These days we are seeing a huge increase in the use of smartphones to make money, and right now there are many websites and apps available that allow you to make money from your phone.

One way that you can do this is with mobile app affiliate marketing and Mobidea, a company based in Luxembourg offers such an opportunity.

This Mobidea review is intended to present you with actionable information regarding this affiliate marketing company and the opportunity they offer.

What is Mobidea?

Mobidea is a worldwide mobile affiliate network, whose main business focus is on Cost Per Action advertising online. Giving affiliate marketers another avenue to use to tap into the over 1 billion users worldwide who currently use smartphones to access the internet.

Mobidea came into being in 2011 through the efforts of the founders, Mr. Antoine Moreau and his wife Florence. They started as a very small business initially working from one desk. From those humble beginnings, Mobidea has now grown into a multi-national operation. Running 5 branch offices around the world with 130 thousand registered affiliates from over 200 countries.

Mobidea affiliate marketing business opportunity

The mobile app affiliate marketing business presents a unique opportunity for affiliate marketers to increase their foothold in the mobile marketplace. Simply because the Mobidea opportunity is 100% optimized for the mobile customer base.

Mobile affiliate network

With the regular affiliate platforms that cater to both computers and mobile devices, you may find that the conversion rates for users of mobile phones are lower than conversion rates for those who use a computer unless you take several preventative steps to maximize your content for mobile devices. With Mobidea there is no need for that. Everything is already optimized.

The company’s affiliate offerings are centered around pin submits, app install offers, mobile subscriptions, and sweepstakes.


Affiliates earn money based on 2 revenue models. CPA and CPI.

CPA – The CPA model works with the subscription offers that Mobidea makes available for affiliates to promote. With this model every time a user follows your affiliate link and ends up taking a designated action like signing up for one of the available services or newsletters or filling out a form you get credited for that action.

CPI – The CPI model works based upon the installation of advertised apps and games. So each time a mobile user installs a qualified app or game from a link that you the affiliate marketer has provided, you get credited for that installation.

In short as an affiliate your job is to send mobile traffic to Mobidea’s offers. For generating that traffic you get credited for each qualified action that is taken or installation completed by the visitors that you have directed to that action or installation.

Mobile Monetization Platform

Mobidea lists over 1000 mobile offers on its Mobile monetization Platform. These offers come in a range of categories including health and beauty, games, and dating. As an affiliate of Mobidea, you will find that you have the option to choose between Single Offers or using the Smartlink tool to automate your offers.

Mobile game affiliate program

With the Single Offer option, you go through the list of offers available for the category or vertical you are interested in. When you find the one that you want you will then get the link to that offer.

Using Smartlink, on the other hand, gives you one multipurpose link for the category or vertical that you choose. With Smartlink, you can choose offers optimized by cost. You then implement that one link in all of your campaigns for that vertical.

What the Smartlink then does for you is it looks at your traffic and recognizes which region each visit is coming from. Then it shows each particular visitor the offer that is best optimized for them based on factors such as their country, device type, and connection.

Another advantage that Mobidea gives to affiliates is the opportunity to not waste any money at all on the testing of campaigns. Instead, they get to run campaigns that have already been tested with millions of visitors daily, saving them money and effort.

5% RevShare program

Mobidea has a referral program that allows you to earn 5% commissions. The program works like this. As a Mobidea affiliate, you are provided with a referral link. Share your link to invite people to become new Mobidea affiliates themselves.

For everyone who signs up as an affiliate through the use of your link, you will earn a 5% revenue share of whatever they earn with Mobidea during their first 12 months as an affiliate.

Mobidea Academy

The Mobidea Academy is what they call the blog at Mobidea. This blog functions in a way that is similar to how one would expect an educational platform to function. Providing affiliate marketers with advice, tips, how-to guides, expert interviews and updates designed to help them to succeed with their Mobidea affiliate business.

Mobidea Academy

The Academy does not only include text articles as there are lots of videos too for affiliates to view and there is content available that is designed to help you no matter what level you are at in affiliate marketing. Whether you are just being introduced to the concept or already have some experience.

Affiliate Payment Options

This Mobidea review would not be complete if we did not look at the payment options available for this mobile app affiliate marketing platform.

My findings were that the payment options are quite good actually. As an affiliate, there are a total of 5 ways from which you can choose to get paid. The options available are PayPal, WebMoney, Paxum, ePayments, and Bank Transfers.

Payments are made either in US dollars or in Euros and you can request a total of 2 payments per week as long as the funds available in your account meets the minimum required for payment. Currently, that minimum stands at €50 (fifty Euros) or $50 US.

