Thinking about making money online this year?

Have you made the decision to find a way to make money online in 2020?  I’ve heard quite a few people express that desire in the last few days.  In fact, i’m quite sure if you were to ask the people that you’re acquainted with this question.  Would you like to make money on the internet?  Maybe 90% would respond with a resounding yes.

That leads us to an even bigger, more important question.  That of “How can one make money online?” And this blog post that you’re reading right now, titled “Great affiliate marketing niches for 2020” is going to tell you about one of the best ways to make money online for beginners in 2020 and the years to follow.

If you’re totally new to the concept of making money on the internet then right now you may be wondering what i’m talking about when i say affiliate marketing.

Quick Affiliate marketing definition

I’ve given you a real quick definition of what affiliate marketing is.  Basically, it’s a method where you can earn money by promoting another person’s products.  To learn more about the concept please read this more in-depth post.

Learn affiliate marketing

This is the best way to make money online.  Especially for beginners, but it’s not something that you can just start doing 5 minutes after you’ve first heard about it.  There are things you have to learn before taking the plunge or you will definitely not be successful at it, and end up walking away saying “this doesn’t work” when the reality is that you did not prepare properly and instead jumped headfirst into something that you knew absolutely nothing about.

You have to learn about how to choose the right direction for your business, learn about your target audience, about how to write content and optimize that content for your target market and for the search engines which that market will be using to find your business, and also how to build a website if you intend to use a website to do your business.

This might sound like a whole lot of stuff right now, but don’t worry.  There is one place where you can learn all of this quickly and get all you need to achieve success in affiliate marketing.  All under one roof so to speak.

You will also have the benefit of being able to learn and interact with experienced and successful affiliate marketers from all over the world.  This is absolutely priceless as they willingly share their knowledge and you will be able to learn a lot from them.

This is a worldwide affiliate marketing learning community online.  Geared towards achieving success for each and every member.  The community is named Wealthy Affiliate (WA for short) and if you are indeed seriously interested in learning how to make money online then i strongly suggest that you become a part of this online community and immediately start the initial 10 lesson Affiliate Marketing Course.

After that, you will get help with deciding what direction to take with your business online.

Get Started With Wealthy Affiliate

Great affiliate marketing niches for 2020

Finding a profitable affiliate marketing niche is going to be a big factor for your success online.  But before we look at that, let’s look at what a niche is.

A niche is a particular subsection of the larger online market or in other words a group of people who are looking for similar products online.  This product they seek could be a special type of physical or digital product or a type of service.  What the affiliate marketer seeks to do is to provide the products that people in the niche desire.  Without actually having to produce the items themselves.

Let’s look at some great affiliate marketing niches for you to consider going into for 2020 and beyond.

Health-related niches

Health has been one of the most important niche markets forever it seems.  Billions of people all around the globe are interested in maintaining or improving their health, so the sub-niches in the broader health category are not going anywhere at all in the future.

These sub-niches are what we call evergreen niches.  Meaning that you will always have a market if you choose to make that niche the focus of your affiliate marketing efforts.

Some great sub-niches that an affiliate marketer can target in the health arena include:

Weight Loss

Anti Aging

Reproductive Health




Hair Loss

Relationship Niches

The pursuit of love and happiness in relationships is another very good area for an affiliate marketer to hone in on.  Everyone on this earth has a basic innate desire for love.  It’s one of the core desires of the human psyche, programmed into each and every one of us as human beings.

It is therefore not surprising at all that it is one of the most sought after thing all over the world and the internet provides a huge market of people seeking for both informational and even physical products to improve and enhance their love life and their relationships.   Some possible sub-niches are:



Conflict Resolution


Handling a breakup


Making Money Online Niche

This one is also huge and is always in demand too.  Yes, there are some of us who have more than enough money to take care of their every need, but in all honesty, the majority of us on this planet do not find ourselves in such a privileged situation, therefore, we always have to be looking out for that opportunity, that way to make more money to help ease our financial burdens or pay for that dream vacation or whatever else we may need.

In today’s day and age, there are a lot of legitimate ways out there to make money online, but sadly there are so many scams out there purporting to give you opportunities to earn money online.  There are possibly even more scams out there than there are legitimate programs that actually deliver what they promise.

I have come across a lot of these scams in my time online, and i must admit that i have lost a bit of money to such no good programs.  Luckily it was not a lot as i am very careful about where i spend my money.  Some of us i know have not been so lucky.

Make Money Online Niche

However, all that stopped the day that i came across Wealthy Affiliate.  I found that the program at WA is 100% legitimate and you get what you are promised and so much more.  I truly believe it is the best place to be on the internet if you want to make money online.

Now as an affiliate marketer in this niche your aim is going to be to help people to avoid the scams and direct them to programs that you know are legitimate and can help them to actually earn money online.  You can also introduce them to the best tools and resources available that will help them to make money themselves.

Some great make money online sub niches-include

Affiliate Marketing (definitely my number 1)

WordPress Tutorials



Travel Niche

Travel is also another great area for affiliate marketing.  Representing another huge international market.  If you would love to travel then this is the niche for you.  Apart from the money, you will be making as an affiliate there are other benefits that can accrue to persons who choose this niche for their business.

Some of these benefits include the opportunity to get free sponsored trips, free stays at hostels and hotels, free meals, etc. in exchange for writing reviews about the accomodations and you can even get paid.

You also get to meet lots of new people as you travel around and gain tons of experiences from the people you meet and the places you visit.

