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Affiliate marketing is a great way for you to make money online, worldwide, and lots of people use this method as their number one way to earn money from home.

This post, online affiliate marketing for beginners was written with the intention of providing an introduction to affiliate marketing to those among us who may have never heard of it, and those who have but would like to know more.

Some of my readers will have a few questions on their minds right now.  Including…

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a special type of business marketing arrangement where a company or product owner decides to increase sales of their products by selecting marketers who they will then allow to advertise and market their products for them.

These marketers will then advertise or introduce the affiliate products to the people in their sphere of influence and as a result of this a percentage of the persons who were introduced will visit the website recommended by the affiliate to see and learn more about the product.

Some of these persons will go on to make a purchase on the website.  The affiliate marketer also called the publisher gets paid by the company for each sale that is generated from his marketing efforts.

Because of this affiliate marketing can also be seen as a form of performance based marketing.

In order to maximize earnings from this sort of business model a publisher (remember this Affiliate Marketing For Beginners - Thumbis another name for the affiliate marketer) will join up with more than one affiliate merchant.

An affiliate merchant is the company or product owner who produces the affiliate products for the publisher to market.

Joining up with a few merchants gives the publisher the chance to market more than 1 affiliate product.  Creating the opportunity to maximize the affiliate commissions that he or she earns.

At the moment there are publishers internationally all around the world who are earning commissions from this type of business.

I happen to be a member of a community of affiliate marketers and other online business entrepreneurs and I know for sure that some members here are operating a six figure online business.

I’m not there yet but that’s what I’m aiming for and hoping to achieve.


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Quick summary on what is affiliate marketing.

This type of business is about participating in the sale and profits from products that you did not produce or make yourself.

The manufacturer provides the products for you to market.

You introduce people to the product.  This ultimately generates a sale and you the publisher earns a commission.

Affiliate Marketing History

How did affiliate marketing become a thing?  Who thought this up?

Since this post is all about online affiliate marketing for beginners, it is a good idea to take a look at how this all came into being.  So let’s look a little at the affiliate marketing origin.

Flower power

The concept that affiliate marketing uses has been around for ages.  Like me you probably just didn’t realize this yet.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

Imagine your car insurance company calls you in one day and tells you that if you can refer them to 5 new people who decide to insure with them you will receive a 30% discount on your next insurance premium.

Wishful thinking, right?

But let’s imagine there was actually a company which would be so gracious.  Wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity?  Wouldn’t you tell everybody about your insurance company.

And if at least 5 people decided to insure with your insurance company.  You would get that discount.

That’s very similar to affiliate marketing.  Only difference really is that affiliate marketing is mostly done online

So, stop and give it a thought.  Haven’t you seen this kind of thing happening around you quite a lot?

Well, that’s the kind of stuff on which affiliate marketing is based.

The individual who was first to harness this concept for use on the internet is the reason why I started this section with the words Flower power.

That person was a man named William Tobin, who had been running his own lawn care home business since the early age of 12 years.   He saw the potential of this kind of marketing and took out a patent for the affiliate marketing model back in 1989.

Mr. Tobin then went on to create the very first affiliate marketing program to help increase the sales for his company which was named PC Flowers and Gifts. Thus transforming his company into the first in a fairly long list of affiliate marketing companies.

The general public gets a taste of Affiliate Marketing

The next company to test the waters with the affiliate marketing model was a company who at the time was only involved in the business of selling books.  This company had been started just a year earlier from very humble beginnings operating out of Mr. Jeff Bezos home garage in Washington.

The company at that time was definitely not as mighty as it is today, and it introduced an affiliate marketing program in 1996.  As stated before just a year after it’s humble beginnings.

Mr. Bezos, the owner of the company must have been a man of very extraordinary foresight back then as today his company is ranked as the largest retailer in the world.

If you haven’t figured it out already.  The company we are talking about is and its affiliate program is now known as Amazon affiliates.  This program is highly ranked by publishers worldwide.  With hundreds of thousands already promoting Amazons products.

There are also lots more seeking to become an Amazon affiliate marketer themselves.

You need to try Affiliate Marketing

If you are interested in earning money online with your own website and you don’t currently have your own physical or information products in any form then using the affiliate marketing business model represents the fastest way for you to start earning money online.

Consider this – It will take time and probably a lot of money for you to develop, test and perfect your own product.

You can find and market affiliate products that already have a pretty good demand and a market ready made for you.

I will link you with all the training you need to become a successful affiliate marketer.  Even before your training is complete I will show you how you can access affiliate programs.  You can choose one or two you like and start setting up your affiliate marketing business.

