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Shocked by tech support for Wealthy Affiliate

I was amazed today.  Seriously i was.  You see i was reminded about the incredibly fast tech support for wealthy affiliate members.  Technical support for your website is available from your dashboard once you become a member of WA, which i am convinced is the best online community for existing small business owners and also those who want to get training and assistance necessary to start their own online businesses.

Let me tell you what happened in my case.

I was working on my website yesterday, utilizing some of the training that i have received here at Wealthy affiliate.  From Kyle, Carson and lots of other expert WA members in the community, when suddenly i noticed that i couldn’t view my website in the web browser any longer.  When i tried to go to the website address i was getting this message below.

SSL error message - leave comment to get it fixed

Looking for solutions

I did a bit of research on my own and saw that it was an SSL certificate error.  At this point i went into the WA community chat space and asked if any other members had seen this problem before.  Got a couple suggestions and possible fixes to the problem right there in chat.

One of these seemed particularly promising and relatively easy so i decided to try that one first.  It involved turning off the SSL on my site and then turning it back on again.  Basically renewing or refreshing that problem certificate.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate you get access to this and quite a few other cool site control features in your site management area.

So last night i did as suggested.  I turned off SSL and then hit the toggle again to turn it back on for the site, but instead of just turning on right away i got a message that it was queued to be turned back on a bit later.

I thought ok then.  i will just wait and check it in the morning to see if all was well.

I was a little bit apprehensive because i know that any visitor who clicked through to visit my site would also see this ominous looking message and would probably just get out of there as quickly as they could because of that message as it mentions the possibility that someone might be trying to steal their info etc.

Definitely not very comforting to any potential visitor. Not comforting for me at all either because i had some of my posts that i was working on getting to page 1 on the Google search results pages, and I know if i saw that on a website on page 1 or any page for that matter i would certainly be high-tailing it out of there as fast as i could.

So when i rolled out of bed this morning, checked to see if things had changed, and was greeted disappointingly with the exact same situation.  I just decided that i would go no further on my own.

Calling in the Cavalry

I had to get this thing resolved.  So i decided to just take it directly to our Wealthy Affiliate tech support team and just have them sort it out.

I went to the Help Centre at WA about 6:00 am and sent our website support team a message.  Told them about the problem i was having and asked them to resolve it.  Remember this was 6 in the morning.  So i wasn’t really expecting a response until about 8:30 or maybe 9:00.  You know kinda like regular business hours.  Especially as today’s a weekend day.

Within 10 minutes i had a response from our tech support team at Wealthy Affiliate.

Kinda surprising.  But i figured maybe it was just some kinda automated response from the system or something like that.  So i didn’t give much thought to it really.

Wealthy affiliate super fast tech support

I started fooling around on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  Just looking at what members were posting.  I saw some very interesting questions being posed by members and answered by other members.  I saw one or two new trainings that i hadn’t seen before and new success stories etc.

It’s always a good idea to come and log in to the Wealthy Affiliate platform whenever you have some time to spare.  It’s truly like an online university for people who are already building or would like to build a successful businesses online.

I learn something new each and every time that i log in here.

Anyways, i’m digressing.  So to continue.

As i was there browsing around on the platform i saw a new message come in for me.  So i opened it.

I was completely shocked and amazed when i saw it was another message from the Wealthy Affiliate tech support team.  This time telling me that they had resolved the problem with my website.

Wealthy Affiliate tech support ticket resolution

I immediately glanced at my phone lying beside me.  It was only 6:47 am.  Then i went to check my website.

Best tech support for Wealthy Afiliate members

Just like they said.  Everything was fine.  My website was back up and running perfectly.  That means they had fixed my problem in less than an hours time from my first contact.  And this on a weekend morning.

I find that very impressive.  What do you think?

I’ve heard horror stories from people who use other online resources such as website hosting companies etc, and have had to wait for 24 hours at least just to have their requests for technical assistance acknowledged.  When i remember all that i have to say that.

