Want to make money immediately online?

Lots of newbies come into the make money online arena with the mindset that they want to make money immediately, and lots of it too. Like right now!

They either have no concept about the importance of patience to the success of online business. Or they just don’t care one bit about such things. Theyimportance of patience - For the success of online business just want money and success dang it! And they want it NOW!

Well sure. If you’re one of these folks, then there are places online that promise immediate money or money in 24 hours or in 3 days. Or whatever!

So if that’s truly what you’re seeking then you don’t need to read any further. I will give you a hand. You can go search for some of those programs here.


Before you run off I must warn you though that usually what you earn with these things are basically pennies for a ton of really hard work.

And that’s if you don’t end up getting scammed. So you’re probably heading for lots of distress.

But yeah you should be able to collect quickly.  Once in a very long while at least.

After you’ve had enough of wasting time and feel you’re ready to learn how to make some real money. With a bit of work of course.

Then you can come back here. Take advantage of our Online Entrepreneurship course and start your own online business with our guidance, our support and some patience.

The importance of patience to the success of online business

Have you ever heard the term “patience is a virtue?”

That timeless little gem of knowledge was coined back in the 1300’s by the poet William Langland and it still has lots of relevance today.

With special significance in the world of online business where patience can be a really important factor in the success or failure of such an online business.

Whether that business is in the area of affiliate marketing, blogging, any type of freelancing, e-commerce stores or basically any other type of business online.

Let us look at how important patience is for the success of online business.

Just what is patience anyways?

Patience can be broadly defined as the ability or capacity to accept, endure or tolerate delays, problems, suffering or difficult situations without getting annoyed, anxious, panicky or angry.

Your patience level is the level of endurance that you are able to have to such situations before beginning to allow negativity to creep in, possibly leading to thoughts of curtailing or stopping whatever activity or situation you are engaged in.

Sometimes a lack of patience will keep success just beyond your reach. Just beyond the reach of your newly minted e-business.

If you are looking at starting your first online business or have taken things a step further by actually making a move to start this business.

Then one very important thing that you need to understand clearly from the get go is that doing business online takes time, patience, determination,Importance of patience - no fast money focus and a willingness to work.

An online business venture is certainly Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme.

However the reality is that if you start a business online. Then put in the work necessary and have the patience, determination and focus to succeed. Within six months to a year you could be seeing some decent money like this coming in each and every month.

Then projecting a bit further forward in time. In 3 or 4 years you could be making a six figure a year income online. Something like this.

But remember, and make no joke about this. You will ONLY be able to see this kind of result with Hard Work, Determination, Focus and of course Patience. As these factors are critical to the success of online business.

Of the factors listed above the need for patience cannot be stressed enough. Patience can be especially important for those who are just starting out with their first business on the internet.

For instance let’s say that you’re a new blogger who has received the best training that’s available on how to start and succeed as an online business owner from this highly acclaimed training and support website.

You’re so full of enthusiasm. So determined and focused, and you’re just cranking out a ton of very high quality blog post content. Yeah so you’re really working at your business.  Really fired up.

Then you get to the stage where you’ve been doing this for 7 months now. You’ve got this awesome content out there. You’ve got a kick-ass website, and it’s now 7 months in. Yet you haven’t earned more than a few dollars online. Or maybe none at all as yet.

Also the traffic coming to your website is nothing more than a mere trickle, but it’s a steady trickle.

At this point most people might begin to have doubts. Begin to feel that their business is not going to be a success. That they’re likely wasting their time.


Importance of patience - Greg Behrendt Quote


This is the point where a budding blogger needs patience the most. Especially if you are not using any form of paid method to boost traffic to your website. Basically just relying on what is called organic traffic that is sent from Google, Bing or Yahoo.

What you need to know to keep your sanity at this point

There are certain things that are quite likely taking place behind the scenes that you need to be aware of as a new business owner. Once you are putting in the required work and following the methodologies that you learned during your online business training.

Then these things are quite likely holding the success you crave just out of your reach.

The good news is. The dam will soon break. You just need to keep working. Your website is about to gain the trust and authority that it needs to open the floodgates.

Here are some of the possible things that could be holding you back right now and things that you can do to power your way past them much faster.



Importance of Patience - Some situations require patience



1. Google doesn’t have much trust in your website as yet.

When you start a brand new website the search engines don’t just run in, embrace it and start throwing tons of traffic at it.

No it doesn’t work that way. Google has to trust your website. The more TrustRank your site gets from Google the more traffic you will see.