Getting your feet wet so to speak.  I will support and guide you as you do so.

If you are really serious about learning how to make money online then this post about online affiliate marketing for beginners has been written especially for you.

Can you make money with affiliate marketing?

This question is one that everybody asks, and rightfully so.  Nobody wants to waste their time and effort and not reap good results.

Well the answer to this question is a definite yes.  Yes, my friend.  You can earn money from affiliate marketing.  There are countless needs that people have, and you can identify a need and find affiliate products that address and fill that need.

Provide an acceptable solution to people’s needs, they become customers and you earn affiliate commissions.

Remember earlier I told you that I personally know of marketers who are earning six figure incomes right now.

So again the answer to this question is a resounding yes.

How fast can you make money with affiliate marketing?

This is another popular question.  However, there is no definite answer for this one.  You could start in this business today and be earning affiliate commissions in a few days or a few weeks depending on certain factors with your situation.

For example, if you have a following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. then sure you could be making money in days, maybe even hours.  But what if you don’t have such a following.

In that case it’s going to take a longer time to start earning commissions.  The key is to work at building your online business.  Build patiently and constantly and those commissions will come.

I do however have a secret method that you will be able to use to start those commissions flowing much quicker while you build your business.


I will share this secret method to earn affiliate commissions with any beginner to affiliate marketing who completes the quick profile, then successfully completes the first 2 lessons of the free training course to be found here.

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How to become an affiliate marketer?

If you’re interested to find out how to start with affiliate marketing, then I would recommend that you get some training as the first step.

Why do I say that?

Well because there are things that you need to learn and understand before you start to actively carry on the tasks necessary for affiliate marketing.

You need to learn things like

How to find a profitable niche for your business.

Ways to build an audience

How to create a website quickly and easily.

Find profitable products to promote.

Produce proper content to effectively tell your audience about the product/

Finding and joining affiliate programs

Proper ways to promote affiliate products

Let’s look at how to find a niche

This is one of the very first steps you are going to have to take when you are ready to get started with affiliate marketing.  It can also be a very difficult decision to make as you want to make sure the niche you choose is one that you can be successful in.

So what is a niche?

The word niche as it refers to affiliate marketing is speaking to the topic that your business is going to be primarily focused on.  It is the area of interest that you are going to market to.

There are many different niches available for one to choose from and a good rule of thumb is to choose an area that you have lots of passion or expertise for.  Both of these will help you to create really good content for that chosen niche.

Do not choose a niche that you really don’t like simply because you think there is a very good chance to make money.

If you don’t love it or know a lot about it, then chances are you will not be able to write very good content for it.

To help you with choosing your niche there are tools available online to make the process easier.

The best one by far in my opinion is the one named Jaaxy.  The Jaaxy keyword tool provides features to help you choose the best keywords to you.  It also comes with a lot of other tools that can help you to rank higher in the search engine results etc.

Here’s an example

Let’s say for instance you’re a parent.  Take it a bit farther, say a father and you have 3 young kids at home and are knowledgeable about young kids, so you decide to make babies your niche.  If you type that into Google search you will probably see millions of results.

Lots of content out there about babies.  That niche is too broad.  You need to narrow it down a bit.  If you search on for baby products you will see lots of products, probably including baby monitoring products.

Do you use baby monitors yourself with your babies.  If you do then maybe you can write about that.

Next you need to look at the competition for your chosen keyword.  Jaaxy will help you with this.  Type the keyword into Jaaxy and it will tell you how many competing websites there are that vie for traffic relating to that particular keyword.

If these factors meet your defined conditions in regards to traffic, competition etc. then you may decide to go ahead and use that keyword.

The next step

The next step at this point is to create content based on your keyword.  This can involve writing a post or article for your website including your keyword in the text.  You could also write posts for your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to post

So you write this content and you share it on the social platforms or your blog.

All of the above mentioned steps are covered in detail in the training that I’ve mentioned earlier.


To get free access to the 10 lesson beginner making money online training course please follow this link then click on the image and complete the sign up process ending with your completed profile.



To Conclude Online Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Through this online affiliate marketing for beginners post you have been given an introduction to affiliate marketing including a brief history and explanation of how the business model works from the point of view of the publisher.  You have also been given the means to take the next step towards becoming one of the successful affiliate entrepreneurs online.

It is now time for you to make the next move by taking up the offer given to start your own business training.

Bon Voyage!

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Affiliate marketing is my favorite way to make money online and I think it’s the best for beginners. You don’t have to do anything related to managing inventory or customer service. Starting up is pretty low cost as well. All you need is a website. What’s your best place to get started?

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