Affiliate Marketing is Booming

Imagine if you could just wake up any morning and spontaneously just decide you wanted to take a trip to some exotic locale that day.  Maybe spend a week.  In, let’s say Bora Bora in French Polynesia, or Phuket Thailand or the Seychelles.

So you decide on where you’d love to go soak up some sun.  You call up your travel agent and hop on the next flight out.

First class of course.

Exotic Places With Affiliate Marketing

Wouldn’t that just be awesome?  Especially if while you’re away enjoying yourself there’s money pouring into your bank account virtually on auto-pilot.

I know what you’re probably saying right now.  That’s just wishful thinking.  A pipe dream.

I’m here to tell you that it’s not just some pipe dream.  There are people around the world who have the ability to do this right now.  And no we’re not talking only about Bill Gates and the other Billionaires.  Or some top notch company executives.

I’m talking about regular people, people just like YOU, and me too of course.

They’re able to do this through the power of online business.  Including affiliate marketing.

The affiliate marketing sector is booming worldwide and is expected to continue growing by at least another 10% in 2020 with an estimated $6.8 Billion dollars being spent in 2020.

This is money that is to be paid to affiliate marketers.  Like i said, affiliate marketers are just people like you and me.  Everyday people.  You don’t need a college degree to do this.  You can do it anywhere you live in the world and you can do it part time or full time.  Entirely up to you.

You need to learn how to do it

To be a really successful affiliate marketer.  A super affiliate, there are certain things you need to learn.  These are essential skills and knowledge needed for success doing affiliate marketing, and no they’re not taught in the nearest university or business college etc.

You’ve got to learn it from the experts.  From those ultra successful Online business guru masters who can teach you all there is to know.

usually these guys compile intensive courses and teaching programs.  All you have to do is find one that’s good and soak up all they have to teach you.

One such program is the Savage Affiliates 2.0 Complete Affiliate Marketing Course.  Created by Mr. Franklin Hatchett.

This is my review on that course.  I want to take you right through this course so you see what it has to offer you before you actually purchase it.

After you’ve read my review you will be able to make a determination as to whether this course is for you.

So let’s get into it.

Who’s this Franklin Hatchett guy?

For starters he’s the guy who’s going to teach you how to make money online and create your own passive income generating affiliate marketing system.

Frank Hatchett is a successful online businessman from New Zealand who has been helping people over the years to create their own profitable passive income streams.

Franklin Hatchett - Savage Affiliate Youtube

I first learned of this internet guru sometime ago when i was looking for information on starting my own profitable drop shipping business.  I stumbled onto his Youtube channel where he was talking about starting a dropshipping business using AlieXpress as the source supplier.  I subscribed to the channel and checked out his other videos and the ECom Elites course.

Frank is a guy who has learned the ropes in this business and come up through the ranks to become a well respected expert in the areas of affiliate marketing, dropshipping, Facebook advertising and Search engine optimization.

This guy actually makes his money from these areas.  So he’s qualified to tell you how you can do it too.

What’s this course about?

Savage Affiliates is about Franklin giving back to the online business entrepreneur community.  Especially those with an interest in passive income generation by means of affiliate marketing.

Initially when he started this business years ago, the aim was to create an informal training space for a few friends, but since then the platform has grown to become one of the better affiliate marketing training resources online.  Not quite as good as the number 1 training platform and community which is Wealthy Affiliates, but definitely in the top 5 in my opinion.

Ok, What’s on the inside?

When you become one of the Savage Affiliates members you will be granted access to the members area.  This is where you will find the affliate course material.  The training you find here is intended to give you a step by step blueprint for building passive income streams with affiliate marketing.

Savage Affiliates Member Area

There are over 100 videos included in the course.   9 modules covering everything you need to learn to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Here is what is covered in the modules.

Introductory Module – Starting the Foundation

In this module you will learn the basic concepts that will be integral to your ability to do successful affiliate marketing online.  You will be introduced to affiliate marketing, to sales funnels, to Search Engine Optimization or SEO and you will also be given an explanation of how free and paid traffic will work for you.

