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Are you looking to find the best affiliate marketing programs that can enable you to maximize your earnings as an affiliate marketer?

Well you need to look no further.  Read on to see the top affiliate programs currently available today.

The programs you will find below have been tried and tested, and are proven to work.  Helping affiliates all over the world to earn a substantial income online.

With over 2.7 Trillion dollars spent on retail products via online purchasing in 2018 and even more growth taking place in 2019 this industry provides one of the best opportunities for people to make money online, and it doesn’t matter where in the world you live.

Because the opportunities are available globally.

See for yourself!

Best Consumer Goods Affiliate Programs

These are the best suppliers of consumer products that utilize affiliate marketers as a component of the marketing strategies they use to get products into the hands of the consumers who need them.

Amazon Associates, Inc. is an international retailer of consumer products that was founded in the United States of America, where it still has its headquarters.  Since being founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, Amazon has grown from being an online marketplace for books into one of the top 4 technology companies in the United States.

The company is now involved in the areas of E-Commerce, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and also Digital Streaming.  Amazon Associates is the name for the companys Affiliate Marketing Program which falls under the portfolio of its E-commerce arm.Amazon LogoImage courtesy of:  Wikimedia CommonsLicense

When you become an Amazon Associate you will have access to thousands of products in 27 main categories or deepartments, each with its own subcategories.  This gives you a range of thousands of products from which you can choose those you wish to promote as an affiliate.

To become an Associate at Amazon you must have an active website or blog with relevant content, a Youtube channel or an app.  The program is totally free to join and you can apply for it from all over the world.

If you’re joining with a blog or website, It is wise to wait until you are getting some traffic as you are required to generate 3 Amazon sales within the first 6 months to complete the process.  If you do not manage to generate 3 sales in the given period your application to join will be turned down.  However you can apply to Amazon again at a later date.

Amazon’s affiliate commissions vary depending on the category that the product you market falls under.  The maximum commissions available are currently set at 10%, with commissions for most categories falling between 2% – 5%.

Best Buy Affiliate Program

Best Buy Co., Inc has been around since the year 1966 and is a Multinational Consumer Electronics retailer.  The company specializes in electronics of all sorts and you will find appliances, mobile phones, electronic gaming equipment, toys and car electronics among its offerings.

In addition to being a Consumer Electronics retailer under the Best Buy brand, the company also has a couple of subsidiaries.

The Geek Squad and Magnolia Audio Video are some of its subsidiaries.  As well as Five Star in China.

The Best Buy affiliate program commissions that affiliates are eligible to earn range from a low of 1% to a high of 7% of the sale price of the item sold.

As with Amazon above, signing up for the Best Buy program is free.  So if you’re interested in becoming a Best Buy affiliate the easiest way to do it is just to head over to Best Buy website and scroll down to the extreme bottom right of the page.  There you will see the link to the Affiliate program.  Simply click the link and complete the short form.

sign up for Best Buy Affiliate Program

WayFair Affiliate Program

Wayfair Inc. is an E Commerce company that is based in Boston, Massachusetts.  Founded in 2002 the company now has  offices and warehouses across the USA, Canada, Germany, Ireland and the UK.

Wayfair has also grown to become one of the leading online retailers for home furnishings and everything else for the home.

This online Ecommerce retailer boasts over 10 million products, provided by over 10, 000 suppliers and as such presents a viable alternative to the affiliate program.

If your online business is geared towards the home goods or home improvement niches then you should definitely consider joining the Wayfair affiliate program.  The program pays its partners between 5% to 7% comissions on all sales of products that oringinate from the partners website or app.

Lowes Affiliate Program

Lowes Companies Inc. is the parent company for which is a leading retailer in the area of Hardware and Home Improvement supplies and equipment.

Apart from its affiliate partners who work with Lowes affiliate marketing program, the company also operates a huge chain of Lowes stores across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Affiliate marketers who would like to find out more about what Lowes affiliate marketing program has to offer, and possibly become Lowes affiliates themselves should sign up at the Commission Junction website, then apply for the Lowes program from there, as the program is administered via Commission Junction.

Target Affiliate Program

Target Corporation is the company that operates the Target Affiliate Marketing Program.

The Corporation is currently ranked as the eighth largest retail company in the USA with over 1800 stores located around the country, and an international presence via the website which allows customers in over 200 countries worldwide to do business with the Target Corporation.

Target affiliate programImage Source:  Target Corporation   [Public domain]

The products sold at Target are Home Goods and General Merchandise products that ideally cover a very wide variety of niche markets providng the target affiliate with a large selection of products to promote.  Earning themselves commissions of up to 8% on sales that originate from their efforts.

Jet Affiliate Program is another ecommerce company.  This time headquartered in Hoboken in the state of New Jersey, where it was founded back in 2014.

This company sells practically everything including electronics, household products and groceries among other things.  Jet also strives to provide the lowest possible prices to it’s customers at all times.

Affiliates, or Jet Ambassadors as they are called earn a 2.5% commission on sales generated from their efforts, and to join this program as an ambassador you have to first become a member of LinkShare and then join the Jet affiliate program from that platform.

Walmart Affiliate Program

Walmart Inc. is another large multinational retail conglomerate that was founded and is based in the United States.  Founded by Mr. Sam Walton in 1962, the company now operates a large chain of Hyper market discount and grocery stores.  Totalling over 11,000 stores in all, operating under 55 different names in 27 countries around the world.

