The conversation

In July of 2018, I was talking with a very close friend of mine, bemoaning how I needed to make extra money because myNo money before Wealthy Affiliate salary just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Have you ever had that kinda feeling?  Yeah, you probably have.  Right?  I believe lot’s of people worldwide can relate to that feeling.

Well, during that conversation is when I first heard about Wealthy Affiliate and Solo Build It.

I can tell you that I was naturally very wary and skeptical.

Frankly, it was my belief that 99 percent of the systems and courses that promised to teach you how to make money online were simply scams.  Where the owners alone made money.

== >  Yeah I felt they made their wealth from the money they got from the people they funneled into buying they’re worthless, no good programs.

Do you kinda feel that way too?  I think lots of people online do.

And I was determined not to be scammed in such a way.  Uh-uh, not my money.  I had to work way too damned hard for it.

About Wealthy Affiliate - No Scamming

So basically that was my mindset at that time.

But my friend had proven to me before that she had actually made money online as a freelance virtual assistant.  So I thought I needed to take a look.

Maybe what she’d found was some other kind of freelance opportunity.  I needed to find out what she had discovered this time.

I asked her to tell me about her experiences online and specifically with both of these companies she had just mentioned.

She told me she had done a few months of intensive research online looking to find a course that would teach her about how to make money online as a blogger and affiliate marketer.

Had signed up for a few trials too and ended up not going further with those particular programs because from what she was exposed to in the trial she thought they were nothing more than scams.

Then she came across Wealthy Affiliate and soon after Solo Build It.  She thought they both might hold some promise and would be worth looking at a little deeper.

Wealthy Affiliate or Solo Build It

The Research

As it turns out she joined Solo Build It which I will just call SBI from now on as it seems they have gone through a few name changes over the years from SiteSell to Site Build It and now to Solo Build It.

Maybe you knew of them before by one of these previous names.  I have to say though that learning about these name changes sorta raised a red flag in my mind immediately.  I would really like to hear the reasons for that.

If any SBI member comes across this article and chooses to read it.  Maybe they can answer this question for me and all the others out there in cyberspace who must be asking the same question.  So if any SBI member chooses to enlighten us on this matter.  Please do so in the comments section following this article.

Wealthy Affiliate - SBI Questions

Anyways, my friend joined SBI based on the fact that their subscription price was a bit less than Wealthy Affiliate, and she used the training there to create a cool website.  Kudos on that SBI.

She rated the Solo Build It training as good, but a bit difficult for a beginner.  Other areas that she had an issue with were support which took too long to respond and the SBI forum where it seemed that other members were hardly ever available to answer questions.

Because of these issues, she decided to give Wealthy Affiliate a try as well.  In order to compare the two programs.

Her impressions about Wealthy Affiliate

According to what she has told me, she was totally blown away by what she found at Wealthy Affiliate.  She said the training was excellent, the community was very vibrant and always active within the forums, and member support was also very responsive.

Blown away by Wealthy Affiliate

On top of all that the platform was built on WordPress and allowed you to create a website very easily .and quickly.  There were tons of WordPress plugins available that you could easily add to your site to increase functionality in many areas, and over 2600 WordPress themes to choose from to give your website a look that you like.

Plus, just as easily add content and make any changes you need to make to that content.

She kept both accounts running for 3 months just to make totally sure her findings about Wealthy Affiliates forums, support, and training, etc. weren’t just some kind of fakery for newcomers, and also give SBI a chance to redeem itself.  This redemption didn’t happen though and unfortunately, at the end of that 3 month period, she totally dropped SBI.  Like a hot potato, you could say.

One final complaint she told me she had with Solo Build It was the fact that when she canceled her membership she found it difficult to move the domain name that she had purchased through them as the process involved multiple email messages to a mostly unresponsive Support email.

She also needed to present the original order number from her initial purchase at SBI.  One would think SBI would have all that info readily available from a quick database query.

Too much of an inhibitive process, so she just forgot about it.

