Best available tool to Create Great Content for your websites

Content is King!, and because of this, the ability to create great content is a really important skill for any internet business owner.

Wealthy Affiliate Site Content Writing Platform
If you are involved in online business in any form you will most likely agree with what I just said about creating content for a website.

My question is what software do you use as your writing tool? I mean what do you use for the actual work of typing up your website content?

Back in the early days content creators were restricted to using the good old general use word processors. Like Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect and even WordPad to type up their content. 

These programs are still readily available today, but there are now other offerings that are more specifically tailored towards website content creation.

They include the online word processor BlankPage, and also the Hemingway app. Which is available both online and offline.

Such tools are definitely a marked improvement on what was available in the past, but even they are lacking in functionality, and they definitely do not provide anything to enhance your SEO optimization or any other form of website optimization for that matter.

These are very important aspects of your content creation that must be considered when you write for the web.

Kyle and Carson who are business owners over at Wealthy Affiliate have created a solution to the problem of how to write website content that covers all the bases. Allowing you to quickly and easily write high quality content that is automatically optimized for SEO etc.

This amazing new tool is called Site Content and it’s what I’m using right now to write this post.

Wealthy Affiliate Site Content Dashboard

What is Wealthy Affiliate Site Content?

The Wealthy Affiliate Site Content is a feature rich word processing and web content creation tool that is geared towards the production of high quality, SEO optimized posts, and pages for your website.

It is the newest component of SiteRubix which is the Wealthy Affiliate Website Creation and Website Hosting Platform that allows you to create a brand new WordPress website in only 30 seconds.

The different components of this platform combine to make it the best and most complete solution for creating a business website and also the content that is its lifeblood. All backed by a very powerful web hosting solution.

If you are new online, or new to internet business and have never even heard of Wealthy Affiliates before now. Then I would strongly suggest that you read my blog post on Wealthy Affiliate and what it has to offer you.

For now, let’s look at the features that make Site Content the go to resource to create great content for your website or blog.

Site Content Features

Site Content Features List

The WA Site Content is like an online word processor on SEO steroids. It is packed with the features listed below for maximum efficiency.

Site Content Images

Over 1 Million Images

This feature gives you access to over 1 million images that are optimized for your website. The images are completely free and you can use them in any way you choose on your website. Including using them commercially without having to worry about giving attribution or recognition in any way or worry about copyright infringement.

1 Million Plus Site Content Images

You can search this humongous database of images for the ones you want to use in your post. You can also browse to images on your computer, or just drag and drop images right from your computer into Site Content.

You will also have the option to use your recently used images in Site Content. This will allow you to easily reuse an image that you have used already.

Formatting Your Images

After you’ve chosen the image that you want to use in your page or post, you can then format it right there in Site Content. Some of the formatting options you have here include:

Cropping – You can crop the image to use the section of the image you want, and with the cropper tool you can crop your image into shapes including circles, squares or rectangles.

Alt & Title Tags – After you’ve done selecting your image and cropping it. You can then add an alt tag and a title for the image. You can also choose how you want it to be aligned within your post. Whether you’d like to have it positioned to the left, right or centered within your content.

Image Compression and Optimization – Site Content will automatically compress and optimize your images using the ultimate in compression technology. This means that images added to your site through Site Content will not cause lag on your website because they take long to load. This fast image load time will make your website faster and much more efficient. Giving it a better user experience and allowing it to qualify for higher search engine rankings.

Site Content - Choosing an image to add

Content Organization

This content creation platform gives you the opportunity to meticulously organize the content that you write for your websites. All the content that you write using this platform stays on the platform. Unless you decide to delete a particular piece of content for whatever reason.

You can store your completed and published articles as well as those you have only half written. At the basic level your content is categorized as published or unpublished.

If you want more organization than this basic level, you can create buckets and put your content into these. A bucket is sort of like a folder on your computer. So for instance, if you have multiple websites that you write content for. You could have a different bucket for the content of each site.

You can create and delete buckets as you see fit and also move content from bucket to bucket.

Site Content Notification Icons

Grammar and Spelling Tools

Site Content has the tools built right into the system that allows you to check your web content for any grammatical and spelling errors. As you work to create great content for your website, it is a good idea to take a few moments and run the Check Grammar tool.

That tool will scan what you’ve written. Then identify any grammar and spelling issues and present them to you for correction, using advanced algorithms to present you with possible corrections to each of the problems it identified.