Walmart has improved its product offerings over the years and now they sell virtually everything.  Everything that you see in the physical stores is also now available in the online store.  While their affiliate program has also improved and has now reached a point where it rivals Amazons’ program in terms of available items to promote.

Walmart Affiliate Marketing program

Image courtesy of Sven  License

The Walmart affiliate marketing program pays affiliate commissions ranging from 1% to 4% on ietms bought by customers coming from your website.  While this may be a bit lower than some of the commissions from other programs listed here.  It is quite likely that your customers will visit for one purchase but will eventually come away with multiple items.

The Walmart store chain is definitely one of the most popular retail store chains known worldwide and choosing this program to generate affiliate commissions online would definitely be a wise choice to make.

Costco Affiliate Program

Costco Wholesale Corporation is a US based multinational which is ranked as the second largest retailer in the world.  It operates the Costco retail business which is made up of a chain of 776 membership only warehouse clubs located in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the UK, Japan, South Koream Taiwan, Australia, Spain, Iceland, France and China.

Members at Costco can choose from a very large variety of products, including groceries, home appliances, health & personal care products and office products.  These are just a few of the over 20 main categories of products available at Costco.  Each with its own list of related subcategories.

Affiliate marketers who have signed on to work with Costco will earn a fixed commission on the sales of the Costco club memberships that come as a result of new members clicking from the affiliates website and then signing up for a Costco membership.

This commission is equivalent to roughly 5% of what the new member pays for the membership.

Home Depot Affiliate Program

The Home Depot, Inc. is currently the largest retailer of tools, construction products and home improvement products in the USA, Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada and the US Virgin Islands.

Home Depot stores are organized as warehouse type retail centers averaging at least 105,000 square feet of store space each.  Packed with all sorts of Home Improvement & DIY items, Appliances, Home Decor & furniture offerings and specialty tools and equipment.

The Home Depot Affiliate Marketing Program provides affiliates with a selection of over 500,000 products that they can promote on their websites in order to earn commissions which range from a low of 2% on appliance sales to a high of 8% on some selected home decor items.

How to choose an affiliate program

These programs listed here represent the best affiliate programs that are available.  Because of this you may find yourself experiencing some indecisiveness regarding just which program you should join.

To help you overcome this kind of paralysis of analysis see below pointers on how to decide on the program that’s right for you.What is the best affiliate marketing programs

Criteria to evaluate an affiliate program

Whenever you decide to evaluate an affiliate marketing program that is being offered by an individual company or an affiliate marketing network you should take an ind depth look at the company, the opportunity, the commission structure and the product and evaluate if this equates to an opportunity that fits your needs.

To make such an evaluation ask the following questions and use the answers derived to determine if the program is something you want to be affiliated with or not.

Do you personally like the product?

When choosing a product that you are going to promote to others it is important that you make the determination as to whether the product is one that you would be willing to use yourself and be comfortable recommending to others.

Making this determination may mean having to actually purchase the product yourself and using it to see if it fulfills the purpose for which it is meant.

You should only market products that you are confident about, and trying them yourself is one way to develop such a confident stance.

Is the product or the service you want to market relevant to the niche you’re in?

Apart from just being an A1 product or service that you have confidence in, it is also important that what you are going to market is relevant to your niche.  It should be able to fill some of the problems or challenges experienced by your niche audience, A.K.A. the people who are going to be reading your blog posts.

Are there competing affiliate programs?

Have a particular product or service in mind for your affiliate marketing promotions?  Well take a look to see if there are any other companies that are offering competitive products for your niche.  If there are, then dig a little deeper and see if these competitors have an affiliate marketing program themselves.

If they do, then it’s a good idea to sign up for those programs as well.  In this way you are able to provide your audience with multiple products that they will be able to choose from to fulfil their needs.

This ability to choose from more than one product gives your audience the freedom of choice.  This can result in increased sales conversions for you.

What’s the earnings potential?

You have to also take a look at the monetary aspect of things.  Specifically, the compensation to be received each time one of your blog audience members decides to click through to a vendors’ affiliate merchant website and make a purchase.

After all you do want to receive some return on your investments right?   Whether it be some monetary investment or an investment of your time and effort to build out that informative, helpful website that your niche audience members loves to visit.

Affiliate marketing money

Look at the rate of commission on sales.  That is what percentage of the sale price you get paid, and also look at the price of the item.  If it’s a high ticket, AKA expensive item, then naturally you should expect to sell less of it than an item that has a lower price point.

Is the payment method accepted in your country?

Different Affiliate marketing networks and affiliate marketing programs will employ a combination of different methods to pay their affiliate marketing commission payments.

Some popular methods used in the affiliate marketing industry worldwide are Paypal, Skrill, Western Union and Wire Transfers.

So before you actually sign up with that great affiliate marketing program you found, just do a quick check to make sure that you can actually receive your payments via one of the payment methods used by that particular program.

Does the affiliate merchant have a good reputation?

When choosing a program it is a wise idea to stick with affiliate merchants and vendors that have developed a good reputation for quality and reliable products, as well as good customer services.

Affiliate products from such a vendor will generally convert much easier although commission percentages are usually lower.

WA Linked Affiliate Programs

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And here are some other questions that are common for persons who have an interest in affiliate marketing,.

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