I’m really very pleased with the WA team and i feel really good that i am a part of this community here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Being a part of the community, interacting with others on the platform and learning from the trainings and shared experiences of the members here is the best thing for anyone around the world who wants to build their existing online business or who wants to learn how to start and succeed with their own online business in whatever area they are interested in.

If you’re not a WA member but would like to join the best online small business training and support community.  Then please come join us by clicking on the button below.

Join Best community online

I remember when i first saw WA i was definitely at a stage in my life where i was wanting an online business for myself.  I needed the extra money and wanted the satisfaction of owning my own business.

Read more about my story here.

You can be just like me.  With your own business.  Moving from strength to strength with your very own business.  Here at Wealthy Affiliate you can start any online business.  The sky is the limit in terms of what you can achieve.

I should add just a little  bit of clarification here.  Let us say any legitimate and upstanding form of business.  Nothing of a shady or illegal nature will be tolerated in the community.

When you do become a member you will see exactly what i mean when i talk about fast tech support for Wealthy affiliate members.  Speak to any member and they will tell you.  As a matter of fact.  Just take a look at what Freddy had to say about the matter.

Accolade to Wealthy Affiliate Site Support

Click the image to read what he had to say.  Quite interesting.

In closing i want to invite you to tell us about your own experiences with the Wealthy Affiliate tech support team.  Or any other tech support team for that matter.  I would love to hear your stories.  Even if they are horror stories.

Have a great day.  Or night.


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Tashibaarzu · at 11:53

Hi there! What an enjoyable post this is.  Quite informative.

When I was a beginner in affiliate marketing I was facing many problems, and I asked a friend of mine to help me solve my website problems.  He showed me the path to the Wealthy Affiliate technical support team. 

They were able to help with all my website problems. Now today, if i have any problems, the first place I go to is the WA support team. I have heard many other people too talk about the support they have received from that tech support team. 

Thanks again for the post. Now when i share my own experiences on social media and tell others about this fast support team I can also tell them to read your article as you have experiences with the support team as well. 

Benny · at 11:51

Hi, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. In all my surfing online, I have not found a platform that is as reliable as wealthy affiliate. Their support system is the best that I have ever come across. Thank you for this review 

sabrinamou · at 11:45

Thanks a lot for summarizing such an amazing article. I like the manner in which you organized that survey of fast tech support in Wealthy Affiliate. I’m a Premium member on Wealthy Affiliate But I have never used technical support in Wealthy Affiliate until now. I have seen a lot of members giving praise to WA tech support because WA tech support member also solved their problems easily and fast.
But overall, I think a Wealthy Affiliate is one of the more popular affiliate marketplaces that can help us to create an online business. Thanks for sharing your experience with technical support in Wealthy Affiliate. I must say that this article will be very helpful and informative for everyone. Thanks

Srinivasan · at 11:40

I have heard about SSL certificate. A site not having this certificate can be deemed as insecure by google. From my experience there are hosting sites which have an online chat which usually works for 8 hours Monday to Friday. There are a few exceptions which work 24/7.

If the problem is small, it could be resolved immediately. But if requires technical team support then the problem would be escalated and you will get a reply within 24 to 48 hours. Your experience with the technical team at Wealthy Affiliate seems to be fantastic. Solving your problem within the hour, that too on a weekend. Must be a dedicated site whose only motto is to help its subscribers genuinely.

Abir · at 11:34

I had the same problem. It’s really uncomfortable when we have to deal with any kind of technical problem on our website, but the super fast tech support at Wealthy Affiliate have always found a way to solve my problems quickly and effectively. 

Thank you so much for sharing your own experiences with us.  Hope this article Will help many people who are having problems with their websites to find fast help with their problems. 

Thanks again for this informative article.  I will share it with my friends on Social media…             

Gomer · at 11:29

Those people who are negative about joining Wealthy Affiliate because of the premium membership price must read this blog post. The tech support at Wealthy Affiliate over-delivers and this is not something you can see in cheap hosting companies out there. 