Niche Research Module

In this module Franklin promises to teach you his secret strategies for finding the best niche markets for you to get into so you can start earning high affiliate commissions.  Also where to go to find the best products to promote in your chosen niche market.

You’ll also be introduced to the different affiliate network platforms that are on the internet.

Website Building Module

This is the module where you will learn about creating websites.  This training module guide you as to where to go to choose your domain name, then will show you exactly how to build your website.  Your online asset.  Complete with how to install different plugins to increase functionality.

You’ll also be introduced to subjects such as web hosting, landing pages, email marketing, the importance of social media to your affiliate marketing business and the reasons behind the social media chat bots.

Funnel Building Module

This is where you will learn about the concept of the marketing funnel system.  You will learn to define the process that you want your customers to go through as they move from  being an initial prospect to being a lead, then on to being a customer and maybe even a repeat customer.

You are supposed to learn how to create high converting funnels, that are supposed to have the ability to increase your affiliate sales and conversions.

Marketing Funnel

Email Marketing Module

The aim of this module is to teach you about the automated email system.  Email marketing systems can be a veritable gold mine for affiliate marketers.  After this module, if you fully understand what is taught you will have learnt how to set up such a marketing systems to promote specific products to specific buyers via automatic emails.

Clickbank Module

Clickbank is one of the largest affiliate marketplaces online and also one of the top sources for affiliate income.  Franklin seems to have done very well with Clickbank and promises an insane in depth training within this Clickbank module.  Including the exact strategies that he has used in the past to make $$ thousands of dollars on Clickbank.

You will learn how to build Clickbank websites, how to choose the right Clickbank product, how to use paid traffic, different product review methods etc.

Amazon Affiliate Program Module

Amazon is the biggest ecommerce platform on the planet today, with hundreds of thousands of affiliates worldwide.  This module of the Savage Affiliates course will teach you how to setup your very own Amazon affiliates website, with step by step guidance

Examples of Amazon websites in this module includes one that was setup and later sold for $30 million.

SEO Optimization Module

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the key factors in getting your websites to rank in the search engines.  Resulting in an influx of traffic to your site.  This module of the Savage Affiliates 2.0 Complete Affiliate Marketing course is supposed to teach you to master SEO.

You will be taught about important SEO practices and procedures, about On Page and Off Page SEO strategies, about blog comments and why you need them.  Plus many other important aspects of creating a winning SEO strategy for optimized web traffic.

Paid Traffic Module

The use of paid traffic can be an effective way to make money online.  If you know how to do it.  This module will teach you to understand the value of this kind of traffic.  You will be introduced to some of the best sources of such paid traffic, and how to master this kind of traffic so you get the best results from it.

Free Traffic Mastery Module

Free traffic is also an important source of visitors for your website.  A combination of both free and paid traffic can be the source of best results  when it comes to visits to your site.  So learn how to get a veritable flood of traffic coming to your offers.  Traffic that will convert to increase your business revenues.

Launch Jacking Module

You’ve probably never heard of Launch Jacking before, but it’s one very good method for affiliates to make money in the affiliate marketing industry.  Launch Jacking involves finding and promoting affiliate offers that are not yet available publicly.

This module presents you with step by step training on how to do this on your own.

In addition to all of this members are supposed to also get access to Facebook group.  The Savage Affiliates private Facebook group is free to members and is a place where you can see all of the latest strategies and ask any questions that you may have on any course related topic.  You also have the ability to interact and build relationships with other students.

How much does it cost?

The Savage Affiliates 2.0 program has 2 tiers of membership.  The first one is the Standard membership which is currently priced at $197.00.  Then there’s the Super pack membership which consists of everything that comprises the Standard membership, but with 5 different extras added to what Standard members get.

For the Super membership you will have to pay an extra $100.  That means a total cost of $297 for those who want the Super membership.

Savage Affiliate Coirse

My take on all this

This is where i get to tell my readers just how i feel about the course after i’ve completed all the research i needed to do in order to write this Savage Affiliates 2.0 Complete Affiliate Marketing Review.  My aim now is to give my honest, unbiased opinion on what is on offer here to help you to make an informed decision on the next steps to take.