Luckily there are a few things that you can do to help Google fall in love with you.

First of all make sure that your website has the following pages.

An About Me page

This is an important page for your online business. It is here that your website visitors will go to learn more about you and your website.

It should tell your visitors what your aim is for the site, how you got to where you are in your chosen business and what your goals and aspirations are. Your About Me page can also be used to talk a bit about your credentials and expertise too.

A Privacy Policy page

This page is of real importance legally. You must have a privacy policy page if your website collects personal information from website visitors. Personal information can include a person’s email address, age, ethnicity, gender etc.

So your page must inform your visitors of your sites data collection strategies, how this data is used and how their data will be kept safe once collected.

An Affiliate Disclosure page

(if you’re into affiliate marketing) – As an affiliate marketer you are required to have this page on your website.



Importance of Patience - Patience is bitter but also sweet



The aim of this disclosure page is to inform your visitors that some or all of the outgoing links on your website may be affiliate links from which you may earn a commission if the visitor buys something at the website that these links take them to.

Terms of Service and Site Disclaimer pages

(where necessary). The Terms of Service page allows you to setup rules and regulations for your visitors. It can also protect your business by limiting the liability your business faces if one of your customers should decide to take you to court.

Your Site Disclaimer page is intended to limit any liability that may arise from the use of your website. It will help you with liability arising from the accuracy of the content on your website, potential copyright infringement, virus transmission among other things.

There you have it. These are pages that Google loves to see on it’s Trust Ranked sites. So make sure you have them on your site. Google will love you for it.

Use content to win Google’s love

Crank out that content

Google adores a prolific writer of high quality content. Emphasis here on the high quality. This takes us back to our previous mention of the need for hard work.

Let’s face it. Making money online is no easy-peasy walk in the park. There is actually hard work involved, and as i keep saying lots of patience is also required.

So if you’re not willing to put in the work at least in the beginning stages until you start to make some real money. Then you can just walk away right now.

However if you’re willing to work hard in the early stages. Then when the money starts to flow you can just hire a qualified writer or two to do the heavy lifting of cranking out the high quality content.

All of the really successful bloggers and affiliate marketers that i’ve come in contact with will tell you stories of writing an article every single day in the beginning stages of their businesses.

Cranking out that content consistently day in, day out.

Now you may not be able to do that. Maybe because of your job or some other obligation, but you must be consistent. If not everyday, then try for publishing 2 or 3 posts per week to your website.

Try to publish on the same days every week. Google needs to see your consistency. And remember quality is of real importance too.


Importance of patience - Google loves quality content


Optimize for SEO

Search engine optimization is an important part of getting your website posts to appear in a good place on the search result pages.  Optimization can ultimately increase your sites web traffic and as a result increase the sites revenue.  Take a minute to read this post (will open in a new window) where I will tell you all about SEO keywords and SEO optimization.

Update your content

Go through your website every once in awhile and look for posts that you can update with relevant new information. This keeps your website up to date for one thing but it also tells Google that you are serious about keeping your site relevant.


Comments are very important to Google’s algorithmic eyes. Comments on your website shows that your site visitors are interacting with you and you with them.

The more comments on the site. The more relevance Google places on it. This is great for the sites Trustrank and also for higher rankings in the search engine results pages.

So try to get as much comment love flowing to your site as possible.

Google adores social

Get social

Remember Google loves to see interaction with your website, and social media is a great place to interact. So you need to get social.

Create a Facebook page – Create this for your business and share it with all your Facebook friends. Join a few Facebook groups that are aligned to your niche and post concise, high quality content to those groups once a day or once every 2 days. Don’t make it all about business though.

Provide high value informational content as well that has no profit value to you.

You may see some recommendations online for more frequent posting but i prefer not to come across as spammy, or annoying to other group members as I hate being subjected to that myself.



Importance of patience - Slow and steady wins the race



Create a Twitter business account – You knew that Twitter could be used for business too, didn’t you?

No you didn’t?

Well yes it can. Learn all about how you can do that here. When you have your account up and running use it to post tweets related to your online business.

A word of caution here though. Your tweets can’t all be about your business. After all this is a social network and not an advertising agency.

Create an Instagram business account – Possibly another surprise for those who are still new to online business. Instagram can be a good tool to help to drive some traffic to your website.

Create a Pinterest business account – Yes, Pinterest can be used to help drive traffic and increase Google’s trust as well.

As a matter of fact, it is my belief that Pinterest and Facebook will drive the most traffic to your website of any of the social media platforms.