I’ve used several hosting companies in the past and when you have a problem with your site, you will be queued for a very long time, some even require you to call them by phone. At Wealthy Affiliate, you can chat with them and that is enough.  They will respond within minutes.

Just like what you have experienced, I also have my share of good experiences with them. They are fast to respond and they will even perform tasks that are beyond the scope of their job. For instance, when I needed to put up a .txt file which is required by Google AdSense, they willingly performed the task for me without any issues.

shariful islam · at 11:28

Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us . I worked at Wealthy Affiliate for a long time as a marketer. And i am still one of the premier members at Wealthy Affiliate.  

This is where I get free hosting and as a result I have created my own web site where I sell various products.  So far my website has been very successful and i have been able to make a lot of money.  

Hosting a website at Wealthy Affiliate and the training i received has been allowed me to earn quite a bit of passive income.

AI will be sharing your article, so that everyone will know about Wealthy Affiliate and can share new experiences with you if they decide to work with Wealthy affiliate themselves.

Chimmhogevagreenesnr · at 11:28

Wow🤩!  Thank God I encountered this article. A friend of mine have been encountering some issues with his website and we have both been looking for ways to get a solution. I’ll have to save this article so I can show him when he comes around. Thanks for sharing this, it’s really helpful!

David nelson · at 11:27

Hello there,thanks alot for sharing this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.  I have been into website creation for a few years and I most tell you, Wealthy affiliate has the best technical support and response teams and also the fastest team…. They resolve issues very fast and when it comes to SSL CERTIFICATE issues I have’nt seen that so quickly resolved by any team as fast as the wealthy affiliate technical team has been able to.  They really do a great job when it comes to matters like this.

Thanks once more,



Julius · at 11:27

Thank you for this post. I am amazed like you with the fast tech support. First of all, I would be very scared if I had gotten the message that you got. So, right there I have to praise you for your ability for staying calm and being able to look for a solution. 

Second of all, the platform and in this case its tech department, are just amazing. I would say without hesitation that they are the best out there. I have experiences with other affiliate marketing platforms, but none of them provide such great tools like Wealthy affiliate.

I mean keyword search, live chat, community, training and services, plus the owners and tech support being so easy to reach.

I wish you the best luck with your online journey! 

Shanta Rahman · at 11:26

First of all thank you so much for sharing such an amazing article with us .I got into a situation a while ago using Wealthy Affiliate technical support. So I needed to get super fast tech support .I would like to appreciate the WM Tech support as I get a lot of support .And my problem was resolved within an hour which really surprised me .This support for working online is really huge and I have benefited immensely. As well as reading your article, I hope my friend will benefit greatly, so I will definitely get your article to him. Because he told me today that he was having this problem .As a member of the Wealthy Affiliate, this is the best technical support for me .

Lastly, I hope your article will benefit the members of Wealthy Affiliate and they will certainly share their new experiences with you. Can I share your article on my social media?

Iamlooking4answer · at 11:33

Hi there, thank you for sharing this amazing article. I have not used Wealthy Affiliate technical support yet, that’s because I haven’t encountered any problems that I needed the help of tech support. But yeah, I have seen a lot of members giving praise to WA tech support. I agree with you on the other company tech support such as the hosting one. It really frustrating that you have to wait for a long time and sometimes keep repeating the same situation to different personnel. 

Thank you for sharing and all the best to you in Wealthy Affiliate. 

    Don · at 9:20

    Thanks a lot. I’m happy you liked the article.

Rhain · at 3:51

I have to say that this is indeed, an amazing news for every member of wealthy affiliate. The idea that an issue was solved within one hour of logging it on a weekend is definitely impressive. I think this is a good time to mention that there’s never been a better time for anyone looking to get into an online business as the support is apparently massive. Thanks for sharing 

    Don · at 9:19

    Oh yes Rhain. The Wealthy Affiliate Tech Support team is simply awesome. I said one hour. Even that just doesn’t do them justice. I have had issues resolved by Site Support in only 10 minutes. Wealthy Affiliates is definitely the best place to be if you want to have an online business.

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