Please read the following sections very carefully.

What I like about Savage Affiliates

In the trenches training.  Franklin is a guy who has come up the ranks.  Actually learning what he teaches over the years since he first started on Youtube.  So the training he provides is from someone who has actually been there making money online himself.

In the trenches so to speak.  This means he is teaching from his own experiences.  His own methods for success.  Not just some theory or guess work.

Lots of great content.  With over 200 videos in this course there’s a ton of learning material for you to go through and learn

What I don’t like

30 day Action based 100% refund policy.  This basically means that you can only get a refund ‘IF’ you took action on what you were taught in the course and didn’t see positive results from those actions within 30 days of purchasing the course.

That’s kinda quick to expect to begin to see positive results from a new business.  Don’t you think?

Savage Affiliates - Money Back Guarantee

The Community.  The Facebook community is not as helpful as it could be.  Yes it is a large group, but in reality you don’t get a lot of access to Franklin himself.  I know of at least one other course that has a community as well.  The difference is with that group you have access to the owner every single day.  It would be great if Franklin could make himself available in such a way.

Slow Support. The support at Super Affiliates definitely operates slowly.  Personally i’m used to getting an initial response to my support requests in no more than 10 – 30 minutes.  That’s what i call great customer support.  See what i wrote on the matter.

No weekly webinars.  It would be great if there was a weekly webinar for community members.  In order to enforce the training and to pass on new knowledge to the community.  After all affiliate marketing and everything related to it is dynamically changing on a fairly regular basis.

Take for instance the Google Search algorithms seem to be changing quite often these days, and each change has an effect on the amount of traffic coming to your website.

Another thing is that members could be allowed to share strategies and methods that have worked for them in their own businesses.

Could be a bit more organized.  Sometimes concepts are not totally dealt with in a module.  You may find an introduction to a concept in one module then further down in an entirely different module there is a bit more information on that particular concept.  This can be a bit confusing at times.

Maybe a revamp in the course design might be a good idea to fix that particular problem.

My Recommendations

First of all let me just say that even before doing this Savage Affiliates 2.0 Complete Affiliate Marketing Review i was of the opinion that this course by Franklin Hatchett was a good one for someone who has an interest in starting their own online business or making money with affiliate marketing.

My opinion hasn’t changed.

Savage Affiliates is great

If you’re a newbie who has an interest in making money on Youtube or an interest in affiliate marketing then this is one of a few programs that will give you a proper working understanding of how to make money with these methods.

Then this is one of the programs that you can subscribe to in order to gain the knowledge you need.  From someone who has done it successfully themself.

But, if you want more…

Yes if you want more then you should definitely take some time to look at the alternatives to the Savage Affiliate program.  That’s exactly what i did when i was thinking of getting into online business.  I scoured the internet.  Looking at every program and course i came across online to see if i liked it, and if i thought it would be able to help me.

After all my searching i finally settled on one.  Learn about business creation online

The Best Course That I Found

I settled on the best course that i found in my searches.  It had the best site support, the best super helpful community and also the best continuous training.

That means that after you’ve completed and digested the 120 well organized trainings in the 2 core modules, you then have a webinar training each and every Friday.  Plus hundreds of other trainings that are created by the members of the community in order to share their methods of success and their winning strategies with the other community members.

The training available here has taught the community members to create successful online businesses in a whole lot of areas.

For example members have successfully created businesses for the following.

To sell websites.  Some members have sold websites for a whopping $30,000 to $40,000.  You can learn to do this too.

For affiliate marketing.  We have had a whole lot of successes with Amazon Affiliates, Clickbank Affiliates and the whole range of affiliate programs available online.  Persons are making $3,000, $4,000, $10,000 and more from affiliate marketing.

One member even made $100,000 in about a weeks time.  Your member area will  give you a complete listing of the different affiliate programs with detailed information on each.

Just choose the program you want to join and join from right there in your member dashboard.

