How to make money on the internet

How to make money on the internet?

The question of how to make money online In Jamaica and the Caribbean region is one I get asked quite a bit these days.

It seems like as more and more people all over the world gain the opportunity to go online and experience the worldwide web there is a substantial increase in the number of people globally wanting to earn money online.

Jamaica and the Caribbean are no exception, as are the countries on the African continent. I have been asked “How to make money online in Nigeria?” by a few Nigerians, and have had to answer similar questions from Ghanaians and South Africans as well.

Here are my top ways to make money online

As a blogger, people from all over the world will reach out to me with their questions about the possibility of making money How to make money online in Jamaica and the Caribbeanon the internet. I always answer such questions by explaining to the person that my preferred way of doing this is with online Affiliate Marketing websites.

My number 1 recommendation

You guessed it. Number 1 for me is affiliate marketing.

Now I’m going to tell you about affiliate marketing in a few minutes, but just hang on a little bit.

Before I tell you all about affiliate marketing for beginners I want to just jump forward a bit and tell you about what Is by far the easiest way to make money online all over the world.

This easy way I am going to tell you about is my second recommendation.

So It doesn’t matter if you’re in Jamaica, the rest of the Caribbean, Nigeria, Ghana, the US, Canada, England or anywhere else. This is the easiest way you are going to find to start you off with making money online.

My second recommendation

This one is really exciting. I’ve been doing it for 2 weeks now to see how it works, and I am amazed that something as simple as this can work.

Ok, let me tell you about it.

If you’re a young adult, a College student, or even in your sixties, etc., you can make money with this method. You can even start doing this at any age really but I would recommend a minimum age of 14. And of course, for those that young, there is definitely a need for parental consent.

Use this method as your first way to earn, then scale up to other methods as you learn more about online business.

How are you going to learn about doing business online you ask?  Well, the answer to that is you will learn from the training that will be provided to you. That’s another benefit, but you will learn all about that later when I tell you more about Affiliate Marketing. For now, let’s continue looking at our second money method.

What’s this easy second way to make money online worldwide?

It’s so simple really. Even a baby can do it. Well, a 14-year-old that is, with parental consent.

What you are going to be doing is leaving responsible, meaningful comments on other people’s websites. That’s it. You look at what they’ve written on a single blog page and leave a comment. For this, you get paid in US currency that goes straight to your Paypal account.

Don’t have a Paypal account yet? Well, just follow the simple steps to set up a Paypal account right now. It should take less than 5 minutes to do.

Click below to see the steps to get It done.  If you are in Africa you can also use your Uba AfricaCard with Paypal.

Create Paypal Account in Africa with Uba Africacard

So back to our talk about commenting and earning money online.

There is only one place on the entire world wide web where you can earn so much money in this simple way. That place is the online learning community called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a global community of online business people who share their expertise and help each other to learn how to make money on the web.

There are comprehensive training courses that you can access when you become a premium member at WA, and you also can ask questions of the community regarding any aspect of online business and I can guarantee you will get a response.

Why are your comments so important?

Well, if you are a website owner or webmaster you will want to be receiving quality comments on your website or blog post. By quality comments I mean comments that add something worthwhile to the post. Maybe a discussion or observation concerning the post or something equally valuable.

Quality comments should not be a simple “I like what you wrote” or something like that won’t do. But It isn’t supposed to be very long either. Two quick sentences or so will do. That will help the blog post to appear in a better position when people search on Google for the information that’s contained in that post.

Website owners will be happy to get such comments on their websites.

Cash out to Paypal at $10

As a commenter, you write the comment, and the Wealthy Affiliate Site Content 2.0 system checks and verifies it as unique. Once it is not a one-liner or a copy of what someone else wrote, then you get credited for the comment immediately and earn what are called Cash Credits.

When you have 20 Cash Credits you can ask for payment. If you do that, $10 USD will be sent to your Paypal account. So you see 20 Cash Credits are equal to $10.

Of course, you don’t have to cash out as you get to $10. You can leave your credits to accumulate and cash out for more money. For example, let’s say you accumulate 100 credits. You can cash that out to Paypal and receive $50 USD. You can accumulate higher amounts as well. That’s totally up to you.

A way to make money online for students

This Is a great way to make money online as a student in Jamaica and the Caribbean, in Nigeria, Ghana or anywhere else worldwide.

Take a look at this young man below. He is living proof that young people can make money, and get paid online.

Get Paid To Post Comments. Make easy money online

If he can do it, then any other student or young person can do it too. If you read what he says. He made that in only 1 month with the Wealthy Affiliate Site Comments 2.0 platform.

I have spoken to him and he just loves how easy it is to earn this way.  As you see in the picture he is saying “He crushed It”, meaning he feels he did great.