Duplicate Content Protection

As long as you’re using this platform to create and publish the content to your website you don’t need to worry about posting plagiarized or duplicate content to your website or blog.

This is because the platform has a powerful built in duplicate content checker that scans your posts when you are ready to publish them. Making sure that you are not duplicating anybody’s content online as that would be very bad for your website’s rankings in the search engines.

One Touch Web Publishing

After you’ve finished writing your content and are satisfied with what you have created. Ready to publish to your website. Well with Site Content you can do this with the click of a button. Literally. 

Just click on the green Publish button right there at the top of your content creation window. Next step select the website you want to publish to. If you have multiple websites hosted here at WA (as a WA member you can have a total of 50 websites hosted on SiteRubix).

WA Site - Content - Publishing To Our Website

After you’ve chosen the website to post to. Choose whether you want to publish your content as a post or page. Choose the user you want to publish as and then hit that publish button once more. That’s it. Once your content is free from plagiarism it will instantly be posted to your website.

No need to log in to WordPress or anything like that. Site Content automates all that for you.

Work In Progress Protection

When you work using the Site Content platform what you are creating is automatically receiving protection directly from the platform. This happens in the background without you even being aware of what is happening.

Imagine This…

While you are busy with the work involved to create good content accidents can and sometimes do happen. Imagine this scenario.

You are there typing up this great post. You’re loving it and you’re just in the flow. Awesome, high quality web content just flowing into you and out through your fingertips.

Then suddenly the unthinkable happens. Somehow all your content gets highlighted and before your brain can even pick up fully on what is happening your very next keystrokes obliterate everything you had already typed.

You couldn’t have stopped yourself because it happened so quickly and you were in the flow, so to speak. This mishap took only microseconds to happen, and now you’re faced with a totally blank canvas, where only moments ago you had this truly great piece of content.

What do you do? Do you cry? Do you begin to pull your hair out? Do you scream in frustration?

No, not if you’ve been using the Wealthy Affiliates Site Content platform.


Site Content - AutoSave Feature

As you write, your article is being autosaved every few minutes by the platform. In case there’s a mishap like the one i described above then you can recover from the multiple previously saved versions of your web content. Allowing you to carry on from the point of that last revision, or another earlier one if you so choose.

I can tell you from firsthand experience about the relief you feel when you realize that you haven’t lost all your work, because this same scenario i describe above happened to me, and i panicked for a moment. My work was gone. Or so i thought.

Until i remembered about this feature.

I then breathed a sigh of relief and within a minute i had my content restored. Minus about 15 words or so that i’d written after the last autosave by Site Content. But i wasnt bothered by the loss of a couple words of content. Nope, i was giving thanks for the 1400 words that i’d just recovered.

Track Writing Goals & Accomplishments

Another really cool feature that users on this platform benefit from is the ability to create writing goals for their website content development and then track their performance against the goals that they set themselves.

The ability to set yourself goals and track your performance towards these goals is important because it can help you to stay focused on that goal you need to achieve.

You are also immediately aware if you start to fall behind in your progress towards that goal that you set.

Create Writing Templates

The Site Content platform allows you to create and store writing templates.  This ability can help you improve and add some speed to your writing by helping to immediately conceptualize that next article or blog post.

So let’s say you have written a really good product review.  You managed to get the layout just right, your headings are great, etc. etc.

Wouldn’t it then be good if you could easily just recreate that format for the next review you write?  Quickly and easily?  Meaning that you get that same quality post consistently.

Templates help you to keep the layout, look and feel of similar documents that you create. 

The Site Content template creator can also help you to set a minimum word count requirement, set number of headings, etc. for each template that you create  Further helping you to knock out very high quality content for your websites each and every time.

Pros and Cons Regarding Site Content

Site Content Pros & Cons


I love Wealthy Affiliates Site Content, but these are just some of the things that I appreciate the most.

The Duplicate content protection that it offers.  This is actually a really good plagiarism checker, and I like the fact that every single page or post that is published through site content gets a thorough check to ensure that it is totally plagiarism free before it gets posted on my website. 

This gives me the peace of mind that comes with knowing my content is unique on the world wide web.

Work In Progress protection.  I mentioned my scary situation and how this feature totally saved the day, and all my work as well.

Site Content Images.  Why do I like this feature?  Well, sometimes it can be really hard to find photos to use in your post.