My sneak peek at Wealthy Affiliates

After hearing all this about WA and SBI I got the impression that WA was better.  But I still felt it sounded too good to be true.

Yes, that’s how wary I am of online scams.  I don’t fork out my hard earned money that easily online.  I must feel absolute certainty.  Therefore, I felt I needed to draw my own conclusions as I thought my experience might be different than hers somehow.

So to help prove what she had been telling me.  I asked and she was gracious enough to allow me to be present at times when she logged on at WA over a 3 week period.  Because of this, I was able to check out about 18 of the lessons in the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.

View the community interactions between members, where everyone seemed to be pro-social, willing and eager to help each other.  I saw that the owners themselves were very accessible and interacted with members on a daily basis.

There were additional really informative live training every Friday.  Of course, I made sure I caught 2 of 3 of these trainings.

All very impressive.

I was also able to view the control panel of her websites and the SiteRubix website builder that allows you to create stunning websites in a couple of minutes (the actual website creation process after you’ve chosen your theme is actually about 90 seconds long)

I was hooked

Hooked on Wealthy Affiliate

Yes, I absolutely loved what I was learning about Wealthy Affiliate.  I loved the training that I saw being offered to members to teach them how to make money online.

Here are some other things I loved about this training platform and community.

I loved the quick and easy way to build websites and the fact that as a premium member one can host a total of 50 websites on the platform as well as have free access to other website add-ons that would have to be paid for elsewhere,

Try before you buy.  If you’re someone like me you’ll love this.  What this basically means is that you have the option to try out the Premium member training and all other Premium features for 7 days.  Totally free.  No risks.  No pulling out that credit card.

And if you like the experience you can upgrade to Premium within that 7 days to get a huge discount on your very first month.

However, If for any reason at all you should decide not to upgrade after this 7 day period, then you can remain a free member.  Free members aren’t left out of the fun either.  No sir.  As a free member of WA, you are entitled to 2 totally free websites and free web hosting too.  People are using these free sites to earn an income online and they can stay free for as long as they want.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Upgrade

But I must say that the premium membership is really where it’s at in WA.  Premium WA’ers get full access to all the features, all forums, all the training opportunities and more.  Plus if you pay annually instead of monthly you get another huge discount.  A whopping 41% discount on the amount you would pay over a 12 month period.

By this time you must have guessed that I became a WA member too, right?

I signed up.  Yes, sir, I did

Of course, I did.  I mean what else could I do.  I’d been totally convinced that this platform, the training, and member forums, etc. could not only teach me the A – Z of the theory involved with making money online but actually have me earning a steady stream of dollars flowing into my accounts.  Real results.

That was exactly what I needed to have happening to fill that ache I had in my pockets.  You know that one you feel when you don’t have enough money in those pockets.

So yes.  I signed up.  At first, I started with the free trial membership account.  Being always cautious must run in my genes or something.

Then just before the final hours of the free trial ended I caught on to that discount for the first month, of premium membership.  I’ve never looked back since.  I’m so very happy that I was introduced to, and could learn so much about Wealthy Affiliate even before I considered joining.  The only thing I regret is the fact that I didn’t hear about it before I did.

But it’s all good.  Nothing happens before the time, as they say.

Wealthy Affiliate Sneak Peek


Right now as I’m writing this there’s a challenge going on over at WA.  It’s causing quite a stir among WA members too.  The aim of this challenge is to motivate members to achieve even greater success in their online businesses than they currently enjoy.

With the additional reward of a free, all expenses paid trip to the WA Las Vegas Super Affiliates Conference in January 2020 for those who make the cut.

If you’ve been looking at the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity yourself and like what you see.  Then you can have a shot at Las Vegas in 2020 too.  There’s lots of time.  So if you like a good challenge.  You should definitely take this on.  All you have to do is get yourself registered with WA here, follow the training, make use of the exceptional member support and forums and put your shoulders to the wheel as they say.

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