A good idea is to create pins for each and every post that you write and pin it on Pinterest with a link back to the actual post on the website.

Try to utilize the 80/20 rule in all of your social media interactions. Whatever the platform you are using. Make it 80 percent valuable, informative content and general interactions with others on the platform. The remaining 20% you can make related to your business and its promotion.

Outgoing links – Google loves continuity of information, and creating hyperlinks from your blog posts to other relevant content on other sites can only help to boost your websites presence.

It increases your websites trust and SEO rankings in Google. It also helps to provide a better user experience for visitors to your website too.

2. Your site monetization strategy sucks

Website monetization strategy refers to the method(s) that you employ to convert a percentage of your website visitors into customers.

There are times when the way we choose to implement these strategies, the elements in the strategy and even the very strategies themselves can have a detrimental effect on our site.

One strategy that I’d like to mention here are interstitial ads.  These are the kinds of ads that just pop-up and cover the entire webpage.  Sometimes you can still see the content that you so want to read visible behind the ad, but there’s this ad keeping you away from it.

I don’t know about you guys and girls, but I personally find this extremely annoying.  To me that’s hijacking and if I can’t find a way to close the ad I always just close the tab and forget about reading that bit of content.  Moving on to another website with content that’s similar.

It seems we are not the only ones who don’t like this kind of ad either.  Looks to me as if Google doesn’t much like them either.  See for yourself below.


I would never put this type of advertising on any website of mine because I’m sure there are lots of people out there who will feel the way I do and just close that page and move on.

My advice to you is not to use this type of advertising as a part of your monetization efforts.  Unless you use it as an exit-intent pop up.  In this case just make sure that your website visitor can easily close the pop-up.

Here are a few things that you can do to improve your website monetization results.

Improving monetization

Use attention grabbing call to action buttons

Make your Call To Action (CTA) stand out so that it grabs the attention of the visitor.  Let’s say for instance that your website has a blue theme, but you make your CTA’s a green color or an orange color.

Use a command verb as a start, and make the CTA as clear and concise as you can.  You have to direct the visitor towards the action you want them to take but you don’t have a lot of words to do it in.

Tell the visitor what’s in it for them.  State in a very concise way how clicking on this CTA is going to benefit them.

Don’t use advertising as your only monetization method

These days we get bombarded with ads every minute of the day it seems.  So it’s easy to get to the stage where we feel we don’t want to see another ad for the next year or so.

When you feel like this you probably just close ads without even reading them.

If you rely on Google Adsense for your ads, then at some point in your online journey you may also run into problems.

You may just get up one day and find that Google Adsense has banned your account.

This could leave you scratching your head with a really puzzled look on your face.  Or if your only monetization method was Adsense you may be pulling your hair out or crying like a baby.

I remember reading about one particular marketer who was earning at least $10K per month from Adsense alone.  That was his only monetization method.

Needless to say when Adsense pulled the plug he wasn’t a happy camper anymore.  Far from it.

This could happen to you too.  Therefore, you shouldn’t only rely on this method for monetization.  Here are a few other ideas that you can use to monetize your blog, or other online business.

Write Sponsored Content

Sponsored content refers to promotional content that you write on behalf of a company or for a particular product.

You write this content and it is posted on your website.  The company you have agreed to write for will pay you for the post you’ve written and will benefit from any sales that are made from your subscribers or site visitors making a purchase as a result of the content you wrote.



Importance of patience - Growth with time



This type of monetization method is ideal for websites that have a high number of visitors or where there is an extensive list of people who have opted in to receiving emails from you, the person writing the sponsored content.

Sell Services

As you go along your journey as an online Entrepreneur, you will develop additional skills and expertise along the way.  It’s inevitable.

You may develop expertise in all things WordPress, or all things SEO, or maybe Woo-commerce.

Whatever area you develop expert level skills in you can find persons who need help from someone who is knowledgeable in that area.

Make it known on your website that you are available to provide services to those needing help.  Share this information on Social Media, put it in your email signature, tweet it out.

Get the information out there that you’re providing these services.

Online Courses

Another way to monetize your skills and knowledge is to create and sell online courses. Here are some simple steps to follow to create an online course.

Step 1 – Decide on what you’re going to teach people to do.  What they should be able to do after completing your course.

Step 2 – Assemble or compile the material you are going to need to create the course.

Step 3 – Create a visual outline or storyboard.  This should give a synopsis of each lesson in the course and what the student is to be taught in each of the lessons.

Step 4 – Create a prototype of the course and have it reviewed

Step 5 – Tweak and modify your prototype course as necessary until you are fully satisfied with it.

Step 6 – Put it out there.  Promote your online course using social media, email marketing, word of mouth, paid advertising.  Promote via whatever means you can find to get the word out there.

Sell Affiliate Products

Affiliate products are products produced by other people that they make available for others to market and sell.  The marketer is then paid a percentage of the purchase price as a commission for the sale.

This variant of marketing is called affiliate marketing and it is a favored method that a lot of website owners use as a way to monetize their online business

3. There’s nothing in your list

In case you didn’t know.  Let me just say it here for everybody’s benefit.  Including mine as sometimes I need a little bit of a reminder.

“The money’s in the List”

Yes that’s where it is.  Right there in that list.

But just what kinda list are we talking about?

No guys we’re not talking about our to-do lists.  Or for you ladies out there, your beloved shopping list.



Importance of patience - Be patient work hard and consistently



We’re talking about the most important list in the online business world.  That list is the email subscriber list that savvy online entrepreneurs are always looking to build.

What is this list and why is such a list important?

An email subscriber list is a list of emails that your business has accumulated from the website visitors or customers who have indicated that they would like to receive one or more of the following.

Information, products, advice, updates, discounts, a free product, promotional reminders or some other details or information concerning your business.

When a customer submits a request for the required information or product and agrees to become a part of your mailing list.  You then fulfill their request via email or providing the relevant electronic download.

After which they are now a part of your email list and you can email them from time to time with relevant information.

Email marketing is considered to be the best method that a business has to connect with its customers.

Do Not Spam Your List – If your subscribers get annoyed with the frequency of your emails then some of them will definitely use the option to unsubscribe from the list.

Try not to email your list more than 2 – 4 times per month.  The only time that you should be sending more email than that is if the list member has subscribed for a course to be delivered over a particular period.  Let’s say a 5-day course.

In that scenario you are expected to be emailing course material over a 5-day period.  Usually beginning the very next day after they subscribe.

Maybe continuing on for another day after the completion of the course if you were expecting them to take some action during the 5 day period and they didn’t.

Importance of patience - Have patience & you can solve any puzzleDay six then could be used as a final effort to get them to take the action.  For instance if you were expecting them to purchase something you could offer them a discount etc.



Hang on. Stick with it and be patient

We’ve looked at the Google Trustrank issues that could currently be holding back most of the organic traffic you should be getting from Google searches made by internet users online.

As I mentioned before Google takes some time to really begin to trust new websites. This never happens immediately so some level of patience is required as you continue to work towards your success online.

We’ve also looked at things you can do in order to earn that trust a lot faster. In order to get that organic traffic to begin to flow your way. I should also mention that Google isn’t the only search engine. Just the biggest.

With that being said you should also be getting some organic traffic from both Bing and Yahoo right now.

Finally, you were made aware of other possible factors that might be hindering your success. Such as your quite likely non-existent email list and problems with site monetization.

These are also serious issues that you will need to address if they exist, and even if you already have a list or have monetized your website in a way that you believe should attribute to success.  It is never a bad idea to revisit these areas.

Take another look –  See if there is anything that can be tweaked just a little bit to make it a little better.  This may be one of those times when a little goes a mighty long way.  In terms of getting organic traffic to your website.

Remember the ability to be patient is a virtue.  One that is especially important as it relates to the success of your online business.

Ways to improve your level of patience to achieve success in your online business

Try to establish realistic expectations for your business

As we’ve mentioned earlier an online business takes time to develop and mature before it begins to achieve success.  Therefore you should set realistic business goals.

Create reasonable action steps towards the goals you set.  For instance you could set yourself the task of writing 4 articles per week for your blog.  Or the task of pinning every blog post you write on Pinterest.

Practice making yourself wait

Try to grow an acceptance of the fact that it is ok to wait.  Begin to do this with things that do not concern your business.  Start with small things that you really want.  For example make yourself wait to buy that new phone or other gadget that just came out on the market.

Even though you can more than afford it right now.  This is good practice.  Plus there’s the additional benefit that there might just be a bit of a drop in price if you just wait a bit.



Importance of patience - With patience there is Success ahead




Start to relax and take deep breaths

Whenever you feel the beginnings of those impatient feelings, recognize what is happening and acknowledge it.  Stop whatever you’re doing for a minute and begin to take some slow deep breaths.  At the same time try to relax and clear your mind.

Learn not to jump at every opportunity that presents itself

Opportunities are always popping up all over the place and almost all seem to have some sort of golden nugget that you probably feel you must have.  But the reality is that if you were to jump at every opportunity the only thing you would achieve is a ton of wasted opportunity.

Take the time to do a little research and evaluation when something presents itself as the latest opportunity of a lifetime.  Take the time especially if it feels you are being rushed into something, because as the saying goes.  All that glitters is not gold.

See you on the next post

Peace my friends.  I hope you found the post interesting and enlightening and i wish you all the best on your journeys.  Please take a minute to leave me a comment below, and also share this post on your social media accounts.   I would really appreciate it.

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PurpleLioness · at 12:54

Hiya Affiliate Outpost

Thank you for your brilliant article about the importance of patience to the success of an online business. I bookmarked it straight away and sorry you’ve had to practice what you preach waiting for my comment! I was busy reading and taking it all in. You’ve provided so much information that I can really use to help with my online business. It was well researched and presented in an easy to understand way. 

You answered almost every question I could have thought of except for – does the affiliate statement come as a template or do you have to create your own? If so, where would you get the correct legal information? 

Thank you again, I will definitely be back, krs PurpleLioness 

    Don · at 9:09

    Good question Purple Lioness. If you are thinking of getting into Affiliate Marketing you can get the affiliate statement and other necessary pieces of documentation for your website at the community that i’m a part of. You will also get training, support and a lot more resources to train and guide you towards success in your business. If you are interested in taking a look at our community. You can find us here.

Parveen · at 8:10

Hey, I hope everyone want to make money immediately online. Online business takes time to reach on success that’s why we need more patience. Now I know that when we start a brand new website the search engines don’t just run in, embrace it and start throwing tons of traffic at it. Your step by step guide is very helpful for everyone to build their business from scratch. 

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    I’m happy you found the Step by Step guide helpful Parveen.

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Fiona K · at 3:19


Thank you for sharing such educational information , l myself have been in training here at Wealthy Affiliate bit I haven’t come across other information you have mentioned as yet , that is an advantage to me when I get to it I know exactly what need to be done. I can agree more Patience is a virtue . Working hard is equal to success. I have learned a lot while reading your article.l was one of these people who thought online business is a get rich quick scheme until I started here at WA , l have learned to work as I hard as I ever did to get to my goals. 

This is inspiring thank you ,wishing you all the best

    Don · at 8:20

    You’re welcome Fiona. Wishing you all the best too

Sonny · at 3:17

Truth be told, I appreciate the hard work and dedication you put into putting this article together. It was an honest description of affiliate marketing. You were right when you said it’s not easy, and I stay away from anyone who says it is. I really like your acorn analogy because It’s so true. Thanks for posting this. Btw, your first link (those programs here) lead to a blank google page


    admin · at 3:40

    Glad you liked the post Sonny, and thanks a lot for the heads up about that link.  I’m going to take a look at that and get it straightened out.

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    Hi Sunny. I’m happy you liked the article on the Importance of Patience to the Success of Online Business, and thank you very much for that heads up about the link. I’ve fixed the problem.

Harish · at 3:12

Hey, Your guide is very use for everyone. The importance of patience to the success of online business. Your step by step guide helped me understand the patience in an online business is very important factor. Without patience nothing can be achieved as I know. While starting my online business I don’t have much patience but after some time I know the power of patience in an online business.

    Don · at 8:12

    It’s good that you have come to that realization Harish. I wish you all the best in your endeavors online.

Jake · at 3:08

Hi, There’s a lot of good points that you made here in this post. I have been doing affiliate marketing for 5 months, and it is not easy money. Do about one post per week, I stick with that number. I have lots of other things I’m working on. for example I want to be a guitarist so that’s a higher priority.

    Don · at 8:11

    That’s great Jake. Just keep at it. Keep plodding on with your online business now that you realize the importance of patience to the success of your online business. 5 or 6 months is still very early. Google has to develop trust in your website, and that takes a little time.

Connor Bramley · at 3:07

Your post is a very truthful piece of writing. Lots of people tell you you can get rich quick but the truth is patience will always wins. This sort of content is great for letting people know what’s up and know that it won’t happen over night
Enjoyed the read hope to see more on your site.

    Don · at 8:08

    Yes Connor. Online business people have to understand that some patience has to be exercised if they want to see success in their online business endeavors; and yes you will definitely see more content on Affiliate Outpost.

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