I would like to mention one particular travel blogger here.  His name is Fredrick Marwa and I watch this guys videos on Youtube.  I find them to be very entertaining and informative.

He is from Kenya and has been traveling from country to country continually for over 2 years now.  I believe he does his traveling alone.  Staying in available hostels and AirBnB accommodations around the world.

His travel Vlog is interesting because he immerses himself in with the local populations, visiting the places that the locals visit, sharing the same foods, etc.  I will show you one of his travel Vlog videos below and you can say what you think in the comments section at the end of this post.

Here he is.  Fredrick Marwa from Kenya Vlogging from Negril Jamaica

Here are some great sub-niche ideas for those interested in starting an affiliate travel blog.

Budget Travel

Travel Photography

Adventure Travel

Luxury travel

Traveling around the World – This is where i would categorize Frederick Marwa’s Vlog.

Self Improvement Niche

All the niches i have been presenting here so far are among the most profitable niches to be found.  The self-improvement niche, also known as personal development or self-development is also rated among the most profitable.

People naturally want to improve themselves to better their lives in certain areas.  They want to live life to the fullest and to reach their true potential.  There are lots of good products and courses out there to help them to reach these goals and as an affiliate, you will be able to assist these persons to achieve these aims.

Great sub-niches in this category include areas such as


Stress Management


Self Esteem

Spiritual Development

Personal Finance Niche

These days everyone is faced with money problems.  Unless you’re a Billionaire of course.  Wait a minute, Even they have money issues sometimes too.

So we all are faced with financial problems from time to time.  However, for most of us, our financial problems is a taboo subject.  We don’t like discussing money and sometimes there’s a feeling of shame or fear if the subject ever comes up in discussions.  So we shy away.

However, lots of people like to search online to try to find creative, innovative and helpful solutions to help them resolve the issues they have with their finances.  Especially if the methods they read about have been tried and tested by other people and found to work.

Because of this craving for ideas to help solve financial issues this niche is quite profitable.

Make money in the pet care niche

Pet Care Niche

Most people find their pets adorable.  Whether it’s a favorite dog, or cat, that pair of lovebirds or even pet fish.  We just love and adore our pets and we want to keep them happy and take the best care of them that we can.  For that reason, Pet Care is a huge market worldwide and there are many products that you can tell people about as an affiliate marketer.

There are many sub-niches for this category, and even sub-niches for the sub-niches so to speak.  Let’s look at a few of these.

Dog Care

Specific dog breeds

Dog food and treats

Dog grooming

Puppy Care

Cat Care

Specific cat breeds

Cat food

Pet Fish Care

Pet Bird Care

The list of possibilities goes on and on

Fashion and Beauty Niche

Oh, the ladies just love this category.  Women are experts at putting themselves together so beautifully that we men are in awe when they appear all dolled up in their finest.  I dare say that every woman can find a sub-niche within this sphere, and it is one of their favorites from young girls right up to the mature woman.

Make money in the Fashion & Beauty niche

For a lot of the sub-niches in this category, i believe that a Vlog works better than a written blog.  Wondering why i say that?  Well just do a search on Youtube for the term Make up.  I just did and the search results presented me with a ton of videos done by ladies showing how they do their makeup.

These videos have had tons of people looking at them, many with millions of views and i even saw one that had been viewed an amazing 60 million times.

That just goes to show how profitable this category and it’s sub-niches can be.

Here are some of the sub-niches for this category.

Hair Care


Nail Care

Skin Care

Women’s Clothing


Beauty Tips

Men’s Fashion

Again the list of possible sub-niches is long and varied.  Making it easier to find sub-niches that you are favorable to.

Where to get started

In this post, you’ve learnt of some of the great affiliate marketing niches for 2020 and for decades to come.  These are some of the most profitable niches and sub-niches that are available for affiliate marketers online today.

But finding a great niche to get into as a new affiliate marketer is just one part of the equation.  What do you need to do after you’ve found the niche you want to be in?  How do you make money from it?  How do you get people to find you online?

These questions and a ton of others are going to face you as a newcomer to online marketing or any sort of internet business.  How do you answer them?  Where can you get the answers and a bit of help?  Sounds like a big deal doesn’t it?  And in fact, it is a big deal if you try to do this on your own without any help and guidance.

But not to worry.  Remember that worldwide learning community online that i mentioned earlier in this post, when i was talking about your need to learn affiliate marketing?

That is the place where you need to be as a newcomer to online business.  This community is a lifeline for not only affiliate marketers but online entrepreneurs in other areas of online business.  You will find a lot of successful affiliate marketers there, a lot of course creators, e-book writers, e-commerce store owners, vloggers, etc.

Most of these people started out just like you.  With no knowledge, or very little knowledge about doing business online and they have now grown very successful online businesses with the training and knowledge they have gotten at Wealthy Affiliate.

It all starts with the initial 10 lesson Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started Course.  That’s where we all start and we grow our businesses as we learn more from continued training and from interactions with other successful members and of course, also with a lot of hard work.  Yes, there is some hard work involved, but you have the opportunity to grow and expand and become successful.

These people below did just that.  Starting from absolutely no knowledge of business on the internet at all, to making substantial incomes online.  Total newbies who learned how to do this from scratch at Wealthy Affiliates.  You can do it too.

Join the Wealthy Affiliate Community

There are two things that you need to do now.
1.  Join Wealthy Affiliates
2.  Share this post with everyone who you know would be interested in starting their own business online.

Leave comments in the comments section at the end of this post.

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