Africans can make money too

By the way, for all you people from Africa (whether you’re from Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa or whichever other African nation). I just want to tell you that the young man I just showed you is Nigerian. Living right there amongst you in Africa and making this money online.

There are more like him too.  Showing you that young people making money is a very real possibility, all over the world.

So now that you know this. What are you going to do?

There is room on the Site Comments 2.0 platform for more commenters. You guys are actually sorely needed, but you should act now as i don’t know how much longer this opportunity will be open.

Read on to see the steps you need to take now.

There are hundreds of thousands of website owners who are members of Wealthy Affiliates. Most with websites for which they write content on a very regular basis. Sometimes every day of the week. All these thousands of new web pages are going to come up for comments.

We need you to be there to provide them. I request comments on Site Comments regularly too so I need you there to provide them too.

Here’s one that i just approved for my website about an hour ago.

Paid comments

My approval wasn’t needed for her to get paid.  She was paid at the same time that the comment was sent to me for approval.  That was an hour before i even saw it.  My approval only means it gets posted to my website.  Nothing more.

There’s only one thing that I think you’re not going to like too much about Site Comments though.

You have to be Premium to make money with Site Comments

There you go. That’s it. In order to begin to earn with the Site Comments platform on WA you have to become a Premium member.

If you take a minute to think about it.  That shouldn’t be a big problem.  Nothing to ponder over for any length of time.  Take the young man In the picture again as an example.  He’s made $260.  What he does Is, he pays for Premium from the money he makes each month and still has lots of money In his pocket afterwards.  From that $260 he would be left with quite a bit over $200 after paying for Premium.

He doesn’t mind paying that money.  Because It allows him to make money.  That’s also not the only way that he makes money on Wealthy Affiliate either.  I will tell you about another way when we get to method 3.  But for now, let’s continue where we left off.

Now you have two ways to become a Premium member, and I definitely recommend the first option. This is going to save you some money and give you a chance to look around. Here’s how that goes.

Taking advantage of Option 1

The first thing you need to do is sign up for Wealthy Affiliates as a free member. After you’ve signed up for free you will then have 7 days to check out the training, interact in the community, make some friends and generally see how things go inside the community.

Next, you need to Go Premium before the end of that seventh day. This is really important because you get a huge discount up to the end of that seventh day. If you allow that time to pass you by then the cost reverts to the original pricing which is $49.

If you do it within the 7 days, it costs you $19 instead of $49. So that’s all of $30 saved. That’s exactly how I did it when I became premium.

Get Paid To Post Comments On Blogs

Option 2

Just go straight to Premium. Don’t bother taking up the 7 Day Free Trial option. You can just go straight to the good stuff. Your first payment will still be $19, just as if you’d started with the Free Trial, so you get that great saving, but this way you go directly to Premium membership.

This will mean you get the option to start commenting much earlier.

Other important things to know about earning money from comments

You have to become certified to start making money for comments.  This probably sounds like you have to do some sort of certification test or something like that, doesn’t it?

I know i had the same thoughts.  But no there is nothing like that.  All you have to do to get certified is go onto the Site Comments platform and write 50 comments within a 30 day period.  That’s so easy that it’s actually funny.

You can write 50 comments in a day, easily.  Or at most 2 days if you don’t want to do too much in one day.

And that 30-day timeframe.  That’s only for those among us who are not interested in making money.  For serious people like me and those 2 guys I showed you, and you too as well.  We start getting paid the minute we write our fifty-first comment.  So as soon as we hit 50 we start earning.

Then as long as we don’t allow the number of comments to fall below 50 we continue to get paid.  If it does fall below 50 then all we need to do is bring it back up to 50 and the dollars start rolling again.  Let me show you what I mean.

People Writing Comments To Make Money

In that image at Number 1, you see the number of comments written, which is 86.  Beside it is the number 50.  So once the number of comments written stays above 50 you are fine and in the money.  If it drops below 50 you have to write comments to bring it back up to 50 and you start to earn again.

How can your comment totals drop?

Here’s a simple explanation.  If you write 25 comments today, then 30 days from today those 25 comments are going to be deducted from your totals.

Don’t worry.  You would still have gotten paid for them.  Remember you are credited right as your comment is approved, and approval takes about 10 seconds for each comment.  So no worries.

As I was saying.  Every day the comments you wrote 30 days in the past are deducted from your comment totals.  So just be mindful of that and keep your numbers above 50 and all will be well.

About the other numbers in that picture.  Number 2 shows you the list of Certified Commenters on any given day.  My picture’s up there and yours will be there too.  Once you become certified.  Remember you become certified simply by getting to 50 comments.

Number 3 shows you your comment approval rate and your comment skip rate.  The approval rate is the percentage of the comments that you’ve written that have been approved by the person who requested it.  As you can see I am riding high at 100%.