To sell courses.  Our members have created courses and sold them online for immense profit.

To make money on Youtube.  There’s training on how to create your own profitable Youtube channel to earn profits via Youtube.  You will learn all the steps involved and all the little nuances about creating videos etc.

E-commerce websites.  There are members who have taken the training and used it to create their own E-commerce websites.  With all the necessary bells and whistles.  If you want your own e-commerce website come and learn how to set it up here.

Freelance Services website.  Members have set up their business websites to sell their professional services to the wider community on the internet.

Blog websites.  Have a passion for something and want to blog about it?  Maybe make some money online from it too while you’re at it.  Well you will learn how to do that too.

Website Creation services

SEO services

Mentorship websites

Believe me.  As a member here you learn so much.  After your core training as a member of this community, the sky is not the limit.  There is no limit to what you can do.

You deserve to learn how to soar online.


Let us build your website

Come on in.  We will build you your own website in the blink of an eye.  Yes you don’t have to create it yourself.  We build it for you, while you concentrate on learning all about how to make a substantial income with it.

All with our guidance and support of course.


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Savage Affiliate 2.0








Owner Access



  • In the trenches training
  • Some great content


  • Action based refund
  • Community not very helpful
  • Slow support


Ann · at 9:55

Hi! I have read good reviews about Savage Affiliates. And you have mentioned several positive points concerning this platform. I know affiliate marketing is booming and I want to get in as soon as possible. But I think I won’t do it through Savage Affiliates (I don’t like it’s community is slow as well as its support). I’ll check out this other platform you have suggested. Thank you very much!

    Scribe · at 9:02

    Happy you liked the review Ann. Yes, the Wealthy Affiliate community is the best online business community in my opinion, and Wealthy Affiliate Site Support leaves all others in the dust.

Brian · at 9:40

I had not heard of Savage Affiliates 2.0, but I have heard of the owner of it, Frank Hatchett as I’ve seen some of his YouTube videos before. This is an interesting review of Savage Affiliates and it looks like it has a very robust Affiliate Marketing training course. It is kind of concerning to me though that it is very hard to get into touch with Frank himself and that the Facebook Community is not as well rounded as some other ones out there, but I do like that you can learn a lot from Savage Affiliates. What was the biggest thing you learned from it 

Dave Sweney · at 7:59

Thanks for this thorough review of the Savage Affiliate 2.0 platform. I was able to get a good sense of what all is included and the value that you will get with that program. The pricing is also not bad when I see what all that you get. Is it going to cover all the expenses that you have starting up is my main question as a takeaway from the review?

Based on that question, I do think that more money will be needed for hosting, a domain, and things like an autoresponder, and other tools for graphics, grammar, and plagiarism checkers, etc. These are expenses most programs will not cover from my experience and research.

What additional expenses can I expect with the alternative recommendation that you are making at the end of your review? Is it less outlay than I would have with the Savage Affiliates 2.0 platform? If so, I would say that it offers a better value and is perhaps a better choice. 

    Scribe · at 8:54

    Yes Dave,
    Savage Affiliates is a good program, but you are right. There are other expenses such as website hosting that you will have to bear. And the support available to you is not very good. With Wealthy Affiliate however all the things you need to create a website and have it up and running are provided. Website hosting, keyword tools, graphics, plagiarism checker and all that are provided. You don’t even have to spend money on your own domain name if you don’t want to because you can get up to 25 websites and all the themes etc that you need for them free from Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium member, and the free members get 2 of these websites as well. So no one is left out.

Jagi · at 7:55

What really captures my interest is click funnels, I have always wanted to know how they work. I have a site how can guide funnels to this site. It’s not an MMO site; it’s more of a niche site about products we can use in our home. I have seen success with it but need more guidance on it. 

    Scribe · at 8:43

    Hi Jagi,
    Have you considered doing things like creating a Facebook group for your niche. If you do that and add lots of value you will be able to attract members to your group and in turn your marketing funnel.
    You could also create a Youtube channel and do reviews of chosen products from your niche.

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