution to the issue.

Something depressing you regarding your business online.  We are all here to help.  Tell us what’s up?  I guarantee you’ll quickly be in receipt of lots of relevant suggestions for help, outpourings of support and encouragement to help you along.

As a member, you truly never walk alone in your journey to success.

None of us do. Help others with WA Site Support


Lightning Fast Support

Have you ever had the experience of having a problem and needing customer support ASAP, but sadly having to wait for hours or even days before someone even deigns to acknowledge you?  Then ages again before they actually address your issues?

Makes you just wanna ….  Doesn’t it?

Well, you won’t have that kinda experience in your new community.  Support issues are dealt with lightning-fast here.  I’ve experienced it time and time again myself, and i’ve read countless reports by other members praising the quickness and efficiency of the support team.

Just the other day one of my friends forgot to pay the few dollars annual renewal fee on a domain.  Didn’t realize there was a problem until a bit more than a week after when she tried to access her website.  To her surprise, the site couldn’t be found online.  She finally realized what had happened and quickly made the payment.

So, yes her website came right back up like clockwork.  However, there was 1 little issue.

The website was like brand new  There was nothing on it.  The theme, plugins and all the 200 plus articles that she had written on the site over time had vanished into thin air.  So guess who started panicking.

Anyways, there was a happy ending to this saga.  She contacted Site Support and within 10 minutes all her stuff was back on her website because Site Support makes regular backups of what’s on our sites, just in case of catastrophes like this one.

Can you imagine if there was no backup?  All that work would have gone down the drain.

Where is this online business training community?

This training and support community that i’ve been telling you about today is the Wealthy Affiliates community.  It doesn’t matter where you live on the planet.  You can sign up to the community and start building your online business right now, wherever you are on the globe.

Here’s what another Wealthy Affiliate member had to say about the community.

Importance of Wealthy Affiliate

Click the image above to be taken to the full article.

How to become a member at Wealthy Affiliate

You can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and start the beginners 10 lesson course right now just by clicking on the Sign Up For Course image right  below.

However, i must also mention that the free beginner membership is kinda limited.  It’s perfect for getting started and getting up to 2 websites up and running, but when you are finished with that course i guarantee you are going to want to move on to the even more advanced courses and be a part of the premium community interaction.

You can only do these things as a Premium member.  But there’s absolutely no rush.  Sign up as a free member right now and start your course.  Explore the features that are available to you as a free member and look at what you will have access to as a premium member.

See what this member said about the benefits of premium.

You can take as much time as you want to get a feel of the place, then upgrade at any time but if you actually do so within 7 days then there is a really sweet discount that you’re going to get.  Kinda like icing on the cake. But i will let Kyle who is one of the founders here at WA tell you more about that on the inside.

So make the move and start your free membership now  Click the Sign Up For Your Free Course Now!! image above.

I’ll come to say hello on the inside.  Don’t worry i’ve got your back.


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Katja · at 10:52

What a great post this is! I love how you explained with examples how anything that can be found on the internet also has a product associated with it. And it’s true!

I share the opinion about Wealthy Affiliate with you – it’s the place to join, if you want to venture in the affiliate marketing!

    Scribe · at 8:30

    Thank you Katja. Yes “Everything online has a product associated with it.” and also has an audience as well. This means that there are enormous possibilities out there for niche websites based on the interests of a particular group of internet users.

Benny · at 10:45

Hello, I really want to appreciate your effort in putting together this website and writing this article. Writing articles can be demanding but when it is about what you like then it becomes fun. And there is no better feeling than when you earn from doing something that you like. Your article is well researched and it will be of great help when I start my business

    Scribe · at 8:14

    Hi Benny,
    Thanks for your comment. I’m happy that you liked the article.

    admin · at 8:03

    Thanks a lot Benny. I’m glad you liked the article

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