The skip rate, on the other hand, is the percentage of commenting opportunities that you have passed up or skipped.  You have to keep that rate below 20 percent, so don’t make it a habit to go skipping moneymaking comment opportunities.

That’s it for my second recommendation.  Are you ready to get started with Wealthy Affiliate Site Comments 2.0?

If you are then click the link below and we will get you started.

Earn with Wealthy Affiliates Site Comments

By the way.  You thought I’d forgotten about my first recommendation regarding how anyone can work online from home and get paid in Jamaica or anywhere else, right?

Well no you are wrong.  I didn’t.  I just wanted to share the new commenting opportunity that I recently found.  Now that I’ve completed that I can tell you about my number one recommendation.

Now I’ve already written all the details about Affiliate Marketing for you. Please click on the pink-colored Affiliate Marketing Info button below to see

I must warn you though.  It’s not as easy as the commenting opportunity I just showed you.  With aff marketing, you are going to have to do some work.  Not just sit back and read some interesting web pages and write a line or two to get paid.

But Aff marketing can pay you much more than commenting.  Check it out.  To see all the interesting details about affiliate marketing please click below.

Click To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

My third recommendation

As I have mentioned a few times.  The recommendations I give in this post are given as easy opportunities that even students and other young people would be interested in doing as well.

The intention is to empower both young and old so that they can find easy ways to work online from home and get paid in Jamaica or wherever they are around the globe.

Ok so let us look at my third recommendation for easy ways to make money online in Jamaica and the Caribbean region.

Earn $23.50 USD as many times as you want

The Wealthy Affiliate community that I mentioned earlier allows members to earn $23.50 each, and every month.  You can multiply that figure many times each month.

Right now you’re probably asking.  How can I make that money?

Well, it’s not that hard either.  Wealthy Affiliate will pay you $23.50 per month for people that you refer to the platform, who in turn become Premium members themselves.  Remember though, that more than likely they are going to catch  that $19 USD deal for the very first month.  So for that first month, you only make $8 USD.

But for every month after that, you get paid $23.50 on every single person that you referred to this learning community.  You get paid as long as they stay with WA.

So just imagine you refer even 10 people who become members here.  That’s $232.50 in your pocket per month.  What if you did 20, or 30, or 40.  Or whatever number you want.  There is no limitation set as to how many you can invite.  Imagine how much money you can be making.

You could very easily be making money with all of these 3 methods that I’ve shown you so far.

Notice I said, “so far”.  There are actually more ways that you can be earning money with Wealthy Affiliate.  I will add these later, but for now, let’s work with these 3.  So you can easily be making money writing comments, while you’re making money with affiliate marketing and also making money from referrals each month.

You can easily be making thousands of dollars in United States currency every month with just these 3 methods I’ve given you.

And getting referrals would be so easy.  Just tell your friends about the money they can be making with any or all of these 3 methods.

Who wouldn’t want to get on board even if it’s just to do the commenting alone?

The only other thing left for me to say is…

Come get started.  Click the button below.

Get Started Making Money With Wealthy Affiliate



Guweddeko Emmanuel Ssentongo · at 12:34

This is really helpful…. This is what I should have read before confusing myself with a lot of other stuff online. Am really glad that I landed on this post.
Thank you!!!

Alejandra · at 12:26

The title of your new article got my attention, at first I thought it would be another scam program on the internet.

As I was reading your article, I must agree that Affiliate Marketing today is one of the best ways to start an online business no matter where you live, the Caribbean, Africa, America on any other part of the globe, the opportunity is open for everyone.

And no better place to learn Affiliate Marketing and create your own online business than Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate will help anyone who is interested to create an honest online business from home, as you well mention there’re different ways to start making money with this platform and one of them is by learning how to use the platform and how to start writing comments.

This is a good opportunity for many, but keep in mind that the best goal is to create your own online business, leaving comments and to get paid for them can help you to pay the platform cost as you keep working on your own online business and to help other to grow their websites.

Thanks for sharing a great post that will help many to know more about Wealthy Affiliate and to create a steady income from it!

Shimba · at 12:24

Thank you for this very informative post. I did not know what easy way to make money online worldwide was and I appreciate these details. I think from your review, Commenting to other people’s websites is the best easy job and I like this will really help me to make easy money online. Is PayPal account only method of payment?

Zach · at 12:21

I love your site on how to make money online. I have been interested in the thought of doing something on the web to make money and I found your article on Affiliate Marketing. I don’t know much about marketing but I know everyone is on Google and the internet. I have a quick question for you, is it hard to get or join Affiliates, and how long does it take to get them? I plan on checking on some of the Affiliates that you mentioned in your article. That Wealthy Affiliate one sounds like a good starting point for me to get started. Thanks in advance for any advice you may have for me.

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