Mobidea apps affiliate marketing


Mobidea support comes in 4 flavors, giving you a few methods to reach them. With regards to support response time however i definitely cannot say how quickly they respond to support requests, but here are the available options for reaching the support team

The Mobidea Contact Form

Mobidea on Facebook

Mobidea on Twitter

Mobidea on LinkedIn

Those are the options i was able to verify. You should also be able to get in touch with the offices by phone but truthfully i could not find any telephone numbers readily available online. It is possible that you have to be logged in to your affiliate account to see that option.

There is also supposed to be a group on VK (the Russian alternative to Facebook), but it seems that the group is no longer active and i was referred to the Facebook page, so i am not listing those 2 as verified ways of reaching support.


To sum it all up, the Mobidea features to consider as an affiliate marketer are:

Free to Join

Worldwide Availability

Free Tracking Capabilities

Twice a Week Payments (with 5 payment options)

International Customer Support (in at least 3 languages)

Wide Range of Offers

Smart Auto-Optimization

Training Blog

Referral Program

Multiple Support Options

Mobidea Sign Up

Becoming an affiliate

Mobidea is free to join. However, there are a few requirements for qualification for this program. To sign up as a Mobidea affiliate you must have the following.

Proof of identity – This can be in the form of a passport or some other form of recognized national ID

Proof of residency – You can use a utility bill as proof of residency.

Certificate of Incorporation – This is required only if you are a company affiliate. The certificate of incorporation provided must show a visible VAT/Tax number.

If you are interested you can submit your application here.

Mobidea Advertisers

The affiliates or publishers only represent one side of Mobidea. There is another side to this company. That of the advertisers. Without the companies who utilize the Mobidea platform to get their products out, there wouldn’t be anything for affiliates to market online.

Mobidea promises its’ advertisers high-quality traffic and an increased reach for their mobile campaigns resulting in an effective marketing solution through the use of the Mobidea affiliate network.

Advertisers can choose from among 9 verticals, which are Dating, Sweeps, Coupons & Vouchers, Mobile Content, Pin Submits, Games, Music, Videos, Health & Fitness.

Mobidea Review

Some of the benefits that Mobidea offers to the advertiser are:

Post Event Optimization

Dedicated account management

Anti-Fraud Technologies

Fair Pay

Easy Setup


Mobidea represents a very good opportunity for webmasters, bloggers and affiliate marketers who have a high volume of mobile traffic as it is a very good way to further monetize their mobile traffic. If you are getting that kind of traffic then, by all means, you should take a serious look at Mobidea Mobile app affiliate marketing platform, and other mobile CPA networks.

However, if you intend to concentrate solely on mobile affiliate marketing and you are not currently getting significant volumes of traffic from mobile users then maybe you should re-consider using this particular method of monetization. At least until your traffic volumes increase.

You should also explore different affiliate marketing options to use to make money online.  One such option even provides you with a platform on which you can find hundreds of pre-selected high commission, top rated affiliate offers for you to choose from for your business.

Interested?  Well you can find more information about the platform here.

Looking for more affiliate marketing opportunities?  Then you should read some of the other articles here at Affiliate Outpost.

Have questions or commentary about the post.  Please say so in the comments section below.  Like and share this post with others via your social media platforms, by email etc.

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Julius · at 12:43

Thank you very much for such an informative and well-written article. To be honest, I had no clue there are such a “mobile-friendly” affiliate programs. It is bringing much more interaction possibilities for those being often on mobile devices.

I like the idea that you explained the functions of the website, as well as yo provided a very deep review of the products and the affiliate options people have. It is a very demanding area and I think it might attract people in the early future. I also hope the company will increase their affiliate commission later on-;)

Thank you for sharing and best luck with your online project.

Rhain · at 4:24

I recently came across mobidea, but their offers seems so interesting and unique in a way. I just had to find out more. That being said, this review has clarified all the queries  I initially had. 

Now, I must say, the 100% mobile optimization is actually a good idea because prior to this offering, affiliates did struggle in the conversion of mobile traffic. So I think its a good one. My only concern is that they are limiting the earning capacity of the affiliate to only 12 months per referral, other than that, I think it’ll be worth trying out. 

Thanks for sharing

Karen · at 4:12

This was super super super informative. I for one never heard of them but it sounds brilliant. And, it would be something I would consider as an affiliate marketer. However, I am not clear and the following, please explain. “For generating that traffic you get credited for each qualified action that is taken or installation completed by the visitors that you have directed to that action or installation.”

Juan Saladin · at 4:10

Nowadays it seems to be an app for everything; Why not taking advantage of it and linking your website value proposition to some related apps already on the market?

Thanks for sharing this important information (at least for me, a complete newbie in the affiliate marketing industry). Thanks for sharing the requirements for joining (key pieces of information).

Great review! (I must get my electricity bill to start!)

Danijel · at 4:08

Hello, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I heard bout Mobidea recently and I decided to do a little research. I am glad I stumbled upon your article as you explained everything in detail. Now I see that it is worth joining it, I have pretty decent traffic and RevShare commissions are pretty good, it is great to know that money can be made.

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