For real.  There are quite a few websites out there that you would have to be searching through if Site Content didn’t have this feature.  Just searching these sites is really time consuming and so frustrating at times.

Then there is the question of attribution to the authors and trying your best to avoid copyrighted images.  All this can seem like a nightmare.  But thanks to site content you don’t have to worry about that.  Just type a relevant search term into the image search window.

And Voila!  You’re presented with lots of images. Pulled from multiple websites.  All you have to do is choose the one that’s perfect for you, crop it if you need to and place it into your content.  Easy as 1.2.3.


Here are some of the things that I personally wish the platform had available.

Heading Tags smaller than h 3.   Only in rare cases does your article need to utilize headings smaller than those, but having the ability built right into Site Content would be nice.  Currently, you can just quickly and easily change any one of the heading sizes in WordPress.

To do this hit the edit in WordPress button to be taken directly to your website content editor.

Ability To change font color.  Sometimes you might want to change the font color of a bit of your text.  Currently, it can’t be done from the editor.  Again you can do that in WordPress as soon as you publish your article.

Would I Recommend Site Content?

Yes, in less than a heartbeat.  Like every other thing created by men, Site Content not 100% perfect, but it is the best tool for the purpose that I have ever come across. Thumbs Up Site Content

It helps to make the creation of quality content so much easier, and Kyle and Carson are continually making improvements to it.  In order to bring it that much closer to perfection.

Each little change or tweak makes the platform better and more functional.  This is all in aid of helping the community at Wealthy Affiliate to achieve even greater success in their online business activities.

Final Thoughts.  The bigger picture

I should also mention that Site Content is just one facet of the suite of tools that is available to make it easier for you to succeed in your business online.  Whatever it may be. 

There are also other tools available for other aspects that you will need to cover for your business to succeed. 

For instance there is the Jaaxy keyword research platform that is filled with cutting edge tools to use for keyword research and SERP rankings.

Then there is the SiteRubix platform which allows you to create a top of the line WordPress website for your business in under 1 minute and provides hosting for up to 25 free WordPress sites that are allocated to you on SiteRubix.

Plus up to 25 .com, .org, .net (or dot whatever you want) domain websites that you own.  What this means is that you can buy a website domain name of your choosing and come and have it hosted on the SiteRubix platform.

All this and more, plus the most practical online business success training you can find anywhere is what you will find at Wealthy Affiliate.

So come join our online community.  Get access to Site Content, Site Rubix and all the other features right now.

Come try this out totally free for seven days.  Then stay if you like it.  Go if you don’t.  No obligations.

I’m sure you’re gonna love it.  Click here to get started.

If you liked this post please share it and leave a comment in the appropriate area below.

Have a great day!

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A fellow blogger introduced it to me and I didn’t waste time to sign up immediately as I discovered they offer free hosting and also constant training for all members.  Site Content is also a real plus as it makes it so easy to write content for my blogs.  

Now I’m doing very well. I really appreciate everything about the WA community and training.  To sum it all up.  I just love WA💖

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I’ve been working in the online world for a long time. Personally I am doing affiliate marketing through a wealthy affiliate website and I have been successful so far .  From Wealthy Affiliate I got the best website creation tools.   In addition, the Wealthy Affiliate website has helped me learn to work in the affiliate marketing arena.  I have benefited from many tutorials and explainer videos.  The site also provides a lot of other  tools to take my website to a better level .Site Content is one of the most important tools i have found because it enables me to write really good content for my website.  This has led to me making quite a bit of money so far.

Your article could be very useful for beginners, so I will definitely like to recommend your article to a few of my friends who are just starting in affiliate marketing. They will find lots of benefit in what you’ve written. So is it ok with you if I share your article on my social media?

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Wealthy affiliate is a very distinguished platform for its features and training process to helping you become a good site owner. Creating great site content requires some really good tools and I love the fact that at WA you can get all of them in one place. 

I am still taking training at WA and with such articles, I am having great confidence that I am in the right place. I have a question though, Is Jaaxy open to be used for free?

Rodarrick · at 3:57

Wow! This is really impressive to see. Wow! I guess it is high time I got myself in the wealthy affiliate platform too so I can take my blogging to a new level and increase my chances. Thank you so much for sharing this here. Personally,I feel this is great considering what the site content can do. Everything needed is in place. All that remains is to just enter